Monday, September 20, 2010

The Travels Of Flat princess continue....

Flat Princess has been hanging out with me this week.  She thinks it is pretty quiet and laid back around here in the north woods.  I think I will saddle up one of the horses and take her for a wild ride through the woods and maybe she would like that!  :o)

Right now she is sitting on my desk while I do some work.  I think she is reading Pea's blog with me.

This morning I had to do a few errands so we swung by Ste*phen Kings house so that she could see the famous spooky gate.

Then I took her to see our other famous man in town, Paul Bunyan!  This is one tall fella and stands across the street from Hollywood Slots but I wouldn't let Princess go in there, she'd just lose her money.

I tried to get a picture of us driving along the river while stopped for a red light.

Friday I had a board meeting at the Humane Society and she went along with me.  She stayed in my purse during the meeting but afterwards got out to meet one of our cats that lives there.  

Kitty wasn't impressed.

She would rather lay on the table while we are having out meeting!

Now who wants to be next to have Flat Princess visit them??????  Let me know via e-mail and I will send her right out to you!!

  She is headed to merry old England next to visit Linds from Rocking Chair Reflections!  I'm sure she will have a wonderful time seeing all the sights!!! Thanks Linds!


Julie Harward said...

I was wondering..what the heck..looks like she had fun with you! She might get lost or eaten with me! LOL Looks like it was a good week ;D

Sue said...

Ohhh...she is having big adventures. I hope you're going to let her go horse riding, I sort of promised her! Do you have a hat and boots to fit?

Sharon said...

It sure does look like she is having a good time. Can't wait to hear where she going next.
I would enjoy having her come here, but I need to get a new camera so that I can post her time.
Have a great day.

Needled Mom said...

Flat Princess looks like she had an enjoyable visit with you. I just love beining introduced to the different sights that she is seeing as she travels. Did she get to saddle up too?

Wish she was here to help me with all of the peaches and pear canning!! One more day and I should be done.

When is your Paws Parade? Do I recall that it is October? That is always so successful for you.

It is definitely cool here. It seems more like winter as we go into fall. There is rain forcast for tomorrow - a little early for us, but we will see if they are right. OR is sounding really good right now.

Have a wonderful week. xoxo to both of you!

PEA said...

I wish I could mail myself to your place! lol Flat Princess seems to be having a lot of fun with you already and I'm looking forward to hearing if you let her ride a horse alone?? hehe She's darn lucky that cat had no interest in her, otherwise he might have been eyeing her like a treat! Oh wow, I didn't know you lived near Stephen King...or maybe you mentioned it before but my brain tends to forget sometimes! lol Look at that gate, it's perfect for his genre of writing, isn't it!

Now to read your previous post, I'm not doing too good at keeping up with everyone! Sigh.

Love you to bits. xoxoxoxo

Hollie said...

I agree with Pea! I wish I could mail myself to you also. How neat seeing Ste*phen Kings house! You live in an interesting place! Thanks for sharing your travels with us!

Margaret Cloud said...

Looks like you two had an enjoyable day. I liked the kitty on the table, very cute. Hope Flat Princess enjoys England. Have a nice week.

palmtreefanatic said...

what an adventure she is on! spooky gate is right;)

Anonymous said...

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nerines said...

That's so wonderful! You're property is just gorgeous!! Thanks to you and your family for being such terrific hosts. I've been out of 'bloggy' action for a while but I'm back now and will be updating the Flat Princess' blog:) xo

Anonymous said...

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