Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Talk

We're still in the deep freeze here on the coast of Maine. The only reason I left the house today was to meet Hubby for lunch at The Muddy Rudder in a nearby town. There are a few things that will get me out no matter what the weather is and eating is one of them, especially at The Rudder. They have a wonderful selection of steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, sandwiches etc all with a little more flair then your ordinary restaurant. Now you can't tell me that you're not drooling on your keyboard looking at that lobster and corn on the cob! Slurp!

Today several blogs that I read had to do with children and the love we as parents and grandparents have for them. Sunday T was sitting in my lap before it was time to go down to Children's Church. (D was already downstairs in nursery) She had snuggled into my neck and I could smell the sweetness of her freshly shampooed hair and the feel softness of her cheek. I was trying to glue a remembrance of that into my mind when all of a sudden she blew the biggest bubble with her gum and it went POP! I almost laughed out loud but really didn't want a frown from one of the ushers so I didn't but it kind of broke the spell of the moment. heehee! Was it Art Linkletter that said "kids are funny" no I guess it was more like Kids Say The Funniest Things. Or do the funniest things!
A few years back Hubby was a couple hours north checking on some logging companies and got some great moose pictures. (Now Moose Buyer hang onto your seat cause these are good!) The first one he saw was a bull moose. He was fairly close as Hubby wasn't zooming in on him.

After watching him awhile the big guy swam across the pond. The moose not Hubby.

A bit later they saw a cow with her baby and got a pretty good shot of the two of them. There are some better shots somewhere that we had made up into big pictures for our camp but these are still pretty exciting. I just love the wildlife that we have here in Maine it never ceases to thrill me.

Speaking of wildlife, my parents are in Florida soaking up the sun while we are here chipping ice. I found these pictures of them on Buddy taken a couple summers ago. Just before these pictures were taken they were doing trick riding, jumping from the ground up on Buddy's back and then my mother would get up on my father's shoulders as they galloped around the pasture........ I figure if I am going to tell a whopper it might as well be a good one........ahem....

Buddy looks like he is thinking 'wake me up when it's over.'

Also found this picture of Son when he was just a wee one. He and Hubby had been putting together an Incredible Hulk puzzle and I guess Son just got all worn out as he was sound asleep! Notice the orange wallpaper........aaaccckkkk! I also had the orange counter tops and the orange Tup*perware canister set. Those were the 70's!

Speaking of wallpaper look at it in the old homestead living room in 1957! Yikes, can we say BUSY....... This is me and my two older sisters, we must have been ready for church with our dresses and petticoats on. Do any of you remember the petticoats that you would starch with the liquid starch so that they would be puffy and swing when you walked? The only puffiness I have now is under my eyes. :O(

This picture is just one I picked up off the Internet. Bet that ole' dog keeps his behind out of the pasture from now on!!!

Well Amer*ican Id*ol is on so guess I'll check that out.


Dawn said...

I'm watching Idol with you. Same old pathetic stuff mixed in with a few good ones! I missed both of las week's episodes. Too much going on, I guess!

That wallpaper and those petticoats were very familiar. Mine were never as big as I wanted - we couldn't afford 75 yarders, and had to settle for 25.

I had yesterday off and planned to do a lot of things, but ended up staying in my cozy little room most of the day. But I might have ventured out for a lunch like that!

kdwhorses said...

Love the pics! I will take the lobster and corn! I love seafood-YUM-O! The rain has quit here for now, they are calling for freezing the next 2 nights. I shouldn't complain, but it is cutting into my riding time! I am getting alot done inside the house so I guess that is good! I bet that dog hasn't stopped running yet!!

KC said...

Yesterday I commented that it was cold but we didn't have the snow.. I woke up this morning to 4 inches and it kept snowing all day long don't know what we have now.
Lunch sounds really yummy today.
The story about T in church had me LOL.

I love all your old pictures.
The one of son sleeping totally reminds me of My Little Man, he will fall asleep playing or whatever just about anywhere.. he is too funny that way.

Hope you enjoyed AI I didn't watch tonight I was helping Mr Man with his spelling words. now they have the TN and KY basketball game on.

Tammy said...

It was fun reading this post...and I loved seeing the photo of you and your sisters and kids! (You three all looked so much alike!)

All the pictures were fun...but wow, that last one! Hope that dog made it out OK! Yikes, that horse looks mad!

So much of the country is in the deep freeze right now! Even parts of the south! We've had some unusual sunshine but with wind chills in the teens! Brrr!

Come on over when you can and enter my birthday giveaway!


dcrmom said...

You're hilarious. The moose, not Hubby. Ha. And I love that picture of my cuz asleep on the table. So cute. I wish I was in FL with your mom, that's all I Know. I'm done with the cold.

Jen said...

wow..i wanna eat there!!!

Run puppers run lol....
Your oldest sister looks so nice in her puffy dress!!

Donna said...

You know what's pathetic? I STILL am using some of those orange Tupperware canisters. I don't do a lot of redecorating. Haaaaaaaaa!! By the way, you had me going there for awhile with the trick riding. I was buying it hook, line and sinker. I'm very gullible at 3 in the morning.

Joan said...

Those photos are great. I particularly love the ones of the moose. We had to go to Alaska to see moose and you have those majestic creatures just a couple of hours north. I'm jealous. :~)

bj said...

thanks for stopping by for a slice of pie this morning! hope you come back any time!
i loves looking at all your pictures and laughed out loud when I got to the petticoats. my mom would starch mine so much, they would actually STAND in one corner of my room. Amazing, hu?

Rising Rainbow said...

You got that right,I am drolling over that lobster.

Bubble gum in church, too cute. And it was Kids Say the Darndest Things! there were a least a couple if not more books in that series. They were too funny.

That was quite a whopper about your folks riding Buddy. You should have seen the scrunched up question mark on my face. HUH? LOL
Glad you fessed up, I'd still be pondering that mental pic.

There's not much one can say about the 70s other than orange, don't ya think. lol

OH and the moose pics are terrific! I took some elk pics recently but they are not that close up and sure not in as pretty a location as yours.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, great pictures and that restaurant looks like a great place to dine..
I hope you are staying warm up there..
Happy Wednesday!

Kerri said...

Loved all the pics and enjoyed your ramble :)
I wish you had a shot of your mom on your dad's shoulders...lol
That's such a cute pic of your sleepy boy. Fun to look back, isn't it? My wallpaper had big green and yellow flowers in the 70's. Oh my!
Yes, I remember those petticoats :)
What a great picture of the horse and dog. That pooch wants to watch out!