Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

I have been working with my computer man for the past 4 or 5 weeks. He comes to the house and we work on things that I want to learn how to do and he fixes anything that I have messed up in the previous week......... My son is probably thanking his stars above that I have this guy so that he doesn't have to get me out of a mess every time he comes over to visit. :o)

I get a kick out of Steve as I doubt he works on things anywhere else like he works on here but he takes it in good stride. He is very patient with my fascination of Hug Bug graphics and has worked hard to get them to work in my blogs. I know nothing about JPEG, PGN or any of the other ways graphics are made but I am slowly learning. Blogger only accepts JPEG so next week we are going to work on changing some of the others over to that format.

Can't you just hear the other computer guys when Steve goes back to the office..........."hey Steve did you make some cute little cows, bunnies or kitties today???? WE set up a whole new computer system for the bank down the street and you are working with cutesy graphics??????" Steve is a good sport!

Our turkey flock has grown considerably this year. For several years we had 5 turkeys that came to the house regularly for their grain. Evidently they hooked up with another flock and I counted close to 40 yesterday! This spring we had about 15 or 20 chicks hatch and almost all of them have survived and are now teenagers. I'm just hoping the flock doesn't double in size in the next year or so!!

Last evening we were sitting out in the sun room and looked up and there was a doe with her twin fawns out back eating some of the wildlife grain that I throw out for the turkeys. The fawns are really good size now and in people years the would be preteens. I have been trying to get a good picture of them but they hear me open any window or door and they are GONE! I will keep trying though because they are just adorable.

I have several favorite pictures that I would like to post. The first one is of me and Hubby on the John Deere. It was taken a couple years ago when we were having a hay ride for the neighborhood children.

Another favorite is this one that Son took of some animals at a farm that belongs to one of his clients. I just love the shot with the cows and horses eating together and the foal getting up after probably rolling in the snow. I think I will print one of these off on my big printer that Hubby got me for Christmas. It will print up to 19X13 pictures and they are just like a poster.

This is D and T in my kitchen sink when they were just little. They sure wouldn't fit in there now!

What is this? A new toy!
Am I supposed to wear it on my head?

What's that a ball going around and around?
Hey, I'm getting dizzy!

Stop watching me and taking all those pictures!


palmtreefanatic said...

You are so lucky to have steve! I wish I had my own personal computer guy, I would make him crazy with my petty stuff! I need to find a cheap professional to change the look of my blog!

Nice looking turkeys those are!

I love that photo of you and your hubby on that nice looking John Deere! I think you look 20 yrs old in that photo! no kidding! wow! Is that recent?

Love the grands in the sink, that is so Great!

Horses look well too!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Dawn said...

That is quite a flock of turkeys you've got going there! Are they in danger of landing on someone's table??

Love the pix of the kiddoes in the sinks - too cute!

Thanks for your encouraging words.

PEA said...

Wow, look at all those turkeys! Are they all wild or do you raise them?? That's one thing I've never seen in my yard! lol We do have wild turkeys around but not usually in this area.

Lol poor Steve're very lucky to have him around, though, to teach you all that computer stuff! My oldest son Shawn is a Computer Programmer and I always call him if I'm in trouble! lol Touch wood, but lately I haven't had to yell HELPPPPP to him! hehe

I just love that picture of you and your hubby...and the picture of the grandkids in the sink is just too precious for words! Makes you wish they would stay that small!! I laughed at the kitty pictures, that is too funny! hehe

Take care my friend and hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

Tonya said...

Love the pics! C has a friend who would die seeing those pics of the turkey.

The pics of D & T in the sink are my fave!!! How cute!

Joan said...

I am so envious...I too wish I had someone like Steve to hold my hand and fix all my computer mistakes. It would be so much easier than reading all those Help screens.

And your photos are incredible...turkeys, horses, tractor...definitely life on the farm! And the pic of the kids is so so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Casdok said...

Love your photos, especially the sink ones!!

Marcy Bowden said...

My husband is a computer guy and he fixes my computer too, but I am on my own with the blogging. But, I know that he inwardly rolls his eyes when I ask for "permission" to download software or click on certain things. A few posts back you commented that you could not get your pictures to be "full screen" when you click on them. I just upload mine and they are automatically like that. All of my pictures are jpegs. But, something that I have learned is a glitch in the blogger system: if I make my pictures "centered" in the post, they will not allow me to click on them to enlarge once they are posted. This pertains to all pictures EXCEPT the very first one I post. I don't know why that is and I have never bothered researching it, because I just left or right justify them and am on my way! Good luck! I am sure that Steve enjoys spending time with you. I am sure your attitude is much better than that of the people his fellow computer people have to deal with in the business world. Take care, Marcy.

Mississippi Songbird said...

aww. the pictures are so adorable!
I really enjoyed reading your blog.. I hope you have a great Sunday and a terrific week ahead..

Anonymous said...

Aw, your computer guy sounds great! My computer guy is great too & I tell ya, if it weren't for him, I don't think I'd have the nerve to even touch a computer! lol

Oh, those turkey pics were stunning! We don't have wild turkeys here, but whenever we go someplace that does, I'm plastered right to the car window whenever I see one- they're so beautiful!

Loved the cute pics of the grandkids in the sink too- don't you just love that age?

There were so many good pics in there... I really enjoyed that post! :)

Kaila said...

Very cool turkey pictures!

KC said...

Wow that is alot of turkeys.
Love all your old pics.. Love the one of T and D in the sink that is so cute.
I have a pic of each of my kids being bathed in the sink when they were younger.. use to be so easy to bath them there LOL

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

First of all....I love your pictures! Love the captions too!

You have got quite the flock of turkey's going there....I'm a little terrified of birds so I wouldn't do well with the turkeys (goes back to my childhood of picking eggs at my aunts).

How lucky of you to have your own "computer guy". I wish I could find one around here to hire to help son gets awful tired of trying!

kdwhorses said...

Love the pics! How neat about the turkeys! The pic of the horses and cows is neat as well! Thanks for sharing!

the moose buyer said...

40 wild turkeys could make a heck of a Thanksgiving next year - YUM!!! Now all you have to do is find the "Wild Stuffing" critters - LOL.

Love the horses. How is Buddy doing this winter?