Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Friday

I haven't done a Random Friday for a long time it seems but there has been a lot of things going on so this will be a good week to do one.  The Mom's in the neighborhood were rejoicing as school started last week!  :o)

I miss the sounds of the children playing tag, riding their bikes, swimming and just having a wonderful time in the neighborhood.  Summer went way too quickly.  My two kiddos were anxious to get back to school  to see all of their friends so that was nice.

Don't they all look spiffy in their new school clothes?!

Here comes the bus, cameras are flashing!!  See my shadow on the left taking a picture?  :o)

School is going well for both of the kids.  They both got the teachers that they wanted which makes it nice.  Miss T has started guitar lessons and will go back to gymnastics.  Mr. D hasn't decided what he wants to do yet for extra curricular activities but will most likely play basketball again like last year but isn't old enough to take a music instrument at school yet.

The girls wanted to go for a ride in the cart so Grampie hitched Kipper up and off they went.  Son came along and took Lil' Bud to go along with them.  He doesn't ride that often but has not lost his seat at all, just hops on and goes like he used to when he was riding every day.  He chuckled and said to me "this is the first time in my life that you've let me ride in sneakers!"  I was always adamant about wearing boots around the horses when he was young the same way I am with the grands now.  Funny the things they remember. :o)

It was a gorgeous day with high puffy clouds and the sun shining down on us.  Not hot, just right!  :o)

Grampie was teaching the girls how to unhitch Kipper from the cart and to take his harness off.  Miss T did a lot of the driving with Grampie's help of course.

We had a fun surprise over the weekend at the lake.  My sister and her friend Ruth made a complete turkey dinner for us and all I had to bring was a quart of milk!  Now that is the way to go!

Ruth even picked a bouquet of flowers for the table out of my garden.

This is my BIL, Funsize, my sister Jill, Ruth, Jeff, and The Hubs was taking the picture.  I felt like Queen for a Day!  I know some of you remember that show when it was on tv years ago....You young gals won't! :o)

I'm looking forward to seeing Dawn of Call Me Grandma Dawn again this fall.   She and DC will be here visiting their son so hopefully we will get a chance to visit at the lake house.  It's so nice to meet up with our blogging friends, you feel like you have known them forever and pick right up where you last left off on your last post!  See you soon Dawn!

Last but not least please keep Barn Goddess' family in your prayers.  To lose a mom so young with young children is so sad I cannot even imagine it.  Her husband has a huge job ahead of him trying to be both mom and dad to Wee One and Bubba.  Also pray for her extended family as they struggle with such a loss.  Thanks!


Mrs Mom said...

The kids look adorable! Can't believe summer is gone already. It just went by much too fast.

Lake house looks fantastic too!!

I read at MiKael's blog, that Scooter had passed away as well. MiKael did a wonderful tribute to the grand old horse, in hopes that Barn Goddess would approve. Moved me to tears.

Take good care up there MM. Smooch all those beautiful ponies from me!

Needled Mom said...

The kids do look happy heading back to school. They will look even happier come next summer vacation!!!!

The lake house looks like it has a dream kitchen for preparing such a wonderful meal now. Itn't it nice to have gotten it finished in time to enjoy it all summer?

The setting for the ride with the barn and puffy clouds is picture perfect. It looks like so much fun.

I know you will have a wonderful time with Dawn.

That really is such a tragic loss for that family. Hopefully, the dad has a good family behind him to help with the children. Such a sad loss.

Have a good weekend, my friend. xox

Mary Bennett said...

Just buzzed over from another blog. I loved your pictures, and even though I didn't know Barn Goddess, I feel sad. Lord rest her soul!


Dawn said...

I LOVE that picture with the red barn, the split rail fence, and the rider on the road. Beautiful - clouds too.

I read of another blogger who died this week suddenly and her readers were struggling. Isn't it amazing how close we get to each other? Can't wait to see you and take pictures in the beautiful cottage!!

I just figured out what BG meant in the e-mail today!

Have a wonderful week-end. See you before we know it!

Dawn said...

PS - I defitely remember Queen for a Day!

palmtreefanatic said...

so sorry to hear about BG...
Love the school pics! glad to have our kids back into a routine again as well! our kiddos got the teachers they wanted too which makes a great start for the new school year!:)

love the pics! what a turkey feast! and you should feel like a queen;)

I will be so happy when our kitchen remodel is complete!
I feel like the are doing it here and there so I have already been with out my kitchen for 1 week! UGH! which only means NO COOKING:)

PEA said...

School just started back over here as well and I have to get used to hearing the school buses going by on the street again! lol Good to hear that your grands are enjoying their new class, having a teacher they like is half the battle:-) They look so adorable all ready for school!!

How fun it looks like to ride on the cart. I went to a Fall Fair yesterday and there was a similar cart like that being pulled by a miniature pony, really cute. I took pictures for you of course! lol Will post about the fair tomorrow.

Ooooh, lucky you, having that turkey dinner made for you, it all looks so wonderful! You deserve to be spoiled like that once in a while, you always do so much for others.

It's dinner time now and my tummy is growling...wish I had some turkey leftovers!! lol I'd better go see what I can make myself:-) Love you to bits xoxoxox

Sharon said...

I can't believe that summer has gone by so fast. We had a short one here actually since it did not warm up till July.
I like the photos of the kids out for a ride. It sure does look like fun.
Your lake house looks wonderful. I am glad that you were Queen for the day. I sure do remember that show.

Hollie said...

The kids are just adorable! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures!