Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Maine At It's Best

These pictures were taken by my sister's friend Lynn who lives down on the coast. I asked her if I could use them on my blog and she graciously gave me permission. I think they are WONDERFUL and wanted to share them with you all. This is the story that she wrote to me about the episode:

These pictures were taken on September 18, 2006 at the Pemaquid Lighthouse. We had gone down there to view the sunset. Unfortunately, there was no sunset!!! From the waterside I took one picture of the lighthouse reflected in a pool of water, walked back up to the high ground, around the backside of the lighthouse as my cousin let out a holler, "There's a moose!!!" Sure enough, on the other side of the fence, over by the restaurant, was a moose. He slowly made his way along the fence, past the picnic tables and around the fence into the lighthouse park area. By this time it was getting quite dark and very difficult to hold a camera and get a perfectly lighted photo without getting everything out of focus. He came across the lawn in front of us and made his way around the lighthouse to the waterside where he made a supper of rose hips. By that time it was getting too dark to try to take any more photos.

She and her husband run a lovely Bed and Breakfast and she has some absolutely gorgeous pictures on her web site so be sure to take the time and log on and take a look at:
Thanks Lynn!!!


Donna said...

Great pictures. Lighthouses are always good subjects for pictures. I especially like the moose in silhouette.

KC said...

WOW absolutely gorgeous .. just gorgeous..
I love lighthouses and this one is just beautiful..
thanks for posting them and thank your friend for me for letting you use them.
Happy WW

KC said...

Yes you could see the ball and its stichings right in her leg.. she screamed, cried, fell to the ground and had to be carried off the field. I had the video camera and was taping her up at bat when it happend(that is how i got these still shots its a digital video camera) as soon as it hit I stopped the camera and dropped it on the ground and went running to her. I thought it had to had broke her leg from the sound it made when the ball hit her.. I blogged all about it in the post below my wordless wednesday post. She wasn't able to play the rest of saturday but by sunday afternoone was back at it, she was a little shy at the plate at 1st but got back into the swing of things.. she had to play agaist the girl who hit her again and when she got up to bat I almost went into tear land because I was scared for her.

KC said...

OHHHHHH.. I forgot the song..
I have a few of them playing on my blog but the one about wings. is by Mark Harris called Find your wings.. I just love that song.

PEA said...

Talk about her being at the right place at the right time! Not too often you see a moose just walking on by! lol That second shot is my favourite...showing the moose in silhouette...amazing!! xox

Myrna said...

Your pictures took my breath away! We spent time in the Camden area several summers. Maine is absolutely beautiful. These pictures reminded me so much of our time there--Good memories!

Joan said...

The photos are terrific. I love to visit lighthouses...they're often so majestic standing guard at the edge of the land. ANd I will definitely pass your post on to my cousin who is a sucker for moose!!!

Lee-ann said...

O! MY! GOSH! I am moose crazy! just ask my family it is my hopes that one day I get to see one, even if I have been to your beautiful country three times and always to New Hampshire and Maine visiting friends, I have never been lucky enough to see one yet.....maybe next time.

Your blog page is just lovely and I am so very pleased to have dropped in to take a look today and there before my eyes are these beautiful pictures of your friends.

Please thank her for letting you put them on your blog so this Aussie girl got so see them.

Best wishes to you

BarnGoddess said...

gorgeous!! does Lynn need any help?

Id be glad to relocate..

I love the Maine coast. Nothing compares to it.

Tonya said...

Wow - how neat is that! Those really look like something you'd see in a calendar. How lucky she was to get those and then you are to be able to share them!

Tammy said...

How fun...I can't imagine running into a moose here in Oregon!

The lighthouse photos are gorgeous...I love them and my mom especially does- she has a collection.

Thanks for sharing these! :)

(Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment on my post today!)

palmtreefanatic said...

that is a very nice looking lighthouse!
Great photos of the moose! wow!