Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilting bug has hit again!

Well for all the hoopla that we have been hearing about all week about mighty Earl he kind of pooped out before her got to central Maine.  We are getting pretty steady rain, which we need so badly as it has been so hot all summer.  Hopefully the lawns will perk up a bit now.  Not much for wind, 25 mph, a good Nor'easter would put that to shame.  We were prepared though, we got the boat out of the lake, put away all the deck chairs and such.  Better safe then sorry.

The horses are out in the rain right now.  They love it, they don't have to wear their masks when it rains as there aren't any flies to drive them crazy.  They get a good bath too.  :o)  The masks are kind of hot, not bad, but they do sweat around their ears a bit.  I think they look cute in their masks though, I always think of the line from Zorro 'who is that masked stranger!'

Funsize, Miss T and I went on a trail ride one day when it wasn't in the searing 90's.  It's always fun to get out on the carriage roads on a beautiful day and enjoy the woods, wildlife, riding and just being together.

The new road is coming along good.  Earl slowed down progress a little with the rain but it will only be a few days and they can be back there working again.  It's about 2/3's done.

I like playing on the equipment, makes me feel powerful!  :o)

Dad and I were walking the other morning and I saw the black bear headed for the woods.  He seems to hang around each year but doesn't do much damage, maybe tear down the occasional bird feeder.  When I walk alone I like to carry a can of Raid just in case he decides that I look like a good meal........

I'm back quilting again.  My friend Needled Mom sent me a quilt book and I have been happily stitching away on a quilt for Miss T for Christmas.  Also have been repairing some of the wall hangings that I rescued from the cottage when it flooded.  I made them ten years ago.  I love doing applique' and just couldn't throw these out.

I went to a new quilt shop on Friday to pick up another jelly roll, this one is all Christmas fabric and then spotted another one that I loved plus a few more things to work on.  I guess I am out of my sewing funk! :o) Thank you NM!!! xoxo

Aren't these hand towels darling?!  I'm waiting for the patterns to come in, I think they would make for a nice Give Away nearer to Christmas, what do you think?  These would work up really quickly and I bought some spare towels too so I am ready to roll!  :o)

We're headed to the lake today.  My sister and her friend Ruth are bringing lunch! Yippee!  Never turn down a free lunch!!  


Needled Mom said...

So glad that Earl was not a bad boy up in your area. It is nice to see all the hype fall apart.

The horses must be loving the showers!! What fun for them AND you.

We had the hottest day of the year yesterday and today we are starting our plunge back into the fog and cool temps. Highs all week are suppose to be in the 60s. What's with this???

So glad to see you are back into the sewing mood. I know you will love how quickly those JR go together and you will have t's quilt finished in no time at all. Those are darling towels! Cute, cute pattern. What are you having to do to the quilts from the cabin? Did they get moldy.

Have a wonderful day at the lake and enjoy that yummy lunch!!! xox

Hollie said...

I'm glad things didn't get that bad at your place. Quilting is something I wish I could do, but I have no clue. I'm trying to find some Halloween fleece fabric to try to make one of the tied blankets to take on a Halloween hayrdie. LOL I'll let you know if I find some & how the blanket turns out.

PEA said...

Good to hear that Earl got too tired to do much damage in your area!! lol We've been having a cold front the last 3 days but by tomorrow it's supposed to be hot and humid again. I actually had to start the oil furnace this morning, it was only 45F outside so it was freezing in the house. Tomorrow I'll need the air conditioner on...good grief!!

I always love seeing pictures of the horses, I'd never seen those kind of masks before. I learn something new every day from my bloggy buddies:-)

We had a huge black bear in our yard and in the neighbour's yard as well last week. Our neighbour happened to look out on his deck and there was the bear looking back at him, right at the window!! Smart move bringing a can of raid with you in case you meet that one that's been hanging around your place. Only problem is, he has to come pretty close before the spray will reach him!! lol Heck, I'd probably throw the can at him then run for my life! hehe

You and NM always do such beautiful work on your quilts and quilting projects, I'm in awe:-) I just love all the Christmas material and appliques, and those towels are just the cutest!!

I need to can some tomatoes tomorrow, they're all starting to turn red now. I'll be more than happy once there's nothing left in the garden at all! Even our neighbours are sick of us giving them cucumbers, zucchinis and string beans! hehe

Take care my darling friend and know that you are loved:-) xoxoxoxox

PEA said...

Oops, keep forgetting to thank you SO MUCH for the lovely sympathy card you sent for mom and I. I showed it to her and she said to give you a hug...I said, mom, she lives in Maine. She said well can't you email her a hug? hehe So, consider yourself hugged:-) xoxox

Sue said...

I love the pics of your horses in masks. They remind of when I used to sew them for our local saddlery store along with matching summer rugs. I ruined a perfectly good sewing machine LOL. An attempt at business that didn't work out.

palmtreefanatic said...

look at all of you on the horses! so fun!
look at those quilts! awesome job on those!!!

Dawn said...

I'm so glad it's cooling off around there. In less than a month we'll be there! We'll be in on Saturday, the 2nd, go to church in Augusta on Sunday, have the golf tournament on Monday, then Kev will go with us. We may go to Freeport and Baxter State Park. He'll be with us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, I think. I need to get reservations made - hard when you don't know exactly where you're going to go!

Rising Rainbow said...

Looks like you have some great places to trail ride. That's pretty cool.

Love the whimsical style of the quilted hangings from the cabin. Glad you could save them.

I hate to be the bearer of sad news but check out my blog about our friend, Barn Goddess. I heard from dickiebo. Still cannot believe it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a relief that the hurricane eased off and caused no damage there. I love quilts but have really never quilted. I did try to put a couple of quilt tops together that my grandmother gave me years ago but someday I hope to try it out. I just love them and treasure the ones my grandmother put together. I found dish towels at a craft show last year that look just about like the ones you have pictured. They did make great Christmas stocking stuffers for my Daughter and DIL's last year. Hope you enjoyed the lunch at the lake. It's a beautiful sunny day here.

Julie Harward said...

Good news about Earl for sure! Love the quilting you are doing, looks fun and these are all really cute patterns. Have a great Fall :D