Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Rantings

Remember last week I was ranting (and rightly so) that someone had published my personal tax information on their blog. Well my son tracked down the blogger and I went on the site to see it for myself. Now we live in a small town of about 8500 people and aren't afforded the luxury of the anonymity of a larger city. Everyone pretty much knows or has a pretty good idea who everyone else is but for the most part minds their own business. There is always an exception to that rule.

The person that posted our information unfortunately is that exception. He's on the city counsel no less! We've known him for years, not as a friend but as one knows others in a small town. He loves being on the counsel so that he knows everything that is going on in town. Why he keeps getting re-elected is beyond me. :o(

Thankfully his blog is rather confusing with time lines, links, plots and subplots. I had trouble finding the list, it took me three different tries to finally get it. Hopefully other people will overlook it in all the jumble of things on his site. To add further insult to injury beside the list of us unsuspecting citizens he had written: Enjoy!

Now usually I have a pretty decent sense of humor, remember the baked beans debacle, but I think this is terribly unprofessional for someone on the city council. I would like to make a formal complaint but this would draw even more attention to the situation and some things are best left to die a natural death. So, I will just sputter and rant to you my faithful readers, and now I feel better! :o)

Tina, my buddy over at Palm Tree Fanatic has tagged me for a meme. I have to make a list of 8 weird things about myself. Hummmmmm....this should be easy, just ask my family!

1. I wash my hands a lot. My friends make fun of me as I look like I am getting ready to do surgery when I come out of the ladies room at a restaurant before I eat. I don't want to touch the door to open it with my bare hands so I use my coat sleeve or some paper towels. BUT on the other hand I can eat anything at the barn after brushing my horses and not even care if I wash my hands. Go figure.

2. I don't like my toenails unpainted. They just make my feet look like I have been dead for three days and it grosses me out. Even if I am way overdue for a pedi I am okay as long as there is a shred of polish left.

3. I don't like other peoples noise. If I am in a hotel I don't want to hear my neighbors television, their mumbled talking or their dog barking (remember also the dog wing debacle at Hard Rock Hotel last year).

4. I HATE static cling. I will go to great lengths NOT to have any static cling. It feels weird and looks worse. I carry a can of Static Guard in my car.

5. I have claustrophobia. Even putting my snowmobile helmet on each time takes me a few minutes to adjust. If I leave the face mask open a tiny bit so some air comes in on my face it helps.

6. I like my hangers all going in the same direction in all of my closets and even if I am in a store shopping I will occasionally stop and adjust the hanger on a rack if I notice one. Little OCD maybe????

7. I hate perfume. It stuffs me up, makes my nose run and gives me a headache. I can't sit beside anyone at church with heavy perfume on, I have to move. As a teenager I always wore copious amounts of Ambush but if I did that now I would be 'sicker then a dog'.

8. I don't like rattles in my car or any car that I am riding in. I have been known to stand on my head to get under the dashboard to find a rattle!

Guess that's it. I'm sure there are many more weird things but those are the first to come to mind. Now I want to know some of your weirdness! I tag Pea, NeedledMom and MeowMommy! :0)


Needled Mom said...

Oh no!!!! I have to figure out a new task in this blogging world. I will accept it as a challenge and get to work on it. Thank you.

I find it despicable what this city councilman has done. I applaud you for holding your rage as I am not sure that I could be so cool about it. He is obviously a person with too much time and a very large self image. I guess that these are the people in the world who need our prayers to change.

Loved reading the 8 wierd things. Thanks for sharing.

palmtreefanatic said...

Thanks for playing along! I can def. relate to #6 too;)

kdwhorses said...

Oh my! Well, I will just pray that this man comes to his senses. I guess there is one in every little town, we our share here! Loved the 8 things about ya. #1-oh I am the same way. My husband jokes we should own stock with Germ X Hand Sanitizer. I have it everywhere-truck, purse, house! I will not touch door handles, etc. Thanks for sharing! Have a great and blessed weekend!!!

the moose buyer said...

you don't sound too strange to me!!!

I am sorry your townsman invaded your privacy but like you said if you make a big deal about it, it could get worse. I do like the small town thing though. Maybe it's my "Mayberry" wish to live in a small town.

Dawn said...

That just blows my mind - what in the world would possess anyone in his right mind to do such a thing??

Loved the list. #2 - I never paint nails - I have such UGLY toes I would never want to draw attention to them!
#3 - hate other people's noise! Anywhere. Can't understand why people think everyone in the world wants to listen to their music, etc.
#5 - Claustrophobia - has become a problem lately. Especially in airplanes.
#7 - Perfume - the bain of my existence. I am majorly allergic - can't go into Hallmark, can't go to candle parties (well, that's a good thing), can't sit by people with perfume on - even scented deodorant makes me ill - why the world thinks everything has to be scented is beyond me. I always tell my husband he has to settle for me not smelling bad!
#8 Rattles drive me crazy! I'm always pounding on the dash to make them go away - ha!

KC said...

That was just so wrong of that city councilman.
Great list to the meme. I posted my list like this earlier in the week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Marcy Bowden said...

I think that you are absolutely right about the council member. He should not be doing that but you would draw attention if you filed a formal complaint. You would think that he would have more to do with his time than that. I love your list. I am the same way about hand-washing. If I spend a day at home cooking, my hands are raw and I NEVER toucht the doorknob. Some people don't wash their hands! Take care! Marcy

Tammy said...

I can't believe that your city councilman has done such a thing! That's completely wrong, and you have every right to be upset!

I did enjoy reading your list...I related most to #3!

Kaila said...

I liked reading your meme :-)

BarnGoddess said...

MM-you are too nice! that councilman needs to TOLD just how unprofessional and unethical HE is. Since my taxes arent very interesting, Id be at the next meeting....

lol, I can kiss Scooter on his horsey lips anytime but always ask hubs if hee has fresh breath!

BarnGoddess said...

geesh sorry about thee typos, this laptop keyboard and I arent getting along!

Suzy said...

Loved your meme answers!!...and thanks for stoppin' over here.
Your right,were never gonna be skinny again so we just have to take life as it is and enjoy it!

Susie said...

I would be throwing a major hissy fat at that councilman. You, my friend, have much more dignity and diplomacy.
Loved seeing all the pictures and reading your "weird things" (although they don't seem too weird to me!)
Thanks once again for your prayers and sweet comments..

PEA said...

Omigosh, are you ever weird! hehe Just teasing you! I see you tagged me so I'll get to it sometime this coming week:-)

That council member should be faced with what he has put on his site but then I can also understand that you don't want to bring even more attention to him. What he's doing is so wrong, though, and it's sad that he gets away with it. Grrrrrrr....

As always, have loved my visit here:-) Love ya! xoxox

Linds said...

I am also outraged at the unprofessionalism of your councilman. Have you thought of a discreet letter to the mayor pointing out his councilman's misdeeds? You have shown a huge amount of dignity and grace!

I loved reading your list. And my toenails are always painted too. But I do wear perfume!

Tonya said...

It makes you wonder, who exactly are the people voting for him if he is such a loon???? Well, every dog has it's day! I hope his is soon.

After reading your list, I am laughing....I know now that you probably never need to see my toes, my closets or my car! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that man needs to be "de-throned"! Seems as though if you do nothing about it, the abuse would continue anyways... on the other hand, I understand that you don't want his blog to be the top story on the evening news all week either. Ugh, some people!

I enjoyed reading your "8 wierd things" list... I'll get right on posting my list after I finish this comment! Stay tuned! :)