Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Vacation Fun

More vacation pics.

One night while in Florida Son and DIL went out for a date night and we kept the grands. When it was bedtime we decided to put them in the pull out sofa in our room until their parents got back. T is awful to sleep with, believe me I know as she has spent the night here and slept with me. When we put them to bed they both were in the right position but she always ends up with her feet in your face or knees in your back. Luckily D isn't a light sleeper and it didn't bother him at all.
They have Fear Factor at Universal and Son decided he would try out for it. Unfortunately there is a weight limit and he was a mere two pounds over so couldn't participate. They asked DIL if she would like to try out and she was very hesitant at first but then decided she would give it a shot. She was well under the weight limit so went out back for the instructions on what she would be doing and had to wear a special outfit with a built in safety cable (thankfully). When the show started we were in the front row cheering her on as she was the only woman competing with four men!

Next thing we knew they came out on platforms 40 feet in the air! Yes. Did I mention 40 feet in the air???!!! They had curved bars to hang on to and the last one hanging by it was the winner. Next thing we knew they pulled the platforms out from under the five contestants! Hey, this is the mother of my grandchildren hanging 40 feet in the air and I really want to keep her!!!! Her hands were sweating as she was nervous (did I mention 40 feet in the air?) and she started slipping off the bar and the next thing we knew she was swinging by the cable in mid air!

Gulp....Well they let her down carefully and she got a big applause for having the courage to try. I know this picture is rather blurry but it was so high up I couldn't get a good focus but it gives you an idea of how it was. Did I mention 40 feet in the air?

Not being one to turn down a chance to go into a good tourist trap we wandered over to one after having breakfast at IHOP one morning. It was GREAT, had the pj's that I like in all the different Disney characters. Of course I had to get them in Mickey, Tinkerbell and the donkey from one of the Pooh books. (second childhood syndrome)

T and D are big Sponge Bob fans so had to try on some hats. No we didn't buy them...

Husband got new cowboy boots at Shepler's and D decided to try them on. A bit big. heehee! ( I should have cropped out the messy room.)
I still have a few more vacation pictures that I want to share with you but I'll save them for another time. The week went way too quickly but when I think back to all of the fun memories we made while there it seems like we did a whole lot in a short time. We'll be going back again in October with a bigger crowd which we love but it was fun to have our kids and grandkids all to ourselves for this trip. T and D love to come in early in the morning to wake me up and I pretend to be asleep and they giggle and laugh jumping on the bed. Grampie is already up having his coffee and newspaper but I kind of hang to the bed when on vacation. I see my grandkids growing up so fast and it makes me sad in a way as I love this age when they are so innocent and don't know of the worries of the world. My granddaughter starts school in the fall and I think of all of the influences that she will be subjected to and it scares me. I guess God is telling me to be even more in prayer for her and her brother. I think that's the best thing a grandmother can do.


Susie said...

Cute pictures. Hope your knree and ankle are feeling better. Are you able to ride your horses with the pain?

Donna said...

I think I would have had to shut my eyes on the fear factor thing. Sounds like everybody had a great vacation!

PEA said...

All I can say is that your DIL has a lot more guts than I do! lol I'm terrified of heights so NO THANK YOU! hehe Loved seeing all the pictures...after sleeping with your granddaughter, I wonder how many wake up wondering why they have bruises on their face and back?? LOL Too cute! xox

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW! More fun! We went to Universal Studios last summer, what a blast! We went to 4 attractions and this was all of our favorites!!! The Fear Factor was intense to watch let alone having someone you KNOW do it! WOW!!! 40 ft eh? SCARY!!!! She is so brave (applause to her) I love the pics...Disney is a fun place for adults as well where you can feel like a kid all over again!
What Fun!

Suzy said...

Great photos... I know what you mean about sleeping with the little ones..but then, they are the only ones that get any sleep !!
sounds like you had a wonderful time, and yes,as Gramdmas our most important job is to pray for our family.

Joan said...

I love the photos particularly the SpongeBob hat extravaganza! Your vacation sounds and looks so wonderful!!!

Myrna said...

Great vacation with the kids! Did you say 40 feet in the air?:) She must be a brave girl.

Thanks for coming by my place. You suggestions are good.. I'm going to split the hostas tomorrow. I have already bought the petunias==I put a bunch--in several colors--into two big pots today. I think they will look great.

I know your grands enjoyed all the fun with grandparents on vacation--sweet memories!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your pictures. The one of the kids sleeping is precious. You have one brave daughter-in -law too. Lovely family!!!!

Hold Your Horses said...

I love the pictures! Brother used to sleep the same way T does - we could never share a bed.
October's trip will be fun - I'm looking forward to spending time with the kids and getting to know them. I want to get my hair braided the way T did! I'm always down for some quality tourist traps as well :)

KC said...

Hello.. I just got all caught up on your vacation post.. I love vacation post BTW :)
you all had so much fun.. WOW I can't get over your DIL doing the fear factor thing.. WOW.
I did not know there was a Dixie Stampede in Florida. I have been a few time to the one in Pigeon Forge TN, and loved it. Though I did have to hold a baby in my lap everytime we went since they don't have highchairs.. But The show was wonderful and the Food.. OHHHHH The food.. YUM YUM.. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Sounds like you had such a blast on your vacation. Glad you home safe and sound now.

Tomorrow I go to kindergarden registration with Sweet Pea. Time sure flies, my baby girl will be going to kindergarden in the fall.. it is scary.. I worry about Kindergarden but as they get older I worry more and more.. You are so right.. not only for a Grandma but also as Parents the best thing we can do is Pray for them..
Well I have to go pack a bag for Little Man he is going to spend the night with my mom tonight and I don't have him ready to go.. Can't wait to see more vacation pix.

Tammy said...

Your DIL is SO brave!
Wow, sounds like a pretty exciting family vacation!

Janey Loree said...

Thank God for praying Grandmother's!!! I have a picture of TnT in their Grandpa's cowboy boots when they were little...I think I will post it over at MnC! What a wonderful time you must have had on vacation!!!