Monday, August 31, 2009

School days, school days, good old golden rule days!

I just got back from seeing the kids off on their first day back to school. There was much excitement in the neighborhood as Moms and grandmothers were out in force with their cameras. The kids seemed ready to go back to see all of their other friends that they haven't seen all summer. My son mentioned to me that summer went awfully fast this year but with all of the rain we had in June and July summer didn't really start until about the second week in August.

I remember always standing Son on the front steps of our little ranch house on his first day back to school. Hair slicked back, new sneakers and clothes. Didn't have backpacks back then but had tin lunch boxes with the latest superhero on the top. Seems like those days went awfully fast and now I am seeing my grandchildren off to school each fall and they are growing up WAY TOO FAST for my liking!

Yesterday after the early service Hubs and I headed to the coast. This time we went to Acadia National Park as we hadn't been there all summer. The popovers at The Jordan Pond House were calling my name all the way down! Also the raspberry lemonade and baked scallops. Yum, it was sure good. Wish I could make popovers that big and soft.

Blogger is being horrible and won't let me download any more pictures so will try to do them later. Also still can't move them around like I could for the past two years. Sigh......
Just called the farm animal rescue place that's about an hour from here and asked them if they would like to have 125 bales of hay. We got too much last fall and of course not having Buddy our biggest eater we have a lot left over. Could sell it but would much rather give it to a good cause. These people work their fingers to the bone trying to keep this farm animal rescue going. This may be their last year as she said they have sold everything they can to buy food for the animals including their truck. They will borrow their daughters truck to come here to get the hay. Times are hard here in Maine. We will probably be the last to see the economy improve and some people are just hanging on by a thread. I admire these people that give so much of themselves to care for the unwanted.
I gave Mom and perm this morning. The house smells like a salon! lol! I have all the windows open as there is a nice breeze blowing through. There is a hint of fall in the air. I have put up some of my fall decorations and will post pictures when I'm done. Is anyone else still having problems with pictures on Blogger? I may have to switch to Typepad or some other venue. Whine....whine....whine.....


Carroll Farm said...

I remember going to school the first day. Now I see it everyday from the teachers stand point. :) I haven't been having problems with pictures. I wonder why you are??

Dawn said...

I have had no problems with pictures. I just don't get it - you and Needled Mom have similar issues. Must be your husband's careers in common, eh??

Well, our kiddoes have been in school for two weeks already. Yesterday was Care Bear's birthday - she forgot to do her homework because of her big party on Saturday at her house - 20 kids in the back yard! Oh, my. This is the first time she's ever done that. But she's never had week-end homework before. I don't think I like that idea.

I'll get back to you on the e-mail. I had a crazy day getting ready for the family party last night at our house. And helped Kristen out by getting the cupcakes to take to school. CB has been well feted for her 7th birthday - hard to believe!!

It's nippy here in the mornings. I like it, but want it to last a long, long time and not go to the next level!

Have a wonderful day!

Paula said...

Since we homeschool, the first day of school isn't quite that big a deal, especially with the older kids. The K's are excited though!

Don't you just love that perm smell!

Sharon said...

I remember the first days of sending my sons off to school too.
Now like you it is the grandkids, but I don't get to see them as often being miles apart.
I loved the photos of the kids.
Yes, I do have problems moving my pictures around too.
Have a blessed day

Anita said...

Hello Mid-Life Mom, I'll be taking pictures of my kids and the neighbor's kids on Tuesday!!! The view of the yellow bus coming into the cul-de-sac will be a pleasant sight.
I'm a mid-life mom too, but my kids are 13, 11, and 9...and I'm 51! And they're not adopted. :)
Your blog appears very peaceful; I plan to visit it again.

palmtreefanatic said...

nothing like the 1st day of school!
Everyone looks wonderful and ready to go back!

Needled Mom said...

YES....I tried another post today and I am STILL having the same problem. I wonder what is going on with Blogger.

The kids look so excited about heading back to classes. Ours went back last week and I think they are glad to be back with their friends. Yes, those days did go fast. Our summer just started as well so it is tough to think that it is over already.

Here I thought CA would be the last to recover. Arnold and crew don't seem to be helping our bankrupt state too much. Whine, whine too.

I am glad that you found someone to use the hay. I know they really appreciated it. Times are tough for folks like that.

I can smell that perm all the way over here. I used to do my mom's all the time, but she has gotten away from them. I actually like her hair much better without a perm as she has such gorgeous, wavy and thick hair.

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, my friend. Hugs.

Callie said...

A "sigh" of relief when sending children back to school, LOL! I think giving your extra hay to the shelter is an extremely kind offer on your part. I'm sure they'll appreciate it! I wish I was in that position.

PEA said...

Geez, Blogger really doesn't like you and Needled Mom! lol Good thing WE like you, eh? hehe I've never had trouble with uploading pictures so really don't know why you two are.

The kids look so sweet on their first day back to school. I agree with you, the years are going by wayyyy too fast. I think of Lily who's going to be 1 year old in 2 months, so hard to believe. The last time we saw her was at 4 months old and not being sent any pictures of her the last few months, we're missing out on her first year. It breaks my heart, especially since we have no idea why we're being treated this way. Believe me, when we do finally see them, something will be said!

I'm so glad you decided to give all your extra hay to that shelter. Sad that they're having such a hard time keeping it going, especially when all they want to do is help out animals!! No doubt they appreciated the hay.

Love ya tons:-) xoxoxo

Andrea said...

I am a slacker mom and didn't take pictures of the first day of school. I was running late!! LOL!! So I got their first bus ride day of school instead! You got some pretty cute pictures!

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