Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

It's an annual event for us to go pumpkin picking with the kiddos each fall.  They love searching for the biggest and best pumpkin that they can find and carry back to the car.  This year was a bit dismal in the size and quantity of pumpkins as our long hot dry summer isn't what the pumpkins thrive on.  As you can see from this first picture the 'pickings' were sparse.  It didn't diminish the enthusiasm of T and D though, they were up for the task!

Oh! Look at this little baby one D said.

You may notice that we come prepared with heavy gloves and cutters.  The vines are prickly and those little things are hard to get out of your hands if you should be so unfortunate to get one.  We ended up with 21 pumpkins that now decorate our yards.  These are very small compared to what we usually get but the fun of going and stopping for an ice cream on the way home made it all worthwhile!  :o)

I am really big on family traditions as I know you all are too.  I think it is so important for kids to have those traditions to remember and carry on in their future families.  These are some of the threads that weave us together so tightly and I intend to be pumpkin picking with my kiddos and their kiddos even if I am older then dirt!  :o)  What are some of your favorite family traditions?

My nighttime visitors were here again a couple days ago.  They always are looking for something to eat with birdseed being their favorite snack.  

I had the door open and was down on my knees trying to get a good face shot and I think they would have come right in and made themselves to home!!  Yes, I was using my zoom!!  Don't you think he was smiling for the camera?

This is Momma.  I think she may be the one living in the hayloft with this brood of hers.  Smart girl. BUT, she is getting her eviction papers as she is not the best tenant to have..........

I happened onto this family shot taken at the coast probably 7 or 8 years ago.  It is one of my favorites and I'm glad I found it.  I see Son has a wedding ring on so it has been within the last ten years as they have been married that long.  Wish pictures came with dates on them.  Does anyone know how to have dates automatically be on digital pictures? I am so clueless on camera tech!  Note the Hubs has on a lobster bib, great fashion accessory.

It's a beautiful day today, only 44* this morning when Dad and I went for our walk.  Dawn (Call Me Grandma Dawn) be sure you bring a sweater, hoodie or jacket when you come to Maine in a couple of weeks!!


Needled Mom said...

I love the picture of the three of you!!!!!! It is so cute.

Your night visitors look as though they would gladly come right on in the house. Yikes! Imagine the damage they could do inside. Our son had a possum come through the kitty door one evening and that was pretty bad. I think it was scary for both them and the possum.

Picking the pumpkins is a great tradition for the kids. The pickings did look a little slim this year. You always have such a gorgeous arrangement of them at the house.

One of our traditions involves canning with the girls. We will be doing the pears next week and they get such a thrill out of doing that. I also enjoy the company and help!!!! Yesterday and today have been and will be tomatoes. I did two boxes yesterday and another one to do today.

Our temp was 44* this a.m. too. It is suppose the be the same for the next 4-5 days. It did, however, get up into the mid 70s during the day. Nice. Guess winter is really going to come.

Have a wonderful weekend. xox

Mrs Mom said...

Wow you are picking punkins ALREADY up there? It's easy to forget just what time of year it really is these days... *sigh* Before we know it, it'll be Christmas, then a whole new year.

Will be thinking of you guys today, and saying a prayer at 3.

Big BIG hugs to you guys-
xoxo MM

Julie Harward said...

I love family traditions and some we have started when they were young they just won't let us give up! Like the pumpkin adults they still love it! Your night visitors are so cute, too bad they are so smart and know how to get into too much..but they really are beautiful ;D

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love family traditions and just wish that my grandchildren lived close enough to take pumpkin hunting. The youngest one does live close to home but at 2 weeks old is still too young for that. However his daddy is growing pumpkins at their house so he'll have one of his own for sure. We've been in the 50's at night here and 70's in the day this week.

Sharon said...

What a great photo of the 3 of you.
We are having a lot of the night visitors this year more that ever before.They do get into trouble alot.
It was 47 here this morning and it has not warmed up much.
It sure does look like our short summer has come to an end.
I hope we have a long, long fall.
I am not looking forward to that snow and cold.

Linds said...

Beautiful family photo! I am so glad you found it again.

It is cold here too now. Isn't it amazing how rapidly the weather can change. Today was even more ridiculous. Sun rain sun rain every 5 minutes.

I love family traditions too. I think we all do, don't we. There are so many..... like singing carols in the Square in the village, going on special walks together, Easter egg hunts, letters to Father Christmas. That last one has now reached hysterical proportions as they are all grown up, but when they are home, they all sit down and write letters and I sit there in the middle of the night and howl with laughter. They have wonderful imaginations! As I munch the carrot and sip the sherry and nibble the cookies. Oh my. You have NO idea how funny they are.
I am writing a post here!
My butternut squashes are beautiful this year. It must be the cooler weather. Next year I will try growing a pumpkin or two I think.
Have a great weekend!

