Monday, August 3, 2009

Slow News Day and Bad Blooger!

Blogger is being a booger and won't let me put my pictures where they are supposed to go!!!!! Hope you can figure it all out! :o)

As you all know we have had a rainy summer. We've had lovely days scattered here and there but for the most part it's been overcast and lots of heavy rain. I was walking out to my flower garden in my flip flops yesterday and the ground was going squish, squish, squish and the water was coming up over my toes. It's been challenging to keep all the mowing done that we do around here but when we do get a good day and things dry out a bit we mow like there was no tomorrow!

I don't mind mowing, in fact I like it. Of course I'm riding a big commercial type mower with a nice comfy seat and a cup holder so it's not like I'm pushing something around (which would be more benenficial for me!). I like being out in the sunshine too and yes I do have a farmers tan. :o) I try to remember to put on sunscreen but don't always which I know is not good.

I like the smell of the newly cut grass, it's so sweet and fragrant. I wear ear plugs and a headset to protect my hearing. Even with that my ears ring for a while after I am finished mowing. This summer I have mowed a lot of stuck once and Dad had to pull me out with the tractor. I have been more careful since then. There are still places that have standing water that you can't mow which is unheard of for August.

Now you know it's been a slow news week when I post about mowing the grass.

We did get to the lake this weekend. It was just perfect, warm with a nice breeze off the lake. We rode around the lake a few times in the boat just sightseeing, didn't see any loons this time. There was a small plane that kept landing and taking off in front of our camp. Someone must have been having a lesson. Of course I left my camera home, darn it!
Another small plane went over fairly low and we wondered who it was that would swoop so low right over us. Come to find out it was Cousin K at the wheel! No that must be at the helm, no that's a boat, well anyway you know what I mean. He was with a friend of the family in their small plane and the pilot let him do a little steering so he was pretty excited about that! He told us all about it at church the next morning and he was still on a high! That's pretty heady stuff for a ten year old! Next time I'm going to have them call before they fly over so that I can get some pictures!

Someone sent me these pictures. Sooooooo cute!! They are called Mom's Lap.
We have decided to sell our pony cart. It has been used twice as I am too lazy to change it over from one pony or two. My hubby had it made for our ponies and it is in mint condition. I've got to get some pictures put in the Yankee Peddler and at the tack shops. I hate to sell it but it's just taking up space in the basement and we never use it. I also sold our antique doctor's buggy. Again I hated to sell it but it's too nice to just sit on the lawn for decoration as I wouldn't want it out in the elements but it was taking up so much space in our basement. I bought it from someone who had it in their living room!
Well I'm mad at Blogger! I have never had trouble putting my pictures where I want them. What's up with that????


Valerie said...

I have been having lots of trouble with it too but I think it is cleared up on my end. I love the pictures and hope you are doing well.

Needled Mom said...

You saw my post where I couldn't move my pics either. Grr. I kept trying and trying and it was just awful. Like you, I left them at the top.

It has been such a strange summer for weather here too. You have all the rain and we have had such a cool summer. Again this a.m. it is foggy, drippy and cool. I am sure this month will also break cool records if this continues.

Let's see...a plane...would it be at the stick or in the right seat???? Got me. I'll have to ask E, the pilot. ;) That would have been fun for a ten year old. Touch and gos???

Too bad that you are going to sell your cart, but I certainly understand the storage aspect of it. Your photos of you using it are always so pretty and peaceful looking.

I could go for a boring week around here. Want to share? I'll even post about mowing just to have it quiet.

Have a great week (hopefully dry too), my friend. Hugs.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We just bought a new JD zero turn mower and my kids are fighting over who gets to mow the lawn...go figure!

KC said...

Blogger was giving me trouble with pictures today also.. so I just gave up and only added two.
It has been very rainy here this summer also.. but you trip out on the lake sounds nice.. I wanted to go out on the lake this weekend but things didn't work out that way..
Hey I left you an award over at my blog stop by to pick it up.

PEA said...

