Monday, January 14, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Oh the weather outside is frightful! Can't remember the next line, sigh....... Anyway, it's been snowing to beat the band today. It started about 11 this morning and it's almost 9 PM and it's still going strong. We'll probably have about 14 inches before all is said and done. :o)

Now you know I am not unhappy about this. I love the snow and all the fun that goes with it. My snowmobile is calling my name from the barn and the sleds are itching to take us for a good slide down Grampa's hill! Tonight I can hear the neighborhood children laughing and talking over there as they slide. The snow is very soft and fluffy so it wouldn't be good for making a snowman but great for sliding down the hill.

The birds were out in great numbers today too looking for a free lunch. I had woodpeckers, chickadees, finches, mourning doves and juncos. I got a few pictures but I didn't want to get my camera too wet as the snow was really coming down hard when I was out shooting. I think chickadees are just the cutest thing! :o)

D and T were here with me this morning as DIL had a gym appointment. We had fun playing games and painting, two of their favorite things to do at Grammies.

It was so pretty with the snow coming down. I always have to take a few shots of the barn and trees.

There was no school today and most of the businesses closed early. The schools have already used up their snow days and here we are only in January. The poor kids will be going to school till July if this keeps up!

Noodles and Munchie were out in the sun room with us after dinner watching the snow and Noodles decided to play a game.

This looks interesting.

I think I will be blue.

I think you need two to play this game.

HEY Munchie come on in and play!!!!

Someone asked me how Buddy has been doing this winter (thank you so much for asking!) and I am glad to report that he is doing very well. I rode him on Saturday in the inside arena for a while and he was going great. We only did walk/trot as there were two others in there working and it gets a bit crowded plus I didn't want to get him sweating at all as his hair is so long and thick it would take forever to cool him out.

Also someone asked me if we raise the turkeys here on the farm or are they wild and yes they are wild. They are very well fed with the grain we give them so they might be pretty good to eat but I won't let anyone hunt on my property so they are pretty safe from the roasting pan! If they keep producing like they have been we may have to open it up to the hunters to keep them under control.

Another thing someone asked me was if I still had the sleigh that was in a picture a couple posts back with Smokey Jack. No we don't, it actually belonged to my aunt and she sold it. At the time we didn't have any other horses that drove and Smokey was living with her so we didn't buy it. Bad decision, sure could use it now!!!

I am still going through old pictures and found a few REALLY old ones of moi! This one was probably taken in 1953.

This one was taken in 1952.

This last one was my high school graduation photo in 1969. I worked soooooo hard to get my hair somewhat straight. It was VERY curly back then right in the middle of when long stick straight hair was in style!

Guess that's it for tonight. Got to go watch the snow some more. There is just something mesmerizing about the flakes drifting down, it's so beautiful! :o) Sigh........


PEA said...

Va va voom, look at that high school graduate!! hehe What a beauty you were...and still are:-) Loved the pictures of you as a little girl as well...where do the years go!!

We've been having lots of snow as well...when the snow plow passed earlier he left a great big mound of snow in front of my driveway and I had to go shovel that out of the way so that I could go do some errands. I love having this fresh new snow, covers up all the dirty snow that was caused from the thaw we had last week.

Your grandkids are so darling...sigh, can't wait to have some of my own. May just have to borrow yours for now! lol They certainly look like they have fun at your place:-) I'm still giggling at Noodles trying to play a game and yelling for Munchie! hehe

Glad to hear that Buddy is continuing to do well! I've no doubt you're very anxious to have them back at your place again.

Write this on the calendar...I'm actually the first one to post a comment! Woohoo, will wonders never cease! lol Love ya! xoxox

Needled Mom said...

"And the fire is so delightful." Actually, knowing you, there was NO fire!!!!

Loved all of the photos. The kids really do look like they are having a great time out of school. I had heard that you were in for a good dumping of snow and knew you would love it.

I think T looks a lot like your early pictures. And what a "fox" you were in high school! You must have had a line of guys to fight off. Glad the scanner continues to do so well.

How did you ever capture that look on Noodles face? Amazing.

Enjoy the snow. xxoo

Dawn said...

We could use a new covering over the dirty snow - but the ice is just now melting from the streets.

Lovely pictures of you at all ages! And cute grands!

Great pictures today. I have new pix up - of guess who??

Donna said...

I used to hate my curly hair, and even straightened it at one point and let it grow; I looked hideous with long hair, but it took a few years for me to figure it out.

I envy you the snow. We have the cold temps, but no snow, so everything looks barren. I think it doesn't feel as cold when there's a nice snow covering on the ground.

Good for Buddy!

Susie said...

Loved seeing the pictures of sweet you!!
Your kitties certainly know how to entertain themselves. Vincent isn't nearly as playful in his senior yrs...
The picture of the barn in the snow is so beautiful!
Glad you love the white stuff, you sure get a lot of it!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Snow....we haven't had any in awhile so our snowmobile is just sitting there waiting for it to snow some more. My son is really wanting some more snow so he can ride but hubby isn't....too much work cleaing out our yard and the neighbors....and fighting it to do chores!

Loved seeing your photos!

kdwhorses said...

Oh snow-my daughter keeps asking for snow here. They are saying a cold snap is on it's way, but it has not snowed here in a long time! Loved the pics of the barn in the snow, so pretty. Glad Buddy is doing well, I know you will be happy to get him home. Loved the cat and the game. They are too funny to watch. Nice high school pic!

Jen said...

I have had a smile the entire time reading your site. I'm in envy of your barn, it's wonderful!
You were one hot momma...your husband is a lucky man :0)
Blessings, Jen

Suzy said...

First, love the shots of the birds(I'm a bird lover)
And I'm jealous of all that snow you're getting! We've only had about 2 inches this winter. I'd love to have about a foot and be snowed in and can't go to work!
Great high school pic...Did you see my post on Wed.?

Suzy said...

Me again...that post was on Sat.

Rising Rainbow said...

yes, the fire was delightful as someone said up here in comments. I love fires when it snows. Makes me feel snug as a bug.

I'm glad that you are excited about all that snow. If it was here, I'd be tearing my hair and and Lindsay would probably quit! LOL

That game looks like a perfect kitty magnet to me. They are such funny creatures. They kind find things to play with in the oddest places.

I hope you get lots of snow mobiling in on this new snow.

Tammy said...

I was all about to say how much I loved all the photos of the birds...and the cute one of the kids and the kitty wanting to get in on the game...but wow, what adorable pictures of you as a child...and a gorgeous high school photo!!!

Suzy said...

Guess Im getting was posted on Friday for the Saturday photo hunt for the theme "skinny".

Again,I loved those photos of you when you were younger!
Just delete this whole comment.

tonya said...

We finally got some snow today - yippee! It was only a flurry / dusting but at least Lu Lu got to see snow!

Glad to hear Buddy is doing well! It is so good you have the indoor facility. We aren't getting to ride too much and it shows in everyone.

Love the pics too!