Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Big Boys Are Back!

I'm not talking about the horses. I'm talking about the turkeys. I looked out this morning and the big males were back with the flock. Usually I have the hens and the juveniles together but today everyone showed up for their breakfast.

These are B.I.G. boys!

Momma deer caught me taking her picture this morning and we had a stare down. She won and I backed off. I took these pictures with my 300 lens, I have ordered a 500 and I am hoping you'll be able to count every eye lash with that one!

Mary over at Mary's Writing Nook has struck a cord with me as she has been writing about doing random acts of kindness. This has been something I have been trying to incorporate into my life since about a year ago when a lady was very kind to my mother at the mall one day. My mother has a pair of Crocs and was looking at the little buttons that go on them and found one that she really liked until she looked at the price and decided she wouldn't buy it. She left the store and in a few minutes this lady came up to her and gave her the little lady bug button with a smile and left.

Now this touched my mother's heart and mine too when she told me about it later. We have no idea who the lady was and will never know but that small random act of kindness will never be forgotten.

I had an opportunity to do somewhat the same thing a few weeks later. Now I am not telling you this to pat myself on the back in any way but to reinforce what these small things can do for someone else.

I was in the card shop and an elderly lady came in with her oxegyn tank in tow. She picked up a few cards and went to the check out counter to pay for them but her energy left her and she told the check out lady she would have to go sit down a while and could she come back and pay in a few minutes. She went out into the mall and sat down on one of the benches and I could see her from the store. I was next in line and asked the lady if I could pay for the cards and give them to the little lady that was trying to catch her breath and she said it was okay.

I took them out and gave them to her and just said have a nice day and smiled at her and left. I wish you could have seen the look on her face. It was so nice and she gave me the nicest smile back and said thank you so much. I hope I made her day the way it made my mother's day a few weeks before.

Again I don't tell you all this to make myself look like this wonderful person as I'm not but so that maybe it will inspire you to look for chances to do random acts of kindness and to make someone else's day a bit brighter! Thank you Mary for inspiring me!

In a nearby town we have a blind man named Dan who has one of the first seeing eye miniature horses. They have been on television and in magazines. This horse (and it is a horse not a pony) takes the man around town, through traffic lights the same way as a seeing eye dog will do. She is house trained so can live right inside. Her name is Cuddles.

She has even flown on an airplane in the cabin!

Here she is in full working harness. I have never seen her in person as I don't get to this particular town very often but would love to. You might see her on television some time so keep an eye out for her! Amazing isn't it???

We all love to get comments don't we? Well this morning one of my first blogging buddies KC over at
Mindless Chatter Of A Busy Mom left me a comment that really gave me a good belly laugh and around here there is plenty of belly to laugh with!

On my previous post I had confessed to using my hairspray instead of my deodorant one morning and KC left a comment that said and I quote "when you style your hair you want it to stay in place...even if it's under your arms." I just thought that was a hoot, thank you KC for making my day!


Needled Mom said...

After reading your post I am reminded of what pleasure these simple acts can be -- both for the giver AND the receiver. Excellent idea to remind us all to participate in such actions.

I love the miniature horse story. I do hope he did not need a bath in the airplane bathroom. Now THAT would be a task!

I would bet that those turkeys have missed a few Thanksgiving dinner tables looking at their size. Beautiful pictures of them!

Kris said...

What a great reminder to do something nice for others. Thanks, I will have to remember to do that and get into the habit!

The mini is just too cute! What a
great thing! Animals are just such wonderous and helpful creatures.

Love the turkeys! Great pics! And the color, wow your camera rocks! I have camera envy!

The doe is cracking me up! She is looking at you like what do you want?

Thanks again for making me smile today!

Tonya said...

I had to show my husband's co-worker the turkey pics. I won't EVEN tell you why he was so interested (LOL) but he could not believe those pics!!! The wildlife you have is amazing!

I have not heard the mini horse story before - that is amazing! I cannot believe she is housetrained....that is more amazing!

A while back I started a "private blog" called my RAKE blog (Random Acts of Kindness Events) and I started journaling when I was able to "bestow" a random act of kindness. It really can warm your heart to do good for strangers. And our church does this thing where we have cards where we can pay for someones meal at a restaurant or drive thru and leave the card with an invitation to church on Sunday too. Keep up the random acts!!!

