Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beautiful Maine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

In my quest for organization around here I have been going through lots of pictures. I came across these post cards that I picked up who knows where or who knows when, but they are so pretty and they show off at least part of our beautiful state so well that I wanted to share them with you.

Growing up in a small town of about 400 there wasn't much to do for a kid to earn any money but each summer we raked blueberries and used the money for new school clothes. It was hard work but we liked it as it was out in the sunshine on a beautiful farm way down at the end of a dirt road.

There are may harbors along the coast with boats like the ones you see here. Some are for lobstering, scalloping and fishing. There is fresh seafood in abundance here, the best in the world as far as I am concerned but I guess I would be a bit predudiced!

There are lots of puffins in Maine on the coast. They are beautiful birds and quite comical to watch.

There are many lighthouses!

They call it The Rocky Coast Of Maine for a reason as you can see. We do have beaches also but most of the coast is very rocky.

This is Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park. The way the waves come in here in makes a big booming sound like thunder. It is one of the popular sights in the park. If you stand too close you get soaked!

Nothing compares to the beauty of the coast of Maine in the fall of the year. The foliage is amazing with the reds, orange and green.

Another lighthouse. I wish I could say that I have been to them all but I haven't yet.

There are so many places to buy fresh seafood. Lots of people buy it right off the boats when the fishermen come in for the day.

The tide is out in this shot. Just one of the many old building along the coast that are so interesting and have so much character. A photographers dream come true!

I also found this picture of our lovely show mare Joe's Ginger Snap. We were in a trail class in this picture. She really excelled in Trail and I showed her in it often. I told Jen over at Copenhagen Kisses that I would put in a picture of me in chaps.......this was taken 137 gazillion years ago. I shudder to think if I had to try to get into them now!!! snicker, snicker!

T came over today and was playing out in the playhouse after school for a while with Noodles by her side. They are quite a pair.

I was out with them getting some pictures of the chickadees. I love chickadees, they are my favorite bird with their little black cap and tiny little beak. They sure go through a lot of seed each day, I don't know where they put it all as they don't take it and store it like some of the birds, they just eat and eat.

Again I hope you all have a nice Valentine's Day! Eat a few extra chocolates for me and my hips will thank you!! :o)


Suzy said...

I loved all of your great photos! I wish I lived in a place that has a lot of interesting scenery to photograph!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and know that "you are loved" by your blogger friends!

Dawn said...

I MUST come and visit all my main blogging friends - wonderful pictures.

Tammy said...

What wonderful postcards and the photos of your horse, T and Noodles, and the chickadees are equally wonderful!
I love those little birds too...the girls and I always like to pretend to do a bird call and say "chickadee-dee-dee"!

Maine is indeed beautiful and I've never been to that part of the country. I hope to one day!

Marcy Bowden said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!


Needled Mom said...

The photos and postcards are great! I love all the pretty lighthouses and can understand why people collect them. T looks like she and Noodles are quite a pair. I know how much she enjoys her grandma too. I'm sure that she is thrilled that you guys are back home.

I tired to figure out my sidebar yesterday but ran out of time and patience so will give it another go soon.

Take it easy on that icy driveway while out taking pictures. You do NOT need another fall this year.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Tonya said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful sights! Postcards from here wouldn't be nearly as scenic - LOL!

And I am LOVING the picture of you in the trail class in chaps! Whoooo Hooooo!!!! That is awesome!!! Maybe T will start showing at some point and you can enjoy all that again!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I would LOVE to visit Maine some day! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous....I can't imagine what it's like in person!!!!!

Kris said...

The pics are just goregous! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great V-day!

Linds said...

I always knew it was beautiful, and you just confirmed it. I can't wait to visit one day and see Maine for myself! Happy Valentine's day! And I am with you on the hip thing. Sigh.

Mississippi Songbird said...

What a gorgeous place. I love lighthouses.I have never seen ne in person..I want to go up in one sometime.. Sounds like you are having a nice Valentines Day!.. Thanks again for showing those beautiful photos..

PEA said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friend:-) I do hope your day was a lovely one. Oh, how beautiful your State is...I want to go visit all those places with you as my guide!!! hehe What fun it would be! C'mon, I wanna see you try on those chaps now! lol Always love seeing those older pictures:-) It's funny you should show pictures of the chickadees...I was washing dishes after lunch and a few of them were coming to my kitchen window. I leave seeds for them on the sill outside and you'd swear they were looking in on me! lol I agree with you, they are darling little birds. Love you!! xoxox

Myrna said...

Wonderful pictures of beautiful Maine. If it didn't get so cold there in the winter I think I could just live there!

Happy Valentine's Day!

palmtreefanatic said...

Happy Belated Valentines Day to you too!
You got some fabulous photos on here and those blueberries look so amazing!

Kerri said...

Maine is such a gorgeous place. I've been to Acadia twice and would dearly love to go back.
Love your photos of the chickadees. They're favorites of mine too. They have such friendly dispositions :)
Your little granddaughter is so sweet all dressed up, and I love those pics of her and the kitty :)

Jen said...

owwwwww!! Go cowgirl! you look hot momma ;-)

Great pictures!!!