Friday, May 18, 2007

Soggy Friday.

We have been having a lot of rain here on the East coast since we got home from vacation. I guess while we were gone it was in the mid 80's and sunny. Oh well, it was that temp where we were too so I'm not complaining. Everything is getting so nice and green and the fire danger is going down daily. I feel bad for Georgia and other places that need the rain so badly with all the fires going on right now.

Have had a nice busy day so far and it will continue to be that way so am sneaking in a few minutes to get a post going. Left for the pool about 8 this morning for my therapeutic swim for my knee and then an hour swim with my granddaughter's Preschool. I tore something in my knee while carrying a 50 lb. bag of grain into the barn under the bar instead of moving the bar and going in upright I tried to go under it and zappo there goes the knee. I may have to have surgery on it but I am trying to see if my chiropractor can do something with it first as I don't want to be on crutches all summer.(this is why I had to go on a scooter while on vacation)

Anywho- it was fun swimming with the kids and watching their class and seeing how much they have progressed over the winter months. We have a wonderful facility here where the pool is walk in so it makes it nice for the little ones that like to play where it's shallow and the bigger kids can go out deeper. There are a couple of water slides, one small one for the little ones and a bigger one for the older kids. My grandkids wanted me to come down it one day and not being one to duck a good challenge I walked up the steps to the top and got in that thing. I came down like a bullet and skipped right over the top of the water like a skimming rock (boulder) and almost hit the other side! That was enough of that let me tell you!

Came home and picked up Snowbird 1 and Snowbird 2 and we went to Pat's Pizza, our favorite pizza shop, and had lunch. I was going to be good and bring home half of mine for later but of course ate the whole thing as it tasted so good. Saw some friends there so got a chance to gab for a few minutes with them. I love small town living, you know so many people and run into friends and neighbors when you go out to the mall or to eat. Our town has about 8000 people in it but there is a much bigger town across the river with lots of shopping and restaurants so I feel we have the best of both.

This afternoon I have to make some squares for my nieces graduation party tomorrow. She graduated from University of Maine with a teaching degree so now is looking for a position. I have another niece that is graduating from high school in a few weeks so will be having another party for her.

Groomed all five of my 'boys' yesterday afternoon. They had been rolling in the mud so really looked awful. I wish I had taken a before and after shot as it was quite a make over. One good thing about the mud is that when it dries and you brush them it helps pull out all the old winter hair. Went to a new tack shop in town and picked up some Show Sheen and Thrush Buster as I think my old appy has a little thrush in his back feet. As it's been so wet here it doesn't surprise me but he was the only one with it so that was good. Funsize and I will go trail riding tomorrow if it stops raining otherwise we will just do some stuff in the indoor arena.

Well......BOOHOO........snuf snuf..... I didn't win anything in the Organization Makeover competition. Hey I don't care, I am so happy with my new super organized sewing room that I feel like a winner. :) The gal that did win did an amazing job with her scrap booking room, just amazing! If you want to see, hop over to Laura's and take a look. It was great fun and I hope Laura hosts another competition some time soon so I will get another room done.

I took some video of Munchkin and Noodles playing in one of my plants that I wanted to post but I'm not sure it will download. I tried e-mailing it to my sister and it said it was too something or other, can't remember the word. Anyway I will try on this post so let me know if you could get it. (Well I just tried it and it wouldn't let me again so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was awfully cute!)

Guess I'd better get going on making those bars for tomorrow. They are made with popcorn, melted mini marshmallows, butter, M&M's, and salted peanuts and then you press it into a 15X10 pan. A bit sticky to eat but sooooooo good!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Susie said...

Those bar cookies sound yummy! I know my grandsons would love them. Do you have a recipe, or put in some of each of those ingredients?

BarnGoddess said...

yeah, Im w/ susie..those bar cookies DO sound delicious!!

I hope your knee is okay w/out surgery. Ive had 3 knee surgeries on my L knee....they arent any fun.

I am sending you some Oklahoma blue skies and warm sun..

Joan said...

Here's hoping your knee gets better without's no fun being on crutches during summer.

It's sounds like you're back in the swing of things now that you're home...what a busy day you had even with all the rain. Please send some our way...we're parched!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

I hope your knee gets better
Also hope the sun will come out there as here too! here it is so dreary!
Have a great weekend!