Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday Talk

Tuesday already. Seems like it still should be the weekend. Funny how that works.

Saturday evening Hubby and I decided we would go to the local truck stop (nothing red neck about us!) and have some of their home cooked style food. They really do have good food especially their yeast rolls that just melt in your mouth and their baked beans. FIL won't go with us when we go there as it's about a quarter mile from the local landfill which I'm sure glows in the dark from all the stuff they've brought in from out of state. Why can't states keep their own toxic waste in their own landfills instead of sending it to other states, but I digress, that's another whole story.

Anyway, we had a nice gal waiting on us and the food was good. I had a turkey & stuffing sandwich and Hubby had the baked beans and franks, or hotdogs, what ever you choose to call them. We had just ordered our grapenut custard for dessert and our gal was clearing the table. We happened to be in the booth right by the door that goes into the kitchen with my back to the door. This is all leading up to something.

Crash! A tray loaded with dirty dishes hit the floor and jumped me right out of my seat as it was right behind me. I hear our waitress saying OH NO! and feel something dripping down the back of my head. Beans.

It couldn't have been a better shot if she had tried. Poor girl was horrified to see my white shirt and hair covered with beans and bean juice! She starts picking the beans out of my hair. I started to laugh, it was so funny but I felt badly for her as she was so upset over it. I told her not to worry it was no big deal and it wasn't. There are bigger things in life to worry about then getting baptized with baked beans!

We finished our grapenut custard and she came back with the bill and I could see she was still upset so I looked her in the eye and told her I DID NOT want her to give it another thought! She looked a bit relieved and we paid the check and came home. When I changed my shirt I could see why she was so upset, it was covered with splatters. But like I said, there are bigger things to worry about plus it makes for good blogging material! :o)

Sunday after church we came home and decided to go snowmobiling for a while. It was warm and the trails were still good so we headed out. T and D like to ride in the sled behind Daddy's machine.

I think they look like little creatures from out of space.

It was beautful out and I love seeing the old barns.


D was sad about something for a couple of minutes till I gave him my camera to shoot some pictues.

Yikes! Who's that crazy woman????

We headed home as the kids had Awana and we had evening service. T actually rode with me part of the way home AFTER we went across the hill that we tipped over on last time we were out riding!

Today we are in the middle of a heat wave. It has been 50* today and the snow is melting like mad. It's good as far as the streets are concerned but not the snowmobile trails and with rain predicted for tomorrow it's going to make them even worse. Great for the oil bill though! :o)

Well for some reason my spell check won't work so I will not be held ressponcible fer miscspelled worrds!


the moose buyer said...

I absolutely cannot believe after dropping beans all over you they still charged you guys for your meal. Dropping beans is a mistake I understand but charging you after doing it is ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG THING TO DO!!!!

Nice snow scenes. Almost - just almost makes me homesick for the Laurentians.

BarnGoddess said...

you are a good sport!

The bean fiasaco may have made some other people spitting mad...

lol, the snowmobiling photos are cute!

BarnGoddess said...

your dinner should have been paid for, I agree w/ TMB too!

Needled Mom said...

Now....where WAS that camera for the bean story???? Hubby could have shared the moment with all of us.

Speaking of trash, have you seen the photos from Naples, Italy where the landfills are all full? Perhaps they can bring you folks some of theirs.

Your heat wave will ruin all those fabulous snow adventures. We aren't much warmer this week out here. I think it was only 56* today. The pictures of the kids are darling. They do look other wordly in their snowsuits. Too cute.

Donna said...

Yep, you should have gotten your meal free. You folks sure make that snow look like fun.

Our heat wave has ended, and it's back to winter. I'm sure we'll send the cold temperatures right on to you.

palmtreefanatic said...

I am laughing histerically as it really isnt funny, but only if you had your camera, or perhaps you did just preferred to not take a picture? that would have been a great wordless wednesday pic;)
I can't say I have ever seen or had such a thing happen wow! I definitely think you should NOT have had to pay for your dinner, oddly enough!

Kids look so cute...the snow looks great from my end! tomorrow it will get cold again though I enjoyed 2 days of warmer weather here!

I have tagged you for a meme come see!

Susie said...

You're such a good sport! When I had soup spilled (accidentally) on me they paid for the dry cleaning of my jacket and our meal was free.
(I didn't ask, they offered)
Loved seeing all your snow photos. Glad the snowmobile ride was uneventful this time.
love and ((hugs))

Tonya said...

Ugh - a bath in baked beans. You're a better woman than I am to laugh it off, of course with me being pregnant it probably would have made me nauseous - LOL!

I still can't get over the snowmobiling pictures. They never look real to me. It's such a foreign sight to me.

We have been in a heat wave too and made it back to the 70's after our cold snap last week. The girls were wearing shorts when I got home yesterday - a funny sight to see in January!

PEA said...

I'm very much like you, I would have laughed to have had beans spilled all over my head...then I would have cried! lol I can just imagine how bad that poor waitress felt, though...but I do agree with the others, you should have never been charged for your meal. Other people would have charged them for the cost of dry cleaning your clothes!!

I so loved seeing all the photos you took on your last snowmobiling adventure...glad you didn't fall off this time! lol Our snowmobiling trails have all been closed for now due to the mild temps so the snowmobilers are not too happy right now!!

It's supposed to start getting colder again by the weekend and they're forecasting snow for Friday...I knew this couldn't last since we're only in January! Sigh! Still lots of winter left to come yet!!

Take care and hope your week is going well! Love you! xoxoxo

Dawn said...

So did it rain? Is all the snow melted? What crazy weather.

I agree with the person who said you should not have been charged for your meal! Great attitude you had - I'm sure she was scared to death. Too bad you didn't have a camera with you - isn't it funny how we see everything as blog fodder??

kdwhorses said...

I am cracking up from the bean story. Kiddos to you for taking the high road with the whole situation. You are so right, there are bigger things to be upset about! And only you can say you have been baptized with beans! And blogging material. Loved the snowmobile pics. Looks like alot of fun.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with the others, your dinner should have been paid for. You only pay for the baptism if it's at your request! lol

I hope your area didn't get any of the tornados that happened back there with the extremes in temperatures.

KC said...

OH my goodness.. LOL.. I have this image sort of cartoon-ish going on in my head in slow-mo of the beans flying up in the air and spilling on your head. UGH>.
the afternoon snow trip to the donut shop looked like so much fun.