Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!

As I sit here watching the snow pile up minute by minute I am wondering if we will get out of here in the morning for our flight to Florida.  I went online and checked with the airline and it says there could be problems getting out of here and out of Philly.  Guess we will just wait and see and check their site late tonight or very early in the morning.  I will continue to pack and get things done around the house that I like to do before we go anywhere, why that is important I don't know, but I like my house spotless when I am away.  Guess it's like when we were young our mothers always told us to wear clean underwear in case we got in an accident and had to go to the hospital.  Heaven forbid anyone should see ragged undies or a dusty table. :o)

The latest snowfall amounts are expected to be about 16 -20 inches.  My wonderful mail lady just brought my mail up to the porch so that I wouldn't have to walk out to the mailbox!  I love small town living, people do things like that for you!

The deer have been coming regularly for their grain especially when it is the beginning of a bad storm.  I took these pictures through a window so they aren't very clear but you can get an idea of how big they are.

These are books that I am taking on my trip to read while on the plane and hopefully out by the pool.  I'm sure you all have heard about this father son duo that is so inspirational.  Rick and Dick Hoyt have done thousands of races with Dick pushing Rick in a wheelchair.  They also have done marathons and triathlons with Rick in an inflatable boat that Dick pulls in the water.  If you want to cry, laugh and be totally inspired check this book out.

I'm also going to read this book by Dr. David Jeremiah.  My Dad gave this to me some time ago and this will be a good chance to dig into it.  Anything by Dr. Jeremiah is wonderful and full of timely advice.

Last but not least I bought another Gooseberry Patch cookbook while in Portland last week.  They have them at the Cracker Barrel gift shop and I can't go in there without coming out with at least one. This is a small 3X5 size which fits right into my pocketbook and I have been reading it while in waiting rooms and in my car when I go to pick up someone.  This one is going to Florida with me too, as I have said before I read cookbooks like novels.

Speaking of Gooseberry Patch, I just entered one of my favorite recipes in a contest that they are having right now.  It's one that has been passed down in the family for at least three generations straight from Italy. Not saying what it is but keep your fingers crossed for me, it would be fun to be published!  :o) 

Well I really need to go finish packing and stop playing on this computer.  Needled Mom is out there in the sunshine packing too so I hope we make it to our conference as it's the only time we get to spend time in person.  She has a direct flight so shouldn't have any problem except that three hour time change which can be a bear!  See you there tomorrow night NM!!!!!  If my luggage doesn't arrive I will be the one in jeans and snow boots! :o)

One last thing.  This is for any of you that live in Maine.  The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation is giving away money and we at Bangor Humane Society could sure use some of it.  If you go to  it will bring up a list of all of the nonprofit organizations that could win $1,000 or the top prize of $5000 and we sure could use your vote!  It takes all of 5 minutes, go to Greater Bangor and check off Bangor Humane Society.  You have three votes so Central Maine has Kennebec Valley Humane Society could use your vote too.  The third vote can be any of the others as they all are worthy.  You have to reside in Maine to do this, otherwise it will be deleted.  Thank you so much in advance!!!!


Linds said...

I really hope you get to fly out tomorrow, and I just wish I could pop over too and see both you and Needled Mom! In the sun. I need sun!
I have to say I do exactly the same thing when I go away. The house has to be spotless. And when I come back, no matter what time, I have to empty the cases, pack everything away, get the washing on etc etc etc. The next morning, it has to all look normal. But at least my house is clean!
Have a wonderful time on holiday and enjoy reading your books. I have not heard of the one your Dad gave you, so let us know what it is like, will you?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope you got out to go on your trip the weather all over seems to be pretty bad. If you are not delayed at one point it seems you might be at another. Take care!

Julie Harward said...

Have a good trip! Love the deer and I am like you, I have to leave my house clean! ;D

Mrs Mom said...

Oh MM, I was just thinking today about you, the weather, and your trip. Fingers crossed that you are able to head out and get to sunny FL!!!

I talked to some family this AM buried in Tundra Country. Sure hope that everything is OK way up North! (And no, I do not feel one little tiny bit guilty for sitting here in sunny, warm, lovely 70* weather right now! It's fixing to turn back cold again, so I'm soaking up the sun while I can!!)

Safe travels!!! xoxoxox

Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

It's definitely a winter to remember (or forget as the case may be)for all of you in the Northeast! Hope you are able to make your flight for fun in the sun!

By the way, I too have to have a clean house before leaving on a trip! :0)

Sharon said...

I sure hope that you can get out and go where it is warmer and less snow.
We had a blizzard Mon and Tues but it is still cold here with windchills of -45* last night it is now up to 8*.
Prayers for a safe trip.
take lots of warm photos.LOL

Alice Grace said...

