Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Happenings

I got a lot done today. The phone didn't ring at all. The cats knocked the phone off the hook. Funny how that works....

Poor Hubby had been trying to get me on the phone and it just went to voice mail so finally he e-mailed me so I went around checking the phones. With the slushy weather today the two goobers didn't want to go outside so instead they played tag all through the house. They have rather long hair especially Noodles and he doesn't like the snow sticking to it, so he comes in and finds a warm spot and dries out.

My computer man was here this morning. Those two hours just fly by for me, there is so much to learn and there is always something for him to undo that I have made a mess out of! Today I had somehow put a gazillion pictures on the desktop so that there was absolutely no room left. Don't know how I did it but he undid it!

Many of you have asked me about Buddy. (THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!) We don't think that this is going to be anything serious. The vet thinks that possibly it is the ground in the inside arena getting frozen as our temps get lower and that it is hard on his bare feet. This is the best case scenario and the one we are hoping for. He doesn't have any heat in his feet which is good and he doesn't have a temp. Tomorrow we are going to go to a tack shop about 30 miles away and get him some Mac Boots to try. These are made out of rubber and hook onto the hoof with a strap and make a cushion. If this is what it takes to be able to ride him in the winter this is what we will do.

Someone asked about the cold and if this would be bothering him. No, he is nice and warm with his long thick coat that he grows every winter. We don't have blankets on any of the horses, the only reason we would put them on is if they got sick or if we had a long stretch of terribly frigid weather and then we would have to leave them on for the rest of the winter. Ideally we like them to grow their own 'blanket' we feel it's healthier for them in this climate.

I took a friend of mine to lunch this week. We work together on the decorating committee at church and are very close friends. Her Hubby is in a nursing home due to Parkinson's Disease and it is very hard on her. She would love to have him home but it is just not possible due to the amount of care that he needs. No one knows until they have been through it how difficult it is to have to place a loved one in a nursing facility even if it is for their own good. I admire her for keeping a positive attitude even though I know it is so hard for her.

I missed National De-Lurking week a few weeks ago but decided to put this in even though it's late. (Thank you Pea for providing the buttons for us to use!) De-lurkers are people that read our blogs but don't leave a comment or identify themselves in any way. I am finding according to my sitemeter that I am only getting about 1/3 of the people leaving comments and I would love to have you all put your 2 cents worth in! It makes it so fun to read the comments each day and to respond to them. So come out, come out, where ever you! You don't have to write anything long, just say hello if you want! :O)

I came across this picture of the farmer squirting milk into the mouth of one of his cats. It took me back to my grandparents farm years ago that was just down the road from us and my grandfather would do the same thing. They didn't have 'house cats' the cats lived and earned their living in the barn keeping the mice and rats at bay but at milking time there was always a pan of nice warm milk for them. It seemed like there was always one cat that Grampie could squirt the milk right into his mouth and it never ceased to amaze us as little kids! We just thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread! :O)

Oh me oh my, I think my turkey flock is growing daily! Probably has something to do with the nice wildlife grain that I put out every day. Last night we had two does and they each had twin fawns. Quite a sight to see, wish I could get a picture for you all!

I have been back at the gym on a limited workout since my fall off one of my horses. I do mostly upper body work so that my leg and knee have time for a complete recovery. If you are wondering what I look like in the gym here are a couple of shots that my trainer took of me.

As you can see I have a long way to go......ahem..... I think I am going to start my own line of workout wear, what do you think??????

Funsize is off on a cruise to the Caribbean tomorrow with one of her friends! 80* and balmy breezes sure sounds good right now! She works two jobs, sometimes three and certainly deserves a nice trip!

Guess that's it for today. I'm looking forward to checking out the new tack shop tomorrow. Maybe I should leave my purse at home....... Anywho, hope you all have a great weekend! We'll be here by the fire!


D. said...

I am delurking, I found your blog through dcrmom. I always enjoy reading your blog, it makes me smile. I love the pictures, too!

Needled Mom said...

Soooo glad to hear that they don't think that Buddy's problem is serious. I have been worrying so about him -- and you.

I just love the graphics on your site. The exercise one is a hoot. Can't wait to pick your brain on this blogging stuff. And, as usual, your photos are fabulous. Is that your new camera? That is quite a flock of turkeys this year.

Donna said...

Oh, I've squirted milk into so many cats' mouths, you wouldn't believe it. I also had a chow dog who would sit there and beg for a squirt of milk.

kdwhorses said...

Glad to hear Buddy is al right what a relief! We do not put blankets on ours in the pasture either, God gave them there very own hair blankets. I do have a couple of blankets I do put on them when we trailer them somewhere (since we normally haul our stock trailer) but that is the only time I do. Wow-great pics of the workout gear! Good for you for working out! It is cold, sleeting and snowed some this afternoon!

Dawn said...

Cute graphics!

That picture reminds me of my grandpa, too. I loved to go to the creamery with him, where he would throw the paper thing that was used as a filter, I think - anyway he'd throw it at the creamery cat, who would snarf it down.

dcrmom said...

You're hilarious. Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Gooooood morning dear friend:-) I thought I'd catch up on a few visits while having my cup of coffee! I sure wish we could be having it together...I can well imagine we'd be chatting non stop! lol

Oh my dear, you really do have to start your own line of gym clothes! LOL I'm still giggling over those images! hehe

I'm so glad to hear that Buddy's problems aren't too serious...Mac boots for horses...they really do make everything for horses, don't they! lol

You're more than welcome for the De-Lurking buttons...according to my site meter, I get about 229 visitors a day. Imagine if every one of them delurked?? lol I have a hard enough time now repaying everyone a visit! Sheesh!

I'm so envious of Funsize...a Caribbean cruise! Sigh! Let's join her, shall we??? hehe I do hope she has an absolutely wonderful time!!

As always, I've so enjoyed myself here...must tell you again how happy and blessed I feel to be able to call you "friend". We must chat on the phone soon...if the kitties don't knock it off the hook again! lol Love you! xoxoxo

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Holy do have alot of turkeys coming by to eat!

Too bad I don't have a few cats to knock my phone off the hook....some days when I am home that phone drives me nuts!

Janey Loree said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for the cheer up, especially with the work out images...I don't know...purple is my favorite color!!

Kerri said...

Love the photo of the cats getting a drink of milk :) Ross says they always had one or two that would catch a stream of milk.
Luckily our phone is out of Jasmine's reach :) Although, having it off the hook would sometimes not be a bad thing!
Those are great shots of you at the gym! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the pic of the cats getting warm milk. What a hoot!

I have given up on delurking the lurkers! LOL I get about fifty to one on comments. Not sure why. But I guess I should be glad I have that many readers.

As for the exercise line, I think you'd probably make a killing! Cute exercise clothes for us older broads is darn hard to come by. LOL
God only knows how I could use the work out time! LOL

As for Buddy and those boots. I have never heard of that brand. Fortunately my dealings with previously foundered horses is limited. I know more of what I hear than by experience. I have heard from the endurance riders that those boots are great. They put them to the ulitmate test, I would think. The only problem is stuff getting down inside them if the horse gets into any kind of material about the top of the boot. That makes sense but I probably wouldn't have thought about it if it hadn't been pointed out.

I will say it has been my experience that sometimes I can get stuff much faster ordering from the internet than I ever can from a tack or feed store.