Margaret Cloud said...

I am ashamed to say as old as I am, I have never visited a pumpkin patch. We always went to the farmers market, does that count as a pumpkin patch, ha, ha. I enjoyed the pictures of your kids and boy are they getting big. Our tradition that we honor every year is the night before Christmas.

Sue said...

I love your pumpkin tradition. It's not a big occasion here in Australia. The raccoons look cute but I bet they aren't always so sweet. We only get rats, mice and snakes in our house. Also not sweet!

Margaret Cloud said...

I wanted to come back and comment on those cute Raccoons. The pictures are just adorable. Our Racoon went to each feeder and somehow he knocked them down and they were empty by morning. Have a nice weekend.

Dawn said...

The raccoons are cute, but can be not very nice! Good close-ups!

Love the picture of you, hubby and son!

The pumpkin patch day looks like fun. We've not ever done that. Have the leaves starting turning yet? It's been that cold here in the mornings, too. We'll come prepared! It's been in the 80s in the afternoon, though.

We've been so dry this summer, too - my last post showed the fire close to our town.

See you soon!

Hollie said...

I love the fact of sticking to family traditions, & the simple ones are the best! What great fun going to the pumpkin patch!

Cute pictures of your visitors! Thanks for sharing!

I love the photo of you, your hubby & son! Great looking family! Sorry I'm no help about adding the date. I had an older digital camera that actually added the date on its on, but the new one I have doesn't!

hippo chick said...

What a beautiful picture of the three of you.

I really miss my traditions with the kids. With both of them living so far away, it is hard to continue with our traditions. Jim and I do try to keep up with some, but have also begun to create some new ones for the two of us.

It's hard for me to believe fall is here. Being on the Pacific West Coast I forget that the season back home is quickly changing. I no longer put real pumpkins out. I've been stalking JoAnne's and Michael's the past few years and have a nice collection of faux pumpkins.

When we get home I will buy mums to replace my summer hanging flowers. I'm having a great time on this trip, but will also be happy to be in my sweet home again.

~hippo hugs~

nerines said...

Beautiful post. That looks a pretty impressive collection of pumpkins in your boot!
The racoon looks a cutey too:)
I'm glad I have your blog now 'cos I also just wanted to let you know that the Flat Princess's blog has been updated and you have been added to her blog list of lovely hosts that she's stayed or staying with. I hope you and your family have a whole lot of fun with her. I've been a bit slow getting on to it but yay! It's there now. I hope your having a wonderful day. Do you carve the pumpkins?Nerine:)

palmtreefanatic said...

what a wonderful photo! I too love it!

Look at that racoon!;)

love the pumpkin picking! I have really been enjoying some pumpkin cheesecake from Olive garden and Bob evans along with some pumpkin bread and pumpkin lattes...ahhhhh Fall is here!

nancygrayce said...

I love the baby pumpkin! What a fun tradition. When you asked about our traditions, I had to think because I always go blank when asked anything. I'll have to get back to you on that one!

Great picture! You need to change your name to young midlife mom!

Hard to believe it's 44 anywhere.....I was just thinking about taking a swim. It's in the 90's in Florida! I'd love to visit Maine someday.

Rising Rainbow said...

Mu guess is there's a setting in your camera to add the date if that's what you want. Don't ask me how to get there though, that's where my expertise stops. LOL

The punkins look great. Especially like the itty bitty one.

The bandit face doesn't look smiling too me, more like threatening but then I know what those critters can be like when they get cantankerous.

PEA said...

We don't usually go pumpkin picking until mid October but when I was down south last month I noticed that the pumpkin fields were already full of orange pumpkins! They're turning colour so early this year. Love seeing the pictures of D and T picking their pumpkins and I think the little ones are so cute:-) One can tell by their smiles that they were having a great time!

Our tradition was always to go choose a few pumpkins a week or so before Halloween...each carve one and then roast the pumpkin seeds:-)

You really got some good shots of those raccoons but like you said, they're not the best animals to have around! We have one hanging around here again and I caught him/her eating out of the cat food dish I have on the deck every night. Now I only put out the dish when I see the cat here and take it in once he's done. Even had a bear in the yard but didn't have time to go get my camera before he left.

Just love that family photo, bet it brings back so many lovely memories:-)

It's after 7 and I haven't eaten dinner yet so I'd better take a break from blog visiting and go fill my tummy!! Love you my friend. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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