Oh I love the books you have chosen! I am a big fan of Dr. Jeremiah! I try to hear him on tv every week!
Hope you and NM have a lot of good time together! How nice that you two get together like that. You are both such favorites of mine!
Hope you were able to get out of that snow and go south. We are still cold here in N. GA, but no snow thank goodness!
Love the deer! So sweet and beautiful! I love how they are looking toward your house so trusting! They know who takes care of them!

Needled Mom said...

You had better get out of there!!!!!! Whatever would I do if you don't show up????? I wonder how many people will not be able to get there with these terrible storms. Our flight is direct from LA to Miami so it should work out for us. Don't worry....I'll eat all of your food for you if you don't make it.

I take it these books are NOT on you Kindle. They sound really interesting. Do we get to vote on your recipe?

I have been cleaning all day too. I had two little ones over last night and everything was a disater today. I am so with you on the cleaning. I love to come home to a clean house, clean sheets and an empty laundry basket.

Good luck on the flights tomorrow, my dear friend.

Kerri said...

My goodness, Louise, I do hope you can get there tomorrow. Prayers will be said for you.
It would be such a shame to miss out on a trip to Florida right now. It's the perfect place to escape from this long, cold, snowy winter!
We were lucky here and didn't get the storm anywhere near as bad as they predicted we would. Schools were closed today and open yesterday. The reverse would've been better in hindsight. Yesterday's roads were horrible.

Those books will be great companions to keep you occupied on the trip. David J. is excellent!
Wishing you luck and a wonderful time with Needled Mom. I'm thinking positive! :)

Dawn said...

So I'm sure wondering if you made it out! I posted about our trip out there last week-end and how we dodged the bullet in 4 airports, thankfully. We got back just in time to miss it everywhere. I hope you made it!! What a disappointment it would be to have to stay home in the snow when NM is basking in Florida.

I mentioned as we left the house that I wish I was one of those who came home to a clean house. I came home to the mess the kids and I left - no time to clean! But it's still that way. Maybe today. They've been out of school for 2 days already for cold - yep, not snow, not ice, not wind, just cold. Nuts!! I guess there are a lot of parents around here who don't know how to dress their kids properly at the bus stop and the district fears lawsuits if some little kid gets frostbite. Ridiculous. Oh, well, off my soapbox now.

I would love to read that book about the father and son - I've cried when I watched them at the Ironman triathlon - amazing story!

Well, here's hoping your basking, not bundling up!

Gooseberry Patch said...

So glad to have run across your blog, MM! Thanks for your kind words about our mini cookbook series...we like them for the same reasons. You can take them anywhere!

We're always on the lookout for new recipes so thanks so much for sharing such a family heirloom. :)

Safe travels!

hippo chick said...

Hope you made it out of Maine and are basking in the Florida sun with Needled Mom.

We are planning on leaving for Nevada on Monday. So I am trying to get everything in order in my house too. What is that anyway?

BTW, my daughter graduated from Cedarville college so Dr. David Jeremiah is very familiar to me. Although, I haven't read the book.

Love the deer pictures. What a blessing to have all the wonderful wildlife right at your doorstep. And yes, aren't small towns wonderful? I grew up in one and now live in one and wouldn't trade for the world.

Okay, I'm off. Hope this finds you in Florida.

~hippo hugs~

PEA said...

Oh dear, I really hope you were able to get on your flight with no problems! They had quite the snowstorm south of us (Steve got hit hard again) and flight cancellations were all over the board going into Chicago, NY, and such. Anyway, hopefully you're with Needled Mom right now and you're both having fun without me!!! Sigh! lol

Loved seeing the deer pictures. I would be sitting there watching them all the time, I find them to be such gorgeous animals. I guess they're not so gorgeous in the summer time though when they're eating all your plants! lol

You're bringing some great reading material with you on your trip:-) I had watched a video about that father & son and it's truly amazing what the father is doing for his son. Inspiring indeed!! Oooooh, and you got another Gooseberry Patch cookbook...wish they were a bit more available over here, they're very scarce. Good luck in having your recipe chosen and published, wouldn't that be absolultely thrilling?!!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! hehe

Have fun on your trip and make sure you take lots of pics. Hug NM for me please:-) Love you to bits xoxoxo

Hollie said...

Hope you were able to make your trip! I read cookbooks like novels also!

dickiebo said...

Gosh! All of a sudden, it's just soooooo quiet around here. Can't figure out why! lol.

Rising Rainbow said...

I hope you are now safely at your destination. As for house cleaning before you go, I don't know about you but I hate coming home to a dirty house. There's nothing more discouraging than walking through the door after a trip right into a bunch of work staring at you. That's why I clean before I go. LOL

Can't wait to hear about your trip and I hope you do well in your recipe contest. That would be fun to be published in that manner.