Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Convention Part Two

The best way to get around at the resort!

If you haven't looked at the first installment of my convention news please go back and see the beautiful flowers. They are just gorgeous! :O)

We saw lots and lots of beautiful palm trees while in Key Largo and each one reminded me of my blogging buddy Tina over at
Palm Tree Fanatic! Wish I could have sent some to you Tina! :O)

The weather was perfect and I didn't seem to mind the heat which was a blessing as usually anything over 60* is way too hot for me these days. gals my age know what I am talking these hot flashes EVER go away????!!!!!!

Of course we had to go down to the cat shelter and visit the kitties. Unfortunately we went on Saturday and they weren't open. Maybe that was a good thing after our fiasco bringing home our two rascals last year!

We did get to see a few that were outside and some that were in the spacious enclosed yard. They have done a great job cutting down on the unwanted cat population by spaying and neuturing as many as they can catch. They find homes for most of them and the rest will live out their lives there at the lovely cat rescue facility.

We drove down to Miami one afternoon and went to the beach. It was gorgeous there and we got our feet in the water. Afterwards we had a nice lunch at an outside cafe. Not being used to such traffic was challenging for me even though I wasn't even driving and challenging for poor Hubby watching me grabbing the dashboard constantly for fear we were going to be in an accident. It amazes me how people drive in big cities. If you try to leave a prudent space between you and the vehicle in front of you someone will squish right in there with nary a thought!

I love footprints in the sand, even my own!

Another thing I look forward to each year at the convention is meeting up with my dear friend Needled Mom! We both have been going to this event for many years with our husbands and even though we live on opposite coasts we have so much in common and look forward to our yearly visits! She is a new blogger and is doing just great getting around meeting lots of you. If you haven't had a chance to see her blog stop in and say hi. In this picture I am the one telling my Husband how to take the shot! lol!

Guess that's it for another chapter on the convention. Have a few more pictures I want to put in but that's for another day. Now I need to go out and take some snow pictures as we are having a fairly major storm. T had a dance program at school tonight but that has been canceled. The roads are slick. This is looking out my back window.

Is anyone else having trouble with Spell Check not working??? Please forgive all spelling errors, I don't have the energy to look up all the words!


Needled Mom said...

The contrast from palm trees to snow is striking. I know which one you prefer! Thank heavens that you aren't in that tornado area. Aren't those awful?

Your photos are great and really capture the sights of the area perfectly.

Thanks for the compliments. I was pretty sure it was my inexperience that had caused me to loose spellcheck.

I miss the tale of the kitten adventure this year.

palmtreefanatic said...

Oh WOW! oh WOW! Look at those ***BEAUTIFUL Palm Trees!***
They are like So amazing!
thank you thank you for thinking of me!;) I will be sure to post those!

you got some amazing photos of everything! I can feel the warmth of this wonderful vacation as I was reading it! Glad everything was nice and you had a great time! also thanks for introducing us to Needled Mom!

Kerri said...

It sounds like you had a lovely break from the winter weather. The contrast is amazing!
Looks like quite a storm you're having. We're supposed to get some snow too. It'll be more welcome than the rain we've had this week..which has brought plenty of ice. Snow is preferable!

BarnGoddess said...

MM! I saw the flower photos!!!!

beautiful and so are ALL the other pictures.

Im traveling to FL the end of March, just me and my other 3 sisters at my oldest sis's condo. I am so excited.

Your beautiful photos make me want to go NOW.

PEA said...

Those palm trees...that beach....that hot sun...those flowers....that's it, I'm running away from home and heading for Key Largo!!! hehe Oh wow, looks like paradise over there. So enjoyed seeing all the photos...cute little footprints you left in the sand:-) Also loved seeing a picture of you and NeedledMom...I'm really enjoying getting to know her!!

Your area looks like mine...we have so much snow, we don't know where to put it when we clean the driveway! Right now it's 4F and the winds are so frigid, they've issued a frostbite warning. Glad I don't have to go out tonight.

Everyone has been complaining about Spell Check...apparently Blogger is now aware of the problem and they're trying to fix it!

Lol I laughed when you said for me to use the tote you made's just so beautiful, I hate to use it!! But I promise I will:-) I just love it so much!!

Take care my friend and stay warm. Love ya! xoxox

Mississippi Songbird said...

GREAT PICTURES! and I love the golf cart. How cool. I hope you are having fun.. Have a wonderful rest of the week..

Frazzled Farm Wife said...
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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Gorgeous favorite one is of your footprints in the sand!

I haven't been able to use spell check for the last few days.

Kris said...

Glad you are back! Yes I am having probs with spell check as well, I guess for about a week. Blogger is also down at certain times here, so I can not post and I have to post anonymous. UGH! Hopefully they are trying to get it fixed!

Rising Rainbow said...

The pictures are great. Sounds like you have a fun trip even if you didn't bring home more cats. lol

The snow in your backyard is gorgeous. I think I like it best in other people's pics. lol

Spellcheck went bye bye with their newest update. The update was to fix bugs and it caused yet another bug. That's kind of how it happens with puters. I'm missing spell check too.

Linds said...

What beautiful photos! I could do with hot sand and bare feet at the moment. The thought is a good one! Abd the flowers in the last post are stunning too, but I am sure you are glad to be back home again!

tonya said...

From that beautiful resort to the beautiful snow....seems like two different worlds.

Glad y'all had a good time in spite of some craziness along the way!

Will they reschedule the dance program? I want to see pics!!!

the moose buyer said...

big difference between Florida and Maine that's for sure. Maine has more rocks.......

Marcy Bowden said...

Your pictures of Florida are beautiful! It makes me want to drive down their right now! Unfortunately there's that "work" thing keeping me from it. How warm was it down there?

I am sorry you are having issues with spell check. I have never used that feature.

Have a great week and stay warm! We had nice warm weather (compared to usual) this weekend between 50-60! We even opened the windows so the cats could feel the breeze on their faces.