Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This And That

Still haven't packed for Florida and time is getting short. Did get my hair cut yesterday and went a little shorter so that it would be easy to deal with while there. With the Florida humidity my hair really curls up so with it short I can just kind of wash and go. Different ones have asked me if we are going to bring home any more cats on this trip and the answer is NO. With these two young ones in the house that is enough for me to keep up with. They are so funny, they are like two naughty little kids getting into everything and exploring every nook and cranny of this house. It's like having two year olds again. We enjoy the entertainment, they are just a hoot and now that they are going outside it's fun to watch their antics chasing the squirrels and racing and tearing around. Our old cat just watches them probably thinking of years gone by when he was out there with all of that energy.

Going in for another spraying tomorrow. Now that I have disgraced myself by telling the world about my first experience there is nothing to hide. lol! I'm wondering what she would do if I really did insist on just having my legs done? It's worth a try, I'll let you know!

It's rather cold here today, in the 40's but should warm up a bit by afternoon. My daffodils are coming up, they are brave in these temps. Did notice a few buds on some of my plants on the south side of the house behind the garage. That area gets full sun all day long and is protected from the wind so we get a few things early there. When I look at all of the beautiful pictures that some of you post of your flowers I really get the itch to start digging in my gardens. We work so hard on our gardens here in Maine but only get to enjoy them for a few months then the frost steals them away from us in October.

My kids were here for dinner last night and Old Mimi (that's what they call my mother) gave them May baskets filled with goodies. They call her Old Mimi as my daughter in laws Mom is Mimi and it was confusing for them to have two the same name. They were excited about their May baskets as they had never had them before and of course the M & M's and Gummy Bears were a hit. I remember as a child we used to spend days making our May baskets and then hanging them on doors, knocking and then running so that the recipient would have to chase us. I guess kids don't do that any more, at least around here, and I think they are missing out on a really fun activity. We used to make the fancy ones out of crepe paper and you could fold and and cut a certain way and they would unfold and be so pretty. I can't remember how to do that any more, wish I could so I could show my grandkids. Any body out there know how??????

Was going to go trail riding this morning but my friend that I ride with is sick and I have too much to do to get ready to go on Friday. She and Funsize will take care of my guys while I'm gone, brushing them and giving them their treats and nose rubs. We will be moving them home when we get back so there will be more excitement around here. I love sitting on the back deck watching them out in the pasture grazing and playing. They too are naughty little boys getting into things in the barn that they shouldn't as they have the run of the place. I guess I mentioned once that they ate my husband's straw hat..........after a game of tug of war............ The two little ones are way too fat so are on an (almost) treat-free diet. That's hard because I love taking things out to the fence and having them run over to see what I have for them. They really liked the watermelon that I grew in my garden last year, they ate every bit of it even the rind.

Well this isn't getting things done so I'd better get at it. Husband is taking his laptop to Florida with us so I will be able to keep up on my blog reading, don't want to miss anything ya know!


palmtreefanatic said...

good luck with the legs spray...
kittens are cute! my kids want another but i say NO way! I am not into cleaning litter boxes again daily etc etc... i don't need ANY MORE work!:))
Sounds like you need to start packing something! I hate that job honestly, what to pack and how much bla bla..
Today and the rest of the week we are having 60 some degrees and sun, we deserve it after 3 sever thunderstorms last night! Have a great WEDNESDAY!

Joan said...

I am so envious of your wash and wear haircut. I don't go anywhere without my trusted hairdryer.
And I can't wait to hear how round 2 of the spraying goes. Will we see photos of the gloriously bronzed you??

Susie said...

I will be very surprised if you have the energy left for blogging after hoofing it all over Disney from sunup to sunset.
Usually I fall into bed and am asleep in a moment. I will love reading about it if you do find the time!!

KC said...

yesterday it was 80 here then we got hit with 3 big storms and it dropped right to 50 after the 1st one and today was just in the 60's I'm really REALLY hoping it gets up into the 70's by the weekend, I'm spending Friday night and Saturday night in a tent I'm afraid i'm going to freez. When do you leave for your trip.. I'm going on a weekend trip about 2 1/2 hours from home.. my 3 younger kids are spending the weekend with my mom and DH and I are taking Princess along with the rest of her softball team to a softball tournament they are playing in.. and since they were calling for nice warm weather we thought it would be fun to pack up the tent and just camp 5 mins away from the ball fields insteed of getting up at 4am to be at the field by 7am on saturday and then driving back there sunday afternoon.. So I need to wash cloths and pack up stuff for the younger one to take to grandmas PLUS figure out what all I'm going to need for a weekend camping trip/softball tournament. fun fun fun..