Sunday, May 6, 2007

Vacation continues

The saga continues. To say we have the neighbors from he** would be an understatement. After having to call down to the front desk twice due to the blaring music, at 3:30 AM they decided to have a knock down dragout, name calling FIGHT! I was asleep with ear plugs stuffed in my ears but poor Husband was woken up and heard the whole mess. Why he didn't call security I will never know but he didn't.

When I got up this morning and took out the ear plugs I could here NOTHING! It felt like my head was in a bottle with the cap on. You know how you feel when you are in a plane and your ears pop, well mine wouldn't pop, they just feel plugged! Great. I think I drove them in my ears so far that I did something to them. I thought if I gave it some time things would straighten out but no I still can't hear.

Husband put a call in to the front desk and they are sending doctor over. To be continued....

Busch Gardens was all we hoped it would be and more. There were lots of new things since our last visit especially things for the grandkids to do. It is beautiful there with all of the animals and beautiful gardens. T. wanted to feed the birds so we headed over there and purchased our little cups of whatever it is the birds like and went in. Well I guess the birds weren't hungry as you could hardly pay one to lite on your finger to eat the stuff. Last time we did this they flocked all over you but I guess these birds aren't into it. We finally got one to land on my finger and he bit me! Well......that wasn't very nice. Poor T. was chirping her little heart out trying to get one to land on her finger but to no avail. Finally she went up to one that was on a branch and she held the stuff up to him and he ate it. They are beautiful birds, I will post some pictures of them when I get home.

The kids went on a lot of rides that turn you inside out and upside down and loved it. I stayed with the grands when they did that as I'm not into that stuff any more. Husband went on a few of them as he is a braver soul then I am. There is a new place with little water fountains and other things that the little ones can go in so we stayed there awhile so they could cool off in their bathing suits. Everything is so colorful there and spotless clean.

We took the train ride all around the facility to see all of the wild animals and they are just majestic standing out there in the big pastures. One gorilla mom had a new five month old baby and he was adorable. He was pestering her and she would give him a little swat.

Well here I am waiting for the doctor. I have showered off the days sweat and grim so that I wouldn't scare her off.


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BarnGoddess said...

awwww dang, I hope the doctor fixed you up!

sorry about the rotten neighbors...

anyhow, glad your having a nice time so far!