Mary said...

I love those miniature horses. The farm where I take my oldest grandson, Brandon, for animal therapy has one, but it not as small as this one. It is black and his name is Yankee. He is so adorable. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

You've made my day. To think that I inspired someone makes my heart sing. I enjoy making a difference in people's lives and we would never think you were telling us about your kindness for any reason but to show that it made a difference in that lady's life. That's terrific.

I want to thank you for the prayers for Michelle. I appreciate your kindness and your friendship. I will be posting another update tonight.


PEA said...

Are those turkeys gonna end up in your freezer?? hehe Wow, they sure are big! Great picture of Mama Deer as well. Isn't it wonderful to have so much wildlife around you...well at a safe distance anyway! lol

I love the act of kindness you did for that elderly lady and how wonderful that your mom was the recipient of her own act of kindness. I often do things like that and it's just so funny some of the's sad though in a way that people are so surprised and shocked when someone does something nice to them. Goes to show it doesn't happen often enough in our world these days.

Omigosh, how adorable is that miniature horse...I'm pretty sure I've seen it on tv or maybe in a magazine because I remember the story of it being a seeing eye horse!

I'm late visiting tonight but I was out most of the day then on the phone with Steve for an hour tonight...he's home now:-) Will post more about it in the morning!

Love you lots! xoxox

Nap Warden said...

I love your pictures...they remind me of growing up on a farm:)

Did you know they make tennis shoes for the seeing eye Mini's? My Mom wants them for her Mini's!

BarnGoddess said...

oh my gosh, those are BIG turkeys....they are beautiful

random acts of kindness are something that make our world a whole lot better.

A few weeks back, my husband saw an elderly man who's car was broken down on the highway. It turned out the old man's gas gage was broken and he had only ran out of gas. Hubs carries a gas can on his work truck and gave the man gas to get to the next station. He followed him and made sure he made it. It turns out, the old guy was driving to the nursing home to visit his wife....sometimes my husband redeems himself for driving me crazy!

BarnGoddess said...

ps. I love the miniature horse story, what a cutie too

Mississippi Songbird said...

What a great gpost today. I loved the part where you bought the cards for the lady.. and the turkeys are BIG!.. That pony is [recious.. Have a great day.. bunches of hugs..

Anonymous said...

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Seeing eye horse....have never heard of it before....very interesting!

Random acts of kindness....what a great thing to get people involved in. If everyone did this, we would have a much better world!

Dawn said...

What a good reminder - and thanks to Mary for starting the idea.

I love that little horse. What a great job he does!

Not that you want to think about it, but how much do you think those turkeys would weigh if they were Thanksgiving dinner?

palmtreefanatic said...

I love love love your blog! I am so jealous! I wish I wish to have something changed on my blog! Awesome job!

palmtreefanatic said...

I love the joke from KC, too funny!

Those turkeys are really pretty looking!
The miniture horse story was great!
My littleest boy enjoyed seeing the turkeys and the doe...great shots you got!

Marcy Bowden said...

Midlife Mom, I love your new "look"! I can't believe those turkeys! I am touched hearing about your random acts of kindness. Have a great day!

Jen said...

I absolutely love your new page. I love your sentiment for the older woman as well. It's wonderful to make even small difference in someones day.

dcrmom said...

Cool new design! And LMAO at KC.

Needled Mom said...

What a great looking new blog page. You are so clever at coming up with ideas. I'm so jealous.

Susie said...

What a wonderful post! I loved seeing the turkeys and also that seeing eye horse. Not too far from here there is a farm that raises those miniature horses.
I truly loved reading about your random act of kindness as it just seems "so you".
I can truly feel that you are a loving and caring person even just knowing you through blogging.
love and ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I think I was here this morning and saw the Turkeys and the deer. But since you came to my blog and commented and I came back, I see the blind man with the small horse. I never saw that before.

At my age though, anything is possible.

I wish I had a 500mm lens. The most I can afford for my Canon is a 70-200mm 1:4 L IS USM lens. And I use an extender sometimes.

Mary said...

As for airplane trips - I'd much rather set next to the miniature horse than lots of guys I've flown next to...

Mary Haley