Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Sunshine

We finally got dug out from our big storm but the snow banks are sure huge. It makes it fun for the children to slide down them and then on down the hill but it's a little hard to see when coming out of a street onto the main road. I worry about FIL who is 91 being on the road when the banks are like this but at least he rides with Hubby to work on days when it is snowing. I admire his independence living alone and being very self sufficient, must not be easy at that age. Hubby goes over every night about 8:30 and checks in on him and visits for an hour or so. It has been such a good thing having him move over here beside us instead of living several miles away across the river.

Ann and I (Funsize was working) went to the barn this morning to work with the 'guys'. It was bitterly cold when we first got there and our hands just couldn't seem to warm up even in the barn. The horses are cozy and warm though with their thick long hair and were itching to get outside. She rode her horse Bucky, you know the one that was bottoms up in the snow last week, and I rode Buddy. Buddy's feet are a bit tender so I am waiting for a call from the vet to see what he thinks. I think it's because with the cold weather the footing in the inside arena is hardening up a bit and making it less comfortable on his bare feet. Hopefully that's all it is. My stomach is in a knot thinking of what it could be and I know that is wrong to do, worrying never accomplished anything but it's hard not to after the year we have put in with him.

American Idol has started up as of last night. There is one very talented gal that sold her best barrel racing horse so that she would have the money to go try out on AI. She will have my vote no matter what! The horse is gorgeous, one that I wouldn't mind having in my barn. (as if I need another one!) I was very disgusted with Paula and Randy last night as they made fun of the young man with the really deep voice to the point it was cruel. He didn't have a good voice but they didn't have to be sitting there laughing their heads off with the poor guy looking on. Now some of the contestants knew before they went in that they were ridiculous, like the guy that had his chest hair waxed off, but this young man really thinks that he has talent. I will be glad when the preliminaries are over and the 24 contestants are chosen.
Went through a few more old pictures today. This first one is of my mother and father in 1942. What kind of car is that???? It must have been taken before Dad left for the war.

This next one of me is with my blanket that was never far out of my reach! This would have been 1953. Again look at the old vehicles in the background! My mother sure spiffed us up.

This mare belonged to my grandfather, her name was Bess. Have you ever seen a head that big on a horse????????? Wow!

This last one is a picture of my older sister sitting on a cow. Don't ask me why she is sitting on a cow but I guess that is just what you did in 1949!

The house smells delish as I have Pioneer Woman's pot roast simmering in the crock pot and I just took two loaves of pumpkin bread out of the oven. Pioneer Woman has some really nice recipes and directions that are very easy to follow as she puts in lots of pictures.


Mississippi Songbird said...

awww, so precious!
I love the pony in the snow..
I missed American Idol.. I saw some reviews on the mornings shows this morning though.. I'll try to catch it next week.
Have a good week.

Needled Mom said...

I sooo hope that it isn't anything serious with Buddy. As my grandmother always said, "Don't waste the time worrying when you can be doing something constructive." Let us know as soon as you find something out. If YOU couldn't get warm in the barn....then I would assume that Buddy must also be having problems with the cold. Do they have such things as electric socks for horses????

I love the old pictures. Isn't it nice that you have so many wonderful ones? Your mom must have been as good as you are with the camera. Makes me want to dig out some of my old ones.

Glad the kids had fun in the snow, but I am sure that Grandpa is a worry with the driving issues in it. So good that he lets hubby take him to work on those days.

the moose buyer said...

Of course you just knew I would love the moose. I also love the old pictures too.

the moose buyer said...

By the way, I will be thinking good thoughts about Buddy. Please let us know what the Vet says.

Donna said...

Let's face it, sometimes PW uses TOO many pictures! But I love her cooking blog, just for the pictures, sometimes.

I do hope Buddy's only having a temporary flareup; the horse I had who had foundered did have an occasional flareup.

Oh, and I do love the old pictures.

kdwhorses said...

Will keep Buddy in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know when you find something out. It can be so hard to wait when our babies are hurting! ((HUGS)) PW rocks! I made the pot roast over the weekend and it was great. HINT:It was even better the next day and so tender. I will be keeping that recipe! I love checking her blog-I like the pics.

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping in! This post was great. I don't know what it is about old pictures. i love them :0)

Jen said...

Hello! All the drawings i put on my page are either Paul Cameron Smith or Virgil C Stephens. They are my favorite artists! I have links to both of them under my favorites. i truely love all of their work ;0)

Jen said...

Aren't they just great!?

BTW love the horse named Bess..that name always makes me think of the man from snowy river lol.

Dawn said...

I can't believe I forgot to watch AI this week. I like to follow the talented ones to see if they make it all the way.

That is one stocky horse!!

I want to come over and eat supper with you!

I really have to try to figure out how to post old pictures - I didn't quite understand what you told me - I'm so very un-techie!

Rising Rainbow said...

I hope Buddy is ok. I know it's hard not to worry.

As for American Idol, I can hardly watch this part. I hate to see those people making fools out of themselves. I didn't see the barrel racer. Did she make it through? I did see the guy with the deep voice talking about working harder and coming back next year. So sad. I wanted to reach through the tv and slap Paula and Randy laughing like that. So Rude.

I've seen a number of blogs that have tried PW pot roast. It looks really good. I've tried a couple of her recipes and both I used had something left out. One was the temperature. I forget what the other was. I was able to get both fixed and the outcome was delic!

However, I'm afraid to try much else because I'll be weighing more than her cows and/or mustangs. I don't know how she stays so thin and eats like that. lol Wish I could!

Joan said...

I'm sure hoping Buddy's problem isnt anything too serious and that he'll recover real soon.

Also thanks for sharing your old photos. I especially love the one of your sister sitting on that cow! I wonder what the cow was thinking...

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Pumpkin bread....sounds great!

Hope Buddy is ok and that you get good news on him!

Jen said...

Happy friday to you :0)

You know I cannot watch AI because of the judge panel. I do like watching Nashville Star though when I catch it.
I sure hope Buddy is ok. Have you had your farrier look at him? Hoof problems can be scary. I still have no idea why my mare was lame. She came up sound after just staying off of her and letting her feet alone. Ive never had to deal with extreme cold though. How old is Buddy?

Linds said...

I loved the photos! As i am from the same sort of vintage, they could have been me, except that I have never been riding in my life. It is on the to do list. Along with a zillion other things!
I hope you have a great weekend, and that your hands are warmer.

Anonymous said...

See, I'm the opposite... I love the auditions of AI & then after that's over, I get bored with it until it's down to the final 4 or so. The auditions are such a hoot!

Oh & I just LOVED the old pics you had on there! Sometimes I wish I could just click my heels & go back to that time & wander the fields with the animals, sit on a porch in a rocking chair & visit with my relatives.

Jen said...

I'll have to read up on ya then!
Best wishes to Buddy. Sounds like you got yourself a strong-willed horse going through all that :0)
Have a blessed weekend,