Monday, September 27, 2010

Shop till you drop and other fun experiences!

It was a busy weekend here in the north woods.  Saturday was very hot and humid not the cool crisp weather that we have been experiencing lately.  The lawns needed to be mowed again and lots of flowers are still blooming although the gardens have lost their luster of summer.  Lots of things to be cut back once they turn completely brown and bulbs to dig up once we get a good frost.

Sunday we had a fun experience which I hope we get to do again some day!  The Hubs, Son and BIL had to go to Gillette Stadium and meet with clients at the Patriot's game and there was some extra room on the plane for DIL, Miss T, Mr. D and me!  Now this is not an every day experience as much as I would like that but we made the most of this time.  :o)  Mr. D is so excited because he was right near the soda and snacks drawer!

I did Miss T's hair on the way down, it is only a 32 minute trip so we were hurrying a bit, nothing  fancy this time.  She looks real thrilled at having her hair done doesn't she?!  She has an extremely tender head so any pull at all really hurts so I try to be soooooo careful.

I love this picture of DIL and Mr. D.  Does he look like his mommy or what?!

He wanted his picture taken with the plane which I  was happy to comply.  I do think they get tired of me snapping pictures all the time.  The pilots said he could have one taken in the cockpit but the men were in a hurry to get going so we were going to do it on the way back but Mr. D was pooped and just wanted to crawl into his seat and go to sleep.  :o(   He went to the game with the men and we gals went shopping at a nearby Outlet Mall.

The shopping was great!  We don't have much to pick from in our small area so it was great to get into some Serious Retail Therapy Shopping or SRTS for short.  I did mostly Christmas shopping but as you can see from the Chico's bag I did manage to find a few things for myself..........

Found two fabulous tops for DIL and they were on sale, music to my ears.....

Miss T was guarding the changing room door for mommy.

There was a man sitting on a bench with the biggest and I mean biggest dog I have ever seen in my life!  This dog was a quarter inch from being as big as the Guinness Book Of Records largest dog!  He was a lovely Great Dane and just loved everybody, his name is Goliath.  He caused quite a stir and we all were snapping pictures.  He kept trying to sit in his owners lap, now that is one big lap dog!

We were waiting for our ride and by the looks I think we were all shopped out for one day!  :o)

We had some extra time going back to the little airport as the men spent an hour just getting out of the parking lot at the stadium so we decided to stop at Cracker Barrel to go in the gift shop.  I love Gooseberry Patch books and they had a wonderful Christmas one that I snapped up.  I can't wait to try some of the recipes and  ideas.

Doesn't seem possible that Christmas is right around the corner!  I like to have all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving but I'm a little behind this year.  I did get my Christmas cards ordered and I did something that I have always said I would never do, I got them imprinted with our names.  Lest you think I am totally bah-humbug, I will put a personal note in each one in my own handwriting!  :o)

Have you all been noticing that comments are down?  I check my site meter and see all the people that stop by but not many comments.  Now we don't do this just for comments but they are so encouraging to get that feedback.  I thank you all that do leave them, I read every one and enjoy them all but if you don't have time to leave a comment I certainly understand.    Hope you all had a wonderful Monday and have a continued good week!  xoxox


Valerie said...

I have tried to leave one comment but it kept saying that service was unavailable. Maybe that is what is going on. This day you had sounds so special. I am not a big shopper but I could have enjoyed that trip.

Anonymous said...

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Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, what afun outing you all had! And love the shop till you drop thing, for sure. My favorite past-time. lol. Lovely pictures. Your grandchildren are adorable. Miss T has a beautiful smile.

I don't get on blogger too often these days, but glad to have stopped in on Home On The Range this evening.

Have a great week.

Renie xox

Julie Harward said...

Hi...looks like such a fun trip! I love the shopping part too! That great Dane is beautiful, my daughter has one that color, it's just a puppy now and I don't know if she really knows just how big it is going to get! Your grands are sure cute! ;D

Mikey said...

What a great time! But wowsers, that is ONE BIG DOG!!! Imagine if he wasn't friendly?!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Blogger is having some issues, I think. But I have also noticed comments are down. It is so nice to hear from folks that stop by.

Cowboy mom said...

Wow I would love to hop in a plane to go on a shopping trip. I live just two towns over from Julie Harward and we live 2.5 hours away from any real shopping.
That's in a car.
I know, I know, that wasn't a normal shopping trip, but WOW that would make shopping so much easier.

I Love Great danes especially their gentle nature.

Hollie said...

What a great little trip! That dog was H U G E!!! i enjoyed seeing your photos! Thank for sharing! It's been a little cooler here today!

Donna said...

My cousin was here today and commented on a certain wall hanging in my living room. I told her the whole story.
I really LOVE my quilted wall hanging.

dickiebo said...

Spend, spend, spend!!!!! lol.

Susan said...

What a fun time!!!

FunSize said...

I read your blog all the time and never leave comments: guilty as charged. Love the new fall background! I have started Christmas shopping already so I guess I'm a little ahead of the game. Can't wait to see the other pics from your trip!

Sharon said...

It sure does sound like you had a great time.
I would love the shopping part the best also.
Your grands are adorable.
Have a great day.

Margaret Cloud said...

Looks like the airplane trip was fun for all. The pictures are so nice especially the one of Miss T getting her hair done, I like the look on her face. Your children are getting big and they are cute.

PEA said...

Wow, look at the size of that dog! I had to giggle at his name because one of my neighbours has a dog named Goliath as well but he's a teeny tiny dog! lol It's just so funny to hear her call out his name and see this wee dog come running.

Oh how I wish I could have gone shopping with you...I could have peeked in your bags to see what you bought! hehe I've bought a few Christmas gifts but have a long way to go.

Lucky you to have found that Gooseberry Patch recipe book, I love those as well but they're so hard to find around here.

I always enjoy reading about your outings:-) Love you lots!! xoxoxo

nerines said...

Lol, I love your photo's especially the car trip, quite a familiar scene. Glad you had a great time:)