Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

This is what I should be doing instead of checking out every one's latest post and writing one of my own!

It's a beautiful day today with the sun shining. We just had lunch at the Texas Roadhouse and I over did with the Blooming Onion! That thing was huge and it was a long time before they brought our entree so it gave me plenty of time to over indulge! :O( I brought the rest of it home along with all of my entree as I was just too full to eat any of it.

We went to the tack shop in a small town about 40 minutes away to get Buddy some Old Mac Boots. These things are amazing and made about as sturdy as anything you could find. The only thing is they didn't have his size so we had to order them. Also they didn't have the cushioning pads that go in them and she wasn't sure she could get them????? I would think if it's the company that makes the boots they would make the pads that go in them, but we shall see. These are great for all kinds of different ailments plus are good when trailering the horses as they have a good heavy tread on the bottom and protect their feet in case they get stepped on. I hope they get here quickly as I think the hard ground is bothering Buddy's soles.
I'm still wading through old pictures and I know some of you out there like old tractors so I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind this one is that my Grandfather is standing on??? Or this one my Dad is on??? My money is on Cliff over at Donna's to know!

I found this picture of the first pony I ever rode. I am the smaller one standing beside my sister and the pony. His name was Scout and he belonged to one of our neighbors. Their kids had lost interest I guess so we would go get him every day after school and bring him to our house to ride. He was a nice little pony, don't know whatever happened to him. This was probably about 1957.

These next two are just a few of the teams that my Grandfather had over the years. That is my mother on the left and Grampie on the right holding one of the kids, probably one of my uncles, it was 1943.

I don't know why there were so many teams at the farm in this picture. They certainly were getting ready to do something that needed a lot of horse power! I think I can see five teams.

This was my dream car. It belonged to my aunt and uncle before they passed away a few years ago. It was sold, sure wish I'd had the $$ to buy it! :O(

Guess that's it for Memory Lane Volume 3 today. I need to get all of these pictures in albums. I used to be a really hardcore scrapbooker and made all the fancy pop up pages but now I'm lucky to even get the pictures in a book! Sigh.......
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! :O)


kdwhorses said...

Great old pics! I just love older pics! Texas Roadhouse I am jealous! THose blooming onions are awesome! The dipping sauce, YUM! I do believe i am now hungry! Hopefully the boots will come in quick and be just what Buddy needs. We have had no more snow, but it is still cold and wet here. Well, better go check the brownies in the oven. Young un talked me into making some, not good for me watching what I eat. I am a sucker for anything chocolate. Have a great and blessed weekend!

Donna said...

Cliff said that "tractor" is a road maintainer that was probably pulled by a dozer. Like the one he's on in the next picture after that.

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that you posted a picture of the shoe for Buddy. I had no idea what they looked like. I agree that they should have some knowledge of whether they can get the pads or not. Hmmm.

Again....loved the old photos. Isn't it amazing how hard the work was back then? Now the tractors have all the modern conveniences.

Too bad you couldn't get that Corvette. You and hubby would look great cruising in that!!! It's always been one of my favorite cars -- especially the model with the cutouts on the side. (Drool!)

palmtreefanatic said...

blooming onion sounds wonderful!!!
Neat tractor pics!
Lovely pics! you look so cute by that pony!:)Nothing like a walk down memory lane!

Kerri said...

Oh no, you don't still iron! I used to iron everything (just like my mother before me!) when we first married, but with little ones coming along I soon dwindled that chore right down!
Ross was going to tell you about the old machine, but Cliff beat him to it :)
It's great looking at the old pics. A nice trip down memory lane. Love seeing all those old photos of you!
The Corvette is a real beauty!
You've sure had your share of snow up there! Glad the kids are enjoying it :)

Dawn said...

I really really have to learn how to use my scanner better!

My first goal after retirement is to be 1 million pictures in albums!

Rising Rainbow said...

Ironing, what is ironing? I haven't done ironing in so long I'm not sure I still own an iron! LOL

I hope that the pony is ok. We're having lots of trouble in our area with colics. The temperatures are lower than normal and horses are just not drinking.

I remember those corvettes (isn't that it, I am NOT a car person LOL) traveling down the road. My hubs would sure like to own one of those.

You must have to wait for it to warm up to right if the arena is frozen.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love tractors! Look at the smiles on your Grandad's & Dad's faces... & they say that dog is a man's best friend?! haha

Tonya said...

A friend of mine just last week was on the search for some old Mac's. She was referred to a website where people trade / swap / sell boots all the time. Sometimes people buy the wrong size, other times they don't have the horse anymore - at any rate, I think it's a pretty beneficial site to know about (if you didn't already - LOL!)

My friend is buying some now from this lady - Lori who runs a thrift store to benefit a horse rescue in Georgia.
So, hang on to her e-mail and check with her sometimes for "horse stuff" at good prices too!

The pony is adorable - of course I have a "thing" for paints - LOL!