Friday, August 7, 2009

Fridays Flowers

It's another beautiful sunny day here in north country. I decided I'd better get out and get some pictures of my summer flowers as they are predicting temps down in the 40's at night so I think fall will be coming soon. Blogger is still being a stinker and not letting me put my pictures where I want them so I am taking Mary's advice and putting in my writing as I go along.

This is bee balm and it really does call the bees and butterflies.

Purple bee balm.


Red bee balm.

This is in front of my house, it's just a mass of color and fragrance right now.

This is flox one of my favorites as it smells sooooooooo good! I have pink, purple and red.

These are petunias in my front urns. They sure have taken a beating this summer from all the heavy rain.

This is cleome. These came up on their own from last year.

Cone flowers, again these came up on their own. I have TONS of them!

A hollyhock, the only one that came up from last year.

Brown eyed Susan's.

White cleome.

A blossom on one of my pumpkin plants. I don't think they will have time to produce any pumpkins this year. :o(

Another beautiful coneflower.

We are planning a trip to Dallas next month on business. We are going to go a few days early so that we can see some of the sights and play tourist with the cameras and all. I can just imagine all of the bloggy fodder to be had there!!
I'm wondering what the temps are going to be in September. Hot? Really hot? Scorching hot? We are trying to set up something at a working ranch to go riding while we are there so I imagine we should go early in the morning before the temps get high. We did that a couple of times in Arizona and went very early in the morning and that worked well. I'd like to chase a cow but I doubt that will happen! I'd probably end up in the dust!
Guess that's it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Needled Mom said...

Ooooooh...the flowers are all so pretty. I really love the coneflowers. They look so whispy - like they have an attitude or something!!!!

As I had told you, our summer has really been strange here too. The heater actually came on yesterday and again this a.m. What is up with that????? E and the boys left today to go fishing in the Sierras and there is a forecast for snow flurries!!!!! Glad I am staying home. You know how much I like the cold.

I'm not sure what is up with blogger. I know of three of us having problems with the photos. Hmm.

Texas in September? I'm not sure what to expect. My guess would be hot, but I'm not sure. I'd book the riding for morning to be on the safe side.

It's been a busy week with four different appointments for my mom, but all is good. I'm still awaiting the repair of my pipe which will happen next Tuesday. It's a royal pain, but we are dealing with it.

Am going to try to get some sewing in while E is gone. That always makes me happy. ;)

Have a great weekend. Enjoy your flowers while you have them. Hugs.

PEA said...

You'd like to chase a cow?? Now that's a request I don't hear too often! lol Oh, you mean while on a horse?? I guess that would make more sense...was picturing you running behind a cow trying to catch it!! hehe

You have such a wonderful variety of flowers, they're all gorgeous!! Makes you wonder how they can still be so beautiful considering all the rain you've had. Regarding the phlox, you would have laughed at me...when I went to buy my flowers at the start of summer, I was at this greenhouse and walking up this one aisle, I could smell this divine aroma, something like ginger. I was going flower to flower, trying to figure out which ones smelled like that. The girl came up to me and said, can I help you, I couldn't help noticing you bending down to sniff every flower! lol She finally pointed me to the phlox...yesssss it was them that smelled so good so I bought a few plants:-) Everytime I go out on the deck I can smell them and I just inhale deeply! lol

We've been having sunny weather as well these days and although only in the 60's it's very pleasant. By next week we're supposed to go up in the 80's so maybe summer will finally arrive??

Love you dear friend. xoxo

Mrs Mom said...

Wow are those absolutely beautiful MM! I can almost smell the flox. We don't have any here in the Southland- at least none that I have seen yet.

*sigh* 40*.... right now, I am totally envious!

Have a safe trip to TX! I understand they are in a severe drought there, and that its hot hot hot. Hope it cools off some before you guys head south!

sue said...

we have some folks coming from Dallas to rent our cottage next month.. they said to "get away from the heat" and that it had been 101 there... so.. My guess is dress for "warm".....

Paula said...

Beautiful! I am so jealous! I can't keep anything alive!

Susan said...

The flowers are beautiful.They have brighten my day.Have a great weekend and God Bless.

Margaret Cloud said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of beautiful flowers, I envy you, I am not a good flower grower. Hope you have lots of fun in Dallas next month.

Dawn said...

You have such a different variety of flowers - just lovely!

I haven't had any problem yet with Blogger - don't know why he's picking on some of you. Maybe I shouldn't say it out loud!

I'm sure some Texan will be glad to let you know what to expect in Texas in September. Here it's usually absolutely wonderful.

I think you should come to Colorado for some reason or another! I hope to get out there probably in Oct or Nov to see Kev.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, what beautiful flowers! I have tons of coneflowers as well, and the Naked Ladies are blooming profusely right now and the yard smells wonderful. Also have some lavender, and some of the roses are still blooming as well. Our weather has been delightful, and I have been out and about having a delightful time. Hehe.

I would prepare for warm weather in Texas in September, but maybe not the stifling heat of July and August. You'll enjoy it, either way, I'm sure.

Hope your weekend was nice. Have a great new week as well.


Renie xox

palmtreefanatic said...

SO purty!!!!

Oldqueen44 said...

Your flowers are beautiful.