Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogger, please behave yourself again........

Is anyone else still having trouble putting their pictures where they want them? Don't you usually just go to the arrow on the side and place them? Mine still won't do that so I tried to work around it but it took me twice as long and I'm fuming again at Blogger. Sigh......I know it's not earth shattering but it is annoying. There, I feel better. Amen.

Miss Pea over at Pea's Corner is having a fun give away this week! You will see spots before your eyes when you go check it out but it's worth the visit!! Thanks Miss Pea for such a fun Give Away and I will expect to win of course!! :o)

Thank you to my two friends KC over at Mindless Chatter of a Busy Mom and Tina at Palm Tree Fanatic for this award! This award really sums up what I try to accomplish in this world of blogging and I thank them for it!!

This award is for anyone who likes to smile and/or laugh, and just generally spreads that along in this blogging world we all travel in.

I love taking pictures of my four boys all together. Little Bud has been on his weight loss program for about 8 weeks and has lost a little over 100 pounds! With all the exercise and the reduction in calories by being out in the pasture just six hours per day instead of 12 the weight has dropped off and the muscle tone has increased. My vet and farrier want him to lose another 50 and I'm sure that will be a little slower coming off but we will continue to work at it. (Oh BTW he does