I swear Blogger has a mind of its own and every once in a while has PMS! lol As you know, we've also had lots of rain this summer and I haven't even had to water my flowers and garden in weeks so I guess that's the good part about it:-) It was so cool yesterday, never went above 60 but today it's a bit warmer. Very strange summer and depressing to think that by the end of August we may start having frost again! Sigh!!

I can see why you hate having to sell your pony cart, it's gorgeous and so well made, but I can also understand it taking up space for nothing if it's not being used.

I need one of them riding mowers like you have! lol I have quite a big back yard and once I'm done mowing it, I feel like I've run a marathon, I'm so exhausted...then there's the front to do! It's no wonder my arms feel like they're going to fall off afterwards. lol Like you, I love the smell of freshly mowed grass:-)

Love you my friend. xoxox

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I love the little cart!

We've had a rainy summer as well, but is still quite warm around here. Today it's 90. Greg usually comes to cut my grass, but I sometimes do in between cuttings, right around the house only. Lots to cut here as well, about 4 acres. Thank goodness the rest is woods. Poor Greg always says "Well, I hope this lasts for more than a few days." He said it again yesterday, but we're under a thunderstorm watch for tonight, with heavy rains, so I guess it won't. :-(

I actually don't mind cutting either and love to be outside, but you know, my kids worry about their old Mom cutting grass. Haha. Of course, Greg cuts with the big rider, I cut with the push mower. I prefer it. Nice exercise for old bones and muscles. Ha!

Glad you made it to the lake, and even saw cousin K take a flying lesson. How exciting was that? And he is only ten? Wow!

Well, got to run. I enjoyed your post as always. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


Renie xox

Tammy said...

Well, they certainly were such adorable pictures though!

The day at the lake sounds heavenly...

We just came off a major heat wave here in Oregon- over 100 for a straight week with one of the days reaching 106!!!
But we're cooling off to the 80's and even 70's for the next nice!

My family is gone for their annual camping week...very quiet here...way too quiet! But I'll be joining them this time very soon!


Dawn said...

Somebody else was having that same problem, but I have never (yet!) I thought "blooger" was a typo, but I get it!

I'm glad you are having a bit of sunshine. I'm afraid (as is Kev) that you will have fall and winter before you get enough summer.

Sounds like you could use a Walker mower! They need to sell a bunch so they don't have to have any more long "furloughs." They've never had a downturn before, so this is hard on everyone.

Callie said...

Picture are too cute! I love mowing too, of course I look ridiculous, cuz I put on a tank and my favortie shorts that are about to discinigrate off my butt to get my tan. Spelling?

Mary said...

I've been having the same problem with photos. Now I upload my photos first and then type between them, so they are where I want them to be.

The pony cart is adorable. You shouldn't have any trouble selling it. I wouldn't want to part with it either.

Nice to visit with you again. Love the photos of the foal in Mama's lap.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

lol! Okay, so mowing the grass CAN be exciting. I should push mine around a bit too, but I am way too lazy for that.

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer and going on outings, the lake is always a nice choice.

And oh that Cart is beautiful! Hubby really made that? AWESOME! Have a good rest of the week. xxoo

hippo chick said...

Blogger hated me tonight. I was ready to stamp my feet before I was done posting. You know what they say, "Misery loves company." You made me feel better.

I've missed reading all my buddies blogs. I actually will be home for five whole days. I need to mow during that time - push the mower. With Jim's hand still healing, the doc doesn't want him to do the trimming because the mower vibrates and she's afraid it will irritate the nerves that are healing. So, I do the trimming. I don't mind, but I do get tired.

We also need to get into the vegetable garden and weed. I don't know what grows faster, the veggies or the weeds.

I feel so bad for the folks who are having such a rainy summer. It has rained a lot here and hasn't been particularly warm, but nothing as bad as you've had.

Then again, think of those folks in Louisville, KY this past weekend. I can't imagine the mess they are living with.

Hope you have a good rest of the week.

~hippo hugs~

Susan said...

The pictures are very good.I love the cart.Hope all is well.Doing well here.Have a good weekend.God Bless.