Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Home again, home again

It's always good to get home. As you can see from the picture I have been on the phone catching up with everything here since we have been away. We had a wonderful time in Key Largo but there's something about being in your own bed and on your own schedule. We had to get up at 3 AM to leave for the airport at 4 and this was after being up till about midnight after the Super Bowl party getting everything packed.

It's about an hour drive to the airport and the first half hour is along a narrow road that doesn't have a light in sight except for a few fishing shacks and the toll booth which snags a dollar from you every time you go anywhere.

It was pitch black out being so early and I kept wondering why our driver was flashing his lights constantly when there wasn't another vehicle within miles. Suddenly the lights went completely out and there we were going along at a good clip in total darkness! They came back on but then went out again and I asked the guy in a rather high pitched voice what was wrong with the lights!!!!???!!! Well, he said he didn't know. Great.

Several of us women thought we should stop and call for a different van but we got out voted by the men that thought we could manage to get to the airport with the flashers on. They didn't want to miss their flights but I said I'd rather miss mine then be dead but it didn't change their minds so we kept going sometimes with lights and sometimes without. We made it.

Our flights home were uneventful which is just the way I like them, no turbulance, fog or crying babies. I slept most of the way which made the trip home seem quite fast. When we stepped off the plane at our airport the crisp winter air just felt so nice on our faces. We love where we live, no doubt about it.

One of the things we enjoyed while in Florida were the beautiful flowers that grow in abundance.

I wish I knew all the names of them but I think this last one is periwinkle and the first one may be hybiscus. They are just breathtaking!

This is the view from our room. We could watch the boats coming and going with fellow conventioners enjoying the ride.
This was one of the many luxury boats that are kept at the resort. We were told that some of the owners only use them about three or four times a year. Go figure!

Guess that's it for tonight. Once again spellcheck isn't working. sigh... American Idol is starting, hope it's a good one! More convention highlights continued later.


Needled Mom said...

Soooo glad you are having the same problem with Bogger today that I am. I thought it was me.

What a wild trip back on that road! Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine. Our trip back was very uneventful. Like you -- just the way I like it.

Your plants are 1.) Hibiscus 2.) Bouganvilla and 3.) Plumbago. GREAT pictures of all of them.

It was great picking your brain on this blogging stuff. Thanks for all the hints. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Donna said...

One of the best things about a vacation is the feeling of coming home. I'm heading to Texas for a short visit with my sister this weekend. I can't wait to be where it's warm!

PEA said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you're back!!! I missed youuuu!! Wow, that trip to the airport sounds like it was quite a ride! lol Loved all the pictures, such gorgeous flowers...looks like the weather was perfect as well. I know it's always nice to get back home but I bet you had a hard time leaving the warmth of Florida! Anyway, really glad you're back home safe and sound. xoxoxo

Jen said...

glad to have you back..and in one piece!! That's a crazy drive lol..are you sure you weren't in Mexico ? ;-)
also now I know it's not just me on the spell check...rather irritating isn't it??

Suzy said...

Loved you photos of the "bloomers"...very pretty. Makes me yearn for spring!
Hope you had a great trip.

Dawn said...

Welcome home! Those look a lot like the flowers I photographed in Haaii. Lovely.

Thanks for stopping by already!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound. Warmth and sunshine sound good to me right now! The flowers are glorious. My mom grew beautiful bougainvillea and hibiscus in Australia. I love the plumbago and orchids. I'm curious to know what the pretty pink flower in the last photo is.
What a wonderful view of the water!
That drive sounds scary! We had a problem with our lights doing that in the winter of 2006 and early '07. We found that they would work properly on high beam only. It cost us almost $500 to fix...most of that for the part. Had to replace the whole turn signal stem assembly.

Rising Rainbow said...

That was not a good trip to the airport. I would have been a wreck!

The pictures are gorgeous. I am so ready for flowers!