Friday, February 15, 2008

Awards, Deer and other Information

Tammy over at Family Doins' has awarded her regular readers with two nice awards recently. Thank you Tammy!!! One is the Excellent Award and the other is the You Make My Day Award. I liked how she put it in her post on why she was giving them to each one of her readers and I quote "Because if you see me replying on your blog more then once it is because you 'make my day' and because I think your blog is 'excellent'! Very well put Tammy and I shall follow suit for the same reason and award these to all of my regular readers!

Also Stephanie over at Mississippi Songbird has passed on three adorable awards to her regular readers. They are so cute and they are as follows:

Thanks so much Mississippi Songbird I will love to put them onto my sidebar as they are so cute! I especially like the one with the cat, of course! Who comes up with these ideas for awards? Someone must have a good imagination, I'd hate to think what it would look like if I tried to design an award and graphic! Hey, how about some horsey type awards.........hummmmm.......I'll have to give that some thought......

Lastly is my nieces new venture
Chic-Critique which I told you about a couple posts ago. She and June are reviewing beauty products each week and giving an honest, non biased opinion on them. One review this week is on mascara which I have a love/hate relationship with. If I don't use it I look like I don't have any eyelashes but if I do use it I get clumps or it gets on my eye lid so I hopped over to Chic-Critique and read their recommendations and I'm going to give their suggestions a try!

Tonight the deer came shortly after I put their grain out instead of waiting till after dark. I ran for the camera and went upstairs to my bedroom and quietly slid open the sliding glass doors to get some shots. With their big ears they can hear everything so when Noodles and Munchie scooted out the door onto the deck and roof of the house it kept their attention so I could move around a bit and get some pretty good shots. It was at dusk so there wasn't much light but you can get a good idea of what we watch every night out back of the house. It's great entertainment.

Look at this little cutie pie! Don't even think of getting your guns out!!!!!!! :o(

Yummy grain from the feed store! They need it this year with all the snow we've had it's made it hard for them to get around and find food.

There goes a flag so she must have heard something! She is last springs baby so isn't quite a year old yet. I think she is one of the twins.

Here is Mom and she is expecting AGAIN. She had twins this past spring and they are still with her. Look at the size of her ears!

I'm glad we have 400 acres where they can live without fear of getting hunted! There are plenty of other places to hunt here in Maine. I'm not against hunting, I know the herds need to be kept at a reasonable size for the sake of them all but NOT MY DEER! They are my babies and I see them every day. At least I haven't named them............yet!


PEA said...

I sooo love the deer pictures, such gorgeous animals, aren't they! I would be sitting by my window all day long to watch them:-)

Congratulations on all the awards, my friend...aren't they just so much fun to receive? I always think "they like me, they really, really, like me"! hehe I was thinking of making up an award but not sure what it would be for...there are so many out there already! Sheesh!

Like you, I need to wear mascara because although I have long eyelashes, they're very blond and if I don't have mascara on, I look like I have no eyelashes! I use Great Lash by Maybelene...that's the only one I find doesn't clump on me.

Hey, your email has just come in as I'm typing this! lol Much love to you!! xoxox

Sarah (Genesis Moments) said...

Wonderful deer pictures! Come see my blog today to see what your niece was up to with me at the mall! I knew her aunt had a blog didn't know which one until I was looking through her blog listing just now! I love your site! I'll have to bookmark this one.

Myrna said...

I'm going over to check out the beauty products. thanks for the link!

The deer are adorable. I'm like PEA. I'm sure I would be sitting at my window watching them all the time.

I have been stalking some cardinals in my yard for several weeks. They come by really early so I don't seem them every day. But when I do I have tried and tried to get some good pictures. They hear the door open and take off. so far--nothing worth sharing. I'm going to keep trying!

Joan said...

Wow...congrats on all your new awards...they are so well deserved. And now someone needs to award you one for your incredible deer captured the beauty of nature perfectly.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those deer are so beautiful.. and the snow looks so pretty too. It's not that cold here. I doubt that we will even have a snow this year. The only thing we have had is a little ice and a big hail storm on the 5th..
Now, it seems like it's nearly springtime.. But that's okay by me.. Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

i love to watch deer! We only see them occasionally out here.
Mascara is a must!! if I wear nothing else on my face I ALWAYS wear mascara!!

Linds said...

I love the deer photos, and how lucky you are to have them close by. Come to think, how lucky THEY are to be on your farm! that we can all do. Why not throw it open for suggestions?

Needled Mom said...

How lucky you are to have all the deer on your property. I'm sure that they must feel very safe there. Be sure to get some pictures of the new one(s) this year. Now, that's pressure, isn't it?

I'm going to have to bop on over and check out the mascara review. I, too, have the love/hate relationship with it. I hate to see a shadow of it on lower lids.

Kris said...

Love the deer photos! Such cuties! Congrats on all your awards, you cleaned up!

Rising Rainbow said...

Those deer are lucky to have you for a bunch of reasons, You have enough room for them, you feed them well and you're their protector.

Congrats on the awards by the way. You're right about a horsie award. That's definitely in order.

How is your boy doing with his new shoes??

Mary said...

Your photos are awesome! Deer are one of my favorite animals. I wish we lived somewhere that they could come for a snack at twilight. We do see them around here. Our deer population is out of control and they're thinking of extending the hunt next fall.

Congratulations on all the awards. I've enjoyed visiting.


KC said...

congrats on the awards.
I just got caught up on reading again. I always end up behind.
I LOVE lighthouses.. and have always wanted to go to Maine.. it looks so beautiful.. LOVED all those pictures.
what a pretty kitty you have.. and those Deers are pretty.

BarnGoddess said...

"Look at this little cutie pie! Don't even think of getting your guns out!!!!!!"

Yes, Ma'am! my freezer is full of venison this winter...we had a good year of bucks :)

what beautiful and healthy looking deer! I loved the photos.

I have worn L'Oreal voluminous mascara for about 15 years. I LOVE it. I recently tried DIORSHOW by Christian Dior (which was over priced but works great) Ill stick to L'Oreal though it is just as good.

Dawn said...

I'm surprised you haven't named them! They are so cute. You are so fortunate to live on so much land.

Kaila said...

I love those dear pictutres. They're so pretty!

Denitra's Den said...

Loove the pics of the deer in the snow! Makes me miss New England:)

BTW - nice to meet you. I'm a friend of dcrmom's - I grew up with dcrdad. We were up in MA at school together too.

I loved all the old pics too in your next post!