Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's heating up in the north country!

It's another sweltering day here in the northeast. We hit 91* yesterday and should hit 88* today. There are more clouds today not the clear blue sky but the heat is here. The horses are sweating just standing in the barn with the overhead fans on. I can't imagine making them work on days like this. I hose them off and that helps cool them down for a time and I'm sure it feels good to them getting all the sweaty salt off them. There was a show this weekend and I can't imagine being out in that heat all day working in a dusty ring. I was glad I was at the lake! :o)

I have been on a cleaning binge. My upstairs has had an almost complete overhaul. I still have two closets to do in the guest rooms but almost everything else has been done. I have sold, given away and thrown out. Why do we accumulate 'stuff'!? I bought a new bedroom set for one guest room with a queen size bed as it just had a double and my company always grumbles a bit! ha! The salesman told me that he could sell me what they call a 'mother in law' mattress to put on the new bed. Lumpy so that the MIL doesn't visit too long. I thought that was rather mean, but to some people maybe needed. :o)

I don't have a MIL, she passed away about 15 years ago. I still miss her every day. We had a wonderful relationship and I feel badly that she didn't get to see my SIL's triplets and all of the great grandchilden in the family now. She had a lovely voice and sang in a trio and choir at our church for years along with teaching Sunday School and working in Awana. I'm so glad that we will all see her again someday in heaven.

Took some more pictures of my flowers this morning. All of this hot weather has spurred the growth of the flowers and the veggie plants. The veggies don't really have time to catch up but we will get a few things.

I have several varieties of hydrangea and they are starting to really bloom.
This one isn't quite out completely but is very fragrant.

These two are in the front of the house and the first ones are out back.
Another shot of my brown eyed Susan's, they have just taken off!
My poor marigolds didn't do much with all the rain we had.

These are called Turtle Back. They kind of look like a miniature Ladies Slipper.

The Stargazer Lilies are just spectacular this year!

Need to head out and do some errands. I may swing by the flower nursery, you know, just to look..........


Needled Mom said...

Oh my, but the flowers are beautiful! I love the Stargazer lilies.

I heard that you guys may get that hurricane next week. That should help to cool you off a bit. I would love to share a bit of yours. Yesterday when I left the house at 11:30 a.m. it was only 63*. I can't believe it is August!

You have spoken so kindly of your MIL in the past so I know that you would not have put her on that MIL mattress. We both were blessed with great MILs.

I need to do some "cleaning out" around here. Why DO we collect???

Hope you cool down a bit, my dear friend. Hugs.

Tammy said...

Those flowers are all just gorgeous! What wonderful brown-eyeed susans!

I know what you mean about your MIL and not living to see so many of the new family. I feel the same way about my own dad- as well as both of my husband's parents.

We are having the same hot weather this week! 90's yesterday, today and probably tomorrow. We've gone from a heat wave, to a "cold wave" back to the heat again! LOL


Mrs Mom said...

I feel your pain in the heat MM! And no, I did not try to ship this weather North- I promise!!!

Your flowers are amazing. Absolutely amazing. I love those black eyed susans... well, shoot, I love ALL your flowers!! The shots are beautiful!

A MIL mattress??? Hmmm... while I know a few folks that one of those IS needed for, my MIL is not one either!! ;)

Must run. Little Mens (Locust Twins) are yelping to be fed. For the 6th time today....

Oh- the lake shots are awesome too!! You guys have so much fun where ever you go!!!!

Much love to you and all the crew from the sweaty Southland!

Paula said...

Love, love, love the flowers! Hehe 91 is comfortable here! Hope you get a cool down soon.

Carroll Farm said...

Gorgeous flowers! 88* wow, I would give anything for that. We are still hitting 100+ daily. I love your flowers. I have quite the black thumb and can kill anything - even though I am NOT trying too. I have killed cactus! L)

Marcy said...

Do you grow your black eyed susans and cone flowers from seeds or do you buy plants?

PEA said...

Hello my dear friend:-)

Good for you for getting some decluttering done...I did that last year and guess what...ready to do so again! lol I'm hoping to start this weekend going through all the closets and such again. It always feels so good to purge like that once in a while, doesn't it!!

My mother in law passed away over 15 years ago at the age of 92. I didn't really get to know her that well since we only saw her once or twice a year. She was 46 years old when she had E and his dad was 54...obviously he was a surprise! lol

Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm especially partial to the Black Eyed Susans, I just love those flowers!! Mine are just starting to bloom now so I'm all excited! lol With the heat we've had the last two weeks and now rain for the last couple of days, even the veggie garden is going crazy. Of course everything is ready at the same time! I was going to go pick today but it's been raining so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So what did you buy at the flower nursery???? lol No way did you just go look! hehe The only flowers availabe to buy here now are the Fall Mums. I want to get a couple of containers soon.

Have a fabulous weekend my friend. Love you! xoxoxoxox

hippo chick said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers. Mine are about done and look a little ragged by now. We've had some hot weather too which has really brought on our tomatoes. I think I'll be making sauce to freeze tomorrow morning.

I, like you, have a great MIL who will turn 95 in December. She is a real love. I can't say enough good about her. I'm always a little offended at MIL jokes as mine is so great and I work hard at being a good one too.

We've been doing some "surface" cleaning lately but need to get serious in September when our traveling settles down.

Hope the East Coast storm misses you.

~hippo hugs~

Alice Grace said...

I love the hydrangas!
gorgeous! I appreciated your kind words about your MIL. I think they get a bad rap in general. Mine was wonderful also, and I miss her very much. My goodness, all your flowers are so lovely!

palmtreefanatic said...

sounds to be pretty darn hot there!
those flowers are soo sooo soo GORGEOUS!!!

KC said...

I'm sorry your MIL is no longer with you, but she sounds like a great women to have as a MIL.
pretty warm there huh?? we really haven't had a hot summer I think they said we only got into the 90's 5 days this summer.. but when it is in the mid to high 80's it is still feeling rather warm here.
WOW your flowers are beautiful..
and from your post below this one.. the fun on the boat/tube/lakes looks like a blast.