Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Give Away Winners!

Today is the big day! I had Hubby draw the names out of the basket for my give away. I want to thank all of you that participated. The winner of the cookbook is Tina at
Palm Tree Fanatic and the horse book goes to Barn Goddess at Ramblings From the Reservation! Congratulations to both of you and I hope you enjoy the books as much as I have! Just e-mail me your snail mail address and I will get these right out to you. thediz@roadrunner.com

I've been knee deep in horse poop this week. The owner of the stable where I keep my 5 guys in the winter has had eye surgery and still has another one to go. I guess she has a bleed behind one of her eyes where they did the cataract removal. She has been unable to lift or do much of anything so we all have been helping out with barn chores.

This afternoon the horses were so cute when they came in with a dusting of snow on their backs. They were very impatient as we were about 30 minutes later feeding then usual so there was a lot of snorting and blowing going on. Funny how it all quiets down once they have their face in their feed bucket. There is something very calming about listening to horses eat, I've always loved it along with the smell of the hay and grain. (I know, I know, you city gals are rolling your eyes and thinking that I need to get a life!)

This morning when I got up to feed the turkeys the sunrise was just beautiful. I ran back in and grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots. This was with the 500 lens. Doesn't it look like a big ball of fire in the background?

This little guy was sitting patiently for me to throw out the birdseed and peanuts. Actually he's a she and she's not very little! I think we have little ones on the way by the looks of her 'bump' as they call it now days.

I needed some catnip so went into Pet*co yesterday to pick some up. Mistake. Big mistake. They had some great looking cat condos and I have been wanting one for Munchkin and Noodles. Well, let's say it hardly fit in the backseat of my Tahoe.....

Can you see Munchie in there on the right hand side?

Now they both are in there. They have such fun climbing on this thing and sleeping when the sun is shining in the window.

Had to go feed the stable horses again this morning. If you want to feel popular walk into a horse barn in the morning at feeding time! There are lots of whinnies and happy faces. Buddy is starting to shed already and I got a ton of hair out of him after he had his breakfast. Must be that spring is coming even though it sure doesn't look like it today. We got hit with another 10 inches of snow last night. Yikes! I think I will go out and make a snowman as it's the really heavy, sticky, wet snow that makes for a great snowman!


Callie said...

I've just added you to my blog roll, It's been long enough and I had lost you temporarily. Hope you don't mind :)

Kris said...

Congrats to the winners of the books! The sun looks like it is on fire-loving your new lens! The new cat condo-WOW! It is very cool! I agree I love the smell of horses and hay! Just hearing them talk is so great! The non horsie people really think we need help! I wouldn't change it!

Needled Mom said...

I must say that I do love the smell of the hay. I actually find the smell of the barn to be a very comforting aroma. Always have! How weird am I? I am sure that it must come from my roots on a farm.

Great pictures with that new lens. You are going to have so much fun with it over the years.

Congratualtions on the giveaways. I know that both will love the gifts.

Have a safe trip. xox

Donna said...

I LOVE the one of the sun behind the tree! And hey, I think anything one does in the company or horses is relaxing.

palmtreefanatic said...

love the photos there fore I love your camera!
THANK YOU To your dear hubby for picking ME!
I am so excited!
I am having a hard tom,e getting to your email
send me a mail
Thanks again!!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

love the photos there fore I love your camera!
THANK YOU To your dear hubby for picking ME!
I am so excited!
I am having a hard tom,e getting to your email
send me a mail
Thanks again!!!!

Susie said...

Congrats to your winners! Love your sunrise photo and all the wildlife shots in the last post. Hope the kitties enjoy their condo. We had that same one for Vincent when we first got him, but for some reason he stopped using it. Cats can be so fickle, can't they!!

Alice Grace said...

Love your blog! Love your pictues! Thanks for an enjoyable visit to your blog!

Callie said...

I've posted your horse lovers award on my blog and wrote a post giving you credit for making it and passed it on to three of my favorites. Thanks!

PEA said...

Knee deep in horse poop??? Rather you than me! lol I was here yesterday and tried to leave a comment to your previous post 3 times but I kept getting "page cannot be displayed" so I gave up! Let's see if I'm able to leave a comment today!! The nerve!

Congratulations to your two winners:-) Couldn't your hubby see the name PEA jumping around in the basket, trying to be noticed??? hehe

I know how much you're enjoying being able to help with the horses...I'm also sure Buddy just loves seeing you:-)

That's quite the condo you bought for the kitties...makes it worth it when you see how much they love it!

Love those pictures you took...gosh, that 500 lens sure does take wonderful close ups doesn't it!! Last night I was watching the sunset from my kitchen window and it looked so beautiful again...was so frigid out, though, I didn't feel like going out there to take pictures! lol

Oh dear, you got more snow...it's too darn cold to snow here right now! That's ok, though, we still have tons of it on the ground. Sigh. Spring seems soooo far away.

Take care...love ya! xoxoxo

Linda said...

You've been found again. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I don't lose you again. Congrats to the winners too.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Congrats to your winners!
and those pictures are adorable... Have a great evening.

Jen said...

Go Barn Goddess!! how fun :0)

BarnGoddess said...

oh my, those sunrise photos are beautiful.

I cannot believe I won-THANK YOU!!!! I am happy and excited :) it's been awhile since I got anything fun in the mail!

oh, manure, I dont even wanna go there....my wheel barrow broke.

I hope the stable owner heals well and quick. It is usually a simple procedure but ya gotta be careful for a long after w/ heavy lifting.

If I show hubs your cat condo, he'd want one for ours and he doesnt even like Marvin, hubs only likes Kitty! I think hes jealous because Marv is my fave.

Tammy said...

Oh, what a stunning photo of the sunrise! It really takes my breath away!

I'm a suburb girl, but I completely understand about the calmness of hearing the horses munch...I've only heard a few times in my life, but I love it. And the smell of hay.
I don't know if it will ever happen, but I have always wanted to live on a very small farm!

Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm with you....I also love the smell of hay and grain!

That new lens of yours is awesome.

Dawn said...

Okay, now, those are some spoiled kitty cats!! Too cute.

Those are fantastic sunrise shots. I just love sunrise and sunset shots, as you may have noticed!

Rising Rainbow said...

You're so right about being popular in the morning. I love the sound of all those voices. The funny thing is I know who is who and can tell if one is missing. I still have to post my award, but I'm getting there. didn't want to post it while I was dealing with the other junk.lol

We have a cat condo too, though not nearly as fancy as yours, our kitties love to play hide and seek and fight over who gets the luxury suite.

the sunrise pic is so beautiful makes me almost wish I was up at that time of the morning.

crackerjacksMO said...

I love your blog. You are really living a good life in what appears to be a beautiful place. When I was younger, I wanted to be living a life of horses and all things furry. Things change and I took what came at me...A husband from New York who really doesn't like things fury and has only recently seen a horse up close.

Anonymous said...

Wow- your page has changed since the last time I was here- it looks so AWESOME with the pretty snow in the background & all the pics & awards on the right... you've been doing a lot of work on it! Looks great!!!

Loved the pics of the sunset & that darling little squirrel... & the cats just LOVE their new toy, eh? Isn't it a riot to see how excited they get when they get a new toy?

That's so nice of you to help out at the barn... I know exactly what you mean about loving the sound & smells of feeding time in the barn- I love it too!