Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall color and a dog named Brutus!

I love Fall as I know many of you do as well.  It really is my favorite time of the year with the pumpkin picking, apple picking, pies, and of course the changing of the leaves.  While out this morning with Dad I took a few pictures of  the glorious color that is bursting out around us.

I needed some kindling wood for the bonfires that we will have this fall when the church youth groups come up for their annual hay rides so Dad and I headed out this morning to get the task done.   There are lots and lots of dead pine trees that make for great starter wood and we had a few all picked out.  I followed Dad down the road with the chain saw, which we discovered was very dull, but it didn't stop us.

I cannot tell a lie, I was just posing with the chainsaw, I'm not even safe with a butter knife let alone a chainsaw.......... How do you like the faded hunter orange jacket?  Am I a fashionista or what?!  snicker snort~~~~

We finished up in no time and have enough to keep us going for a good long time.  We decided to ride up and see how the new road was coming along.  It's just about finished, just a couple more days to go,

Hey, who said these big tough contractors don't have a soft side?!  Look who was riding shotgun!!!  I don't think she weighs 5 pounds!!

We came home and I thought I would snap a couple of pictures of some new cone flowers that I just set out a week or so ago.  We had our yard man put the stones around the culvert as it was hard to mow around and he made me a little flower bed.

These are orange cone flowers, I was so excited when I found them at a nursery.  (You can see that it doesn't take much to keep me happy!)

These are yellow and they aren't as hardy as the purples and pinks so we will see how they do over the winter.

Flat Princess is on her way to the UK to spend some time with Linds at Rocking Chair Reflections!!  Can't wait to see what she gets into there!!!


Anita said...

We're still green in Virginia. And it's a wonder because we've had no rain for a couple weeks; maybe more.

Your pictures are beautiful. Glad you all got out for some "togetherness" with your saws in hand. :)

Tried to visualize my husband and me doing that. lol

Hollie said...

Everything is absolutely beautiful at your place! I sure wish I lived close by, because I'd want to go on that hayride with ya'll! That guy's little doggie looks sorta like my Mattie! Glad you & your Dad got the wood situation took care of!

Donna said...

I think I planted orange coneflowers two years ago, but they never made it. All I have it the purple, of course, and some white ones. Our leaves won't be doing their big color show until late in October.

Needled Mom said...

Your colors are really getting started there. They are soooo pretty!

Hey....those coneflowers look fabulous. I haven't seen them in those colors before. It was a great idea to put a flower bed there for you.

Looks like you are stocked up for the winter with that wood. Good job with that chainsaw ;)

FP will have a great time with Linds. I can't wait to see what she will do over there.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! xox

PEA said...

It's no wonder we love this time of year, the colours are so gorgeous, aren't they! You and your dad make a great team, look at all that wood!! I've never held a chainsaw in my life, those things scare the bejeebers outta me. lol

Awwww that little doggie is so adorable! There's a lady up the street who has one of those dogs and it's so tiny, you sometimes have to look twice to see if there's a dog attached to the end of leash. lol

Your coneflowers are so pretty and I love the spot your yardman made for you. I planted some white ones last year but they're not doing well where I have them. I think next year I'll move them to a brighter spot.

Flat Princess has become a world traveler, wish I could travel with her:-) No doubt she will have fun with Linds as well!!

I brought my mom out today for her groceries and we also had lunch at the mall. It started to rain while we were there and after getting into the car we found out that there's a rainfall warning in our area!! Let's hope the house isn't floating by morning! lol Love you dearly my friend. xoxoxoxox

Alice Grace said...

Oh you have fall already! I am ready for it! I love the cone flowers, and the little dog, so precious!
I know you are looking forward to a great time this fall with all the kids who come to your house! Beautiful picture of the new flower garden.

Sharon said...

I am with ya sister, I am not allowed to run heavy equipment either.
Your place looks so beautiful.
Have a great weekend.

Carroll Farm said...

We are still brown here - not a lot of green, but we are still hitting 100 degrees! Those sure are pretty pictures.... makes me miss the colors of fall.

Thanks for checking in. We are all happy and healthy, just crazy busy!

palmtreefanatic said...

love the culvert! Awesome! you are a hoot with the chain saw!:)
Everything is so beautiful! I dont see our leaves changing that fast! Such is Fall time!
I made apple cake today! yummy!

Dawn said...

How did I miss Flat Princess at your house?? I would have liked to have her, but don't seem to know how to get her.

I hope the leaves last another week! I can hardly wait.

Julie Harward said...

What a day...loved the colors and the little pooch and your new look here..a great idea! :D

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I just LOVE the colors of fall...thanks for posting some of your fall pictures!

Bonfires in the!!!!!

Callie said...

Beautiful Autumn pictures! Our leaves are just turning and of course it's a bit chilly outside, time for wooly sweaters!