Saturday, May 5, 2007

Here we are in Orlando at the Hard Rock Hotel. There is a concert going on outside at the pool and Husband is less then impressed with it. lol! I guess it wouldn't be my first choice either but hey we're at the Hard Rock so what can I say?

Things started out a bit rough when we arrived.....We went to check in and what was supposed to be a two bedroom suite on the first floor by the pool was on the fifth floor beside nothing. Thankfully I had all my information written down even the name of the lady that I talked with and after going back and forth with the hotel manager the desk clerk got us our room on the first floor by the pool.

Now the story doesn't end there.......we get to our room and all of a sudden we are being serenaded by BARKING! Now I don't mean a little woof woof but mad barking and scratching on the door of the room two doors down. Then we see a man with two dogs going down the hallway outside. these were different dogs then the one madly barki ng in his room........THEY HAD PUT US ON THE DOG WING! Now I like dogs as much as the next person but I DON'T WANT TO SPEND MY VACATION LISTENING TO THEM BARKING IN THEIR ROOM! Finally when we were ready to go to bed after being up since 5 and flying all day we gave in and called the front desk to complain. they said they would take care of it. They didn't. An hour later there is still barking. Now Husband gets on the phone and calls the front desk. The barking stops.

Today has been bark free so far. I don't appreciate them putting us in the KENNEL WING without telling us but as long as I can sleep I don't care I guess.

Yesterday we did the Island of Adventure and it was fun. The grand kids loved it and it was nice to be out in the warm sunshine with all of the beautiful flowers around us. Today we did Universal and it was even better. The rides were just unbelievable with all of their detail and animation. Once again the grandkids loved it and we did too. They went swimming in the afternoon, I took a nap....ahem.....I was tired from all of the excitement I guess.....

Tomorrow we head to Busch Gardens which is always a delight. We have been there many times in the past but this will be the first time the grandkids have been there. I'm sure they will love all of the animals. I especially like the meercats.

Time for bed, lots to do tomorrow.


Tonya said...

Oh wow - glad you had names and details to get your room straight. I hope the barking stays quiet.
My girls want to go to Disney so bad. I have promised them we would go when Lu is 6 or 7.
Have a great time!

Hold Your Horses said...

Go figure, you change things up a little bit by staying at a different hotel and nothing seems to be going right! I'll tell you one thing - if they had stuck me in the doggy wing I'd be asking for a free visit!