Sunday, August 23, 2009

What happened to my waistline and other calamities.

Well Hurricane Bill left his mark on the western part of Maine. As the report stated, telephone poles snapped like toothpicks and one barn literally blew apart. It must have been one of the really old, old barns that litter our landscape here. I say litter in the nicest sense, I love all the old barns, weathered and worn, they have so much character and have many stories to tell.

When we were kids we loved to walk across the field to my Grandfather's barn, sneaking in to jump in the hay. Some of the hay was not baled and made for just a wonderful afternoon of jumping and swinging from the old rope. Grampie didn't like us jumping in the hay, I suppose it beat it down and wasn't so good for the cows so when we heard him coming we hid in one of the many nooks and crannies there but I digress.........

Here in central Maine we got just a bit of wind and some rain. Not as heavy as they had predicted and no thunder storms to speak of. I think I heard one rumble of thunder and that was it. My sister on the other hand was camping at the lake with her family in western Maine. The campground owner came around telling everyone to batten down the hatches as it could get rough. Having gone through one of those storms last year they decided to pack up and head for home!

Today we headed to the coast as it wasn't really a lake day. Son and DIL taught Children's Church so we left after the early service. There were 11 of us convoying down together. Of course we went to our favorite seafood restaurant The Lobster Pound where you never, ever, get a bad meal. It's not fancy but it's right on the water and the food is to die for. This was son's appetizer, HUGE cocktail shrimp, now doesn't that make your mouth water?

I had a cup of lobster stew and seafood newburg with tossed salad. It was sooooooooooo good! Jo-Lynne, am I making your hungry???????

After we finished eating I took T, K and D out on the beach to look around. The tide was in so there wasn't much beach but we saw a dog that really took our eye. The thing was HUGE! The pictures I took really don't show just how tall she is and the owner said she will be about 150 lbs. when fully grown! Her name is Luna. Notice the lovely Porta Potties in the background........ahem.......we really wanted to see that dog to go by those.......

We were standing very near to a couple that had a blanket on what little beach there was. They were very pleasant but I just couldn't keep my eyes off his hair.....ahhhh.....toupee. It was one of those things that you really don't want to be rude and keep looking but the wind was blowing kind of hard and I just was sure that baby was coming off! He must have had it glued down well as it did stay on although it lifted up on the sides and you could see his bare scalp. Again, I don't mean to be unkind but it was just hysterical and I am glad I was the only one who noticed, the kids were more interested in the dog.

Anywho, to make matters worse one of the kids accidentally stepped on his radio antennae bending it in two so you know when you try to bend it back it will break off. Oh my, Mr. Rug was not happy. I apologized profusely and offered to pay for the radio which was one of those small ones you can pick up at Wally World for $19.95 but he refused. He still was fuming though so I went over to his wife who was down by the water and explained what happened and again offered to pay for a new one but she was much more gracious and said no, it wasn't a big deal. Soooooooooo we boogied out of there FAST!
More next time. I'm all worn out from moving pictures inch by inch.........just let me get my hands on Blogger!!!!


Dawn said...

I wonder how I missed your last post with all the lovely flowers. They are wonderful.

What an enormous dog - we saw one that big at our lake today - fortunately it didn't get too close to the girls!

The seafood looks wonderful - the shrimp cocktail looks like something that would fit in the diet!

I'm glad you didn't get hit by the storm.

Dawn said...

Me again - the Mr. Rug story cracked me up!

Dawn said...

Me again again! I am hoping to get out there in the fall to see Kev - and would so love to see my 3 Mainer friends!

Patti said...

That dog is huge!! But looks so loveable!!

Mrs Mom said...

~MM!! I was wondering if Hurricane Bill was going to leave his mark there in your area. He sure was a cranky storm, and I was happy to read that all was well at your place.

That Great Dane is a beautiful fellow. They tend to be such mellow dogs usually, which is good because they are soooooo biiiiiggggg!!!

You had me in stitches with the hair(less) dude!! Glad his wife was nice though.

Looks like you guys had an awesome time! And wasitline? Bah! Life is short- eat what you can! ;)

Valerie said...

I have never saw a dog that big. Oh my the food you shown is unreal! Yes, makes me hungry! Looks great.

PEA said...

Some people take pictures with flowers in the background...others use porta potties...ahem! hehe

I'm so glad that Hurricane Bill didn't reach you! There were quite a few tornadoes that touched down south of us and one boy was even killed...we're not known for tornadoes so I must say this summer's weather has been VERY unusual!!!

I'm not much of a seafood person (I know, blashphemy, right?!) but I have to say those shrimps sure do look good:-)

That's not a dog, that's a horse! lol What a gorgeous dog, though, and I can see why the kids were so taken with it!

You're lucky I wasn't there with you to notice Mr. Rug because I get the giggles with things like that and I wouldn't have been able to help myself! lol Too funny!! Just hope he doesn't have to sell his toupe so that he can buy a new radio!! hehe

Love you my friend. xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

Hurricane Bill- wow! scary! Glad your all ok!

That dog is HUGE!!! Wow! looks sweet and loveable though!

Oh man that seafood looks amazing!!!! I want some now!;)

Callie said...

Your food always makes me envious & you could saddle and ride that dog! LOL!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Yummy.....that food looks soooooooo good! And that dog looks huge!

Sharon said...

That is one big dog.
I loved looking at all of your photos on the lake. It looks so peaceful there.
I am glad that Bill did not do to much in your area.
I might be that Mr Rug was just having a bad hair day. Glad that his wife was more understanding.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless

Andrea said...

Mr. Rug!! LOL!! That is hilarious!! And dang girl, that dog is HUGE! I love those big dogs. I just could never own one being that they only live about 7 years. That is so sad.....

I am glad you were save with all those winds and rain storms. I am thankful for a calm hurricane season so far! Still have all my fingers and toes crossed. We aren't in the clear yet.

That food looked yummy!

KC said...

loved the old barn story of you and your grandpa, I grew up in a very small farming town, though I didn't live on a farm most of my friends did and we use to spend hours playing in there barn and jumping in the hay.
That dog is enormous.. WOW before scrolling all the way I just saw the top of the picture and thought it was a baby cow or something LOL.
Mr Rug is cracking me up.. sorry about his radio but his hair blowing up has me LOL.

Needled Mom said...

How did I miss this post. I was thinking that I hadn't read anything from you in such a long time. I think you are gone or just getting back from Dallas by now.

That is one HUGE dog. She is gorgeous though. I love her markings - she looks as though she got mixed up with a dalmation!!!!

Oh...that seafood looks so darn good. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

The barn was always one of the best places to play. We had hay stacked so high and we loved making forts and jumping around up there. Momma cats always had their kitties there too as they awaited the milking going on just below them. Such fond memories! Thanks for refreshing them, my dear friend.

sarah said...

Dude, you are totally making me crave seafood right now!

How are you?! I have been on somewhat of a blogging hiatus this summer. It is fun going around tonight and seeing what everyone is up to!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Ok...........I'm stilllll laughing about the rug....I know we're not supposed to...but sometimes it just can't be helped.

Spencer or horse? :-)