Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you scared of heights?

Sometimes my graphics have absolutely nothing to do with the content of my post.  They just tickle my fancy and that's that.  :o)

It is HOT here in Maine!  We are back up in the 90's and usually by now it's getting a little nip in the air.  I'm not complaining though, we had a great weekend at the lake.  Next weekend we take the dock and the boat out for the season.  Sad to see the season end but fall is my most favorite time of year so again, I am not complaining.

Wanted to put a few pictures in of our trip down the mountain at Attitash in New Hampshire last weekend with the grand kids.  It is such a different thing to do and lots of fun.  If you are afraid of heights this wouldn't be for you, I just pretend that I am on the ride Soaring at Epcot and am fine! :o)

We got on the ski lift which was a quad so we all could ride up together.  They put the little sleds on the lift behind you and someone is there to help you get them off when you get to the top.

These are the tracks you come done on and no the sleds aren't attached.

Everyone looks far........

Yikes!  I didn't want to lose my sandals!  I must say that is a good looking pedi!  :o)

Look at D's face, starting to get a little nervous....... If you could see his hands you'd see the white knuckled grip!

Looking  ahead it doesn't seem too high.

Looking back it DOES!

We made it to the top and got our sleds.  D was fine once we got up there and came down the mountain without a hitch.  Miss T did fine too but I was going so slow that at one point my sled stopped and I had to push with my hands.  I sped up a bit and was fine after that.  You couldn't take pictures once you got on your sled so this was my last picture.

The kids wanted to go again but it was the end of the day and we had only signed up for one ride.  Next summer when we take our trek to NH we plan on spending a day there as there are lots of things to do.  The Alpine Slide is the most popular and I'm sure they will want to do that first!

Speaking of heights. Funsize went sky diving a few weeks ago!!!!!  She is much braver then I will ever be!  This picture is grainy but it shows her in her jumping gear.  I can't seem to find the one of her in the air so will have to have her send it to me again.  YIKES!!!!!  She loved it and will most likely do it again!  Nice to be young!!  xoxo

I had been wanting to go on a picnic this summer with the kids so called over to their house to see if they wanted to go on an adventure.  Mr. D was going to camp with his Mimi but Miss T and her friend K were home and wanted to go.  I slapped together some sandwiches and off we went in the Rhino.

We traveled around until we found a nice spot and got the blanket out to sit on.  Something about being out in the woods and fields makes a plain ole' chicken sandwich and chips taste extra good!

Of course we had some yummy raspberries that grow right near my dear friend Needled Mom in California! Speaking of Needled Mom, I just got a wonderful book of jellyroll patterns from her as I want to make T a quilt for Christmas.  I'll probably not get it back to her till we meet up in Key Largo in January IF I have the quilt done by then!! 

The sky was just beautiful and the temps were perfect in the low 80's and no humidity!  

You know, sometimes it's the smallest things that kids remember the most.  They thought this ride and picnic was just the best thing since sliced bread and want to do it again soon.  And we will!!!!!


Julie Harward said...

That all looks like so much fun! I love rides like that on a beautiful day, that would be so much fun! :D

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Yes I am a little nervous of heights. But last week I had a fall and it was not from heights. I'd appreciate prayer for a complete recovery as I have a compression fracture of T11.

Sharon said...

Your photos are so beautiful but I am not a big fan of heights.
I love the expression on your gs face.
Glad that you did not lose your sandals.

Needled Mom said...

That looks like such fun. Somehow those lifts always appear so much higher when there is no snow on the ground. I love the idea of the Alpine sledding. They should do that here at the ski resorts for the summer.

No, skydiving is not for me either. I have to hand it to her. Did she enjoy it? They would have to throw me out of the plane. lol

It just doesn't seem like summer should be over already. Guess it really feels like we never had a summer here. It was a record low again this a.m. We might as well just bring on winter now.

I'm glad that you managed to get that picnic squeezed in. Yes, the food is always so good when eaten outside.

I can't believe that book arrived already!!!! I just mailed it Saturday. That one is for you to keep. I liked it so well that I actually bought it twice!! Duh! I hope it helps you in finding a pattern for your jelly roll.

Take care and send some heat our way!!! xoxo

Dawn said...

Sorry the heat is back - I like those crisp mornings, but it was in the 90s here last week, too. Too hot to be in school. It was a bit cooler today and is supposed to be cooler each day this week.

Yes, I'm afraid of heights. I did a crazy ride at the amusement park a few years ago and surprised everyone - the kids couldn't believe it and neither could I.

The picnic looks perfect!

Mrs Mom said...

Love the expression on Mr D's face MM! Too cute ;) (And I'd be right there with him on white knuckles!)

72* at 7:20 this AM. Coolness in the air... Still humid though (89%). High today never got above 85*. Heat index was laughable at 89*. Ahhhhhhh Fall-- she is COMING! And I can't WAIT. I even went and trimmed three horses this afternoon- something UNHEARD of for about three months now!

Must make time to email you tomorrow or Wed MM. And I really need to catch things up in blogland! LOL

Lots of love-- the other MM

OH OH OH!! I know!! I thought of you the other day. You'll NEVER guess what is now open and doing BOOMING business across from the Wally World we go to.........


And no, I have not been yet. Every time I'm in the neighborhood, the place is PACKED- like lines outside the door packed, lines at the drive through packed. And I'm NOT that patient ;)

But it made me think of you!!!!

Lots of love from us to you and your crew!!

Hollie said...

Yes I'm terrified of heights. Glad you all had such a great time. Thanks for sharing with us. I know the picnic was wonderful!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

What a great time the picnic must have been! Glad to see you are enjoying the summer so much, but I too am anxious for Fall. *hugs*

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are much braver than I would ever be. I got dizzy just looking at your pedicure. It really doesn't take a lot to have fun. Picnics are more my speed for sure.

PEA said...

Aaaarrgggghhhh, I'm terrified of heights so unless you'd knock me out first, there's no way I would have gone up on that thing! lol Steve has been trying to get me to go on the Sky Wheel in Niagara Falls...nope, no way, never!!!! It does look like you all had so much fun, though:-)

Your daughter is a brave soul indeed. Shawn went skydiving a few years ago and loved it. He's really into those adventurous things...well, was, now I don't think Wendy would allow it! lol

I love a picnic on a beautiful day. T and her friend seemed to be happy to join you and you're right, everything tastes so much better when eaten on a blanket in the woods:-)

It's been very hot and humid here as well and that's so not usual for this time of year. It's supposed to break, though, in the next couple of days and I'm quite ready for the cooler temps. Like you, Fall is my favourite time of year:-)

I made the last of the dill pickles today, as well as a stew with veggies from the garden...yummmm. Tomorrow I have to bring mom to buy her groceries and we'll also go out for lunch. Friday is her birthday so I'll take her out again that day:-) Every time I think I'll have a quiet week, it proves me wrong!

Good to catch up with your latest news and I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures of Lily, she really is a darling:-) Love you to bits!! xoxoxoxo

Sarah (GenMom) said...

How totally fun. I bet your kids loved it!

Hope your summer went well. Mine FLEW by.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Claire said...

That looks like so much fun!!!!! I kinda of would have white knuckled it to - but still would have done it - we have water slide parks down here and they are fun but not as long!!! The surfers are having a good time here with the waves from the hurrican - I'll be going to the beach in a little while with my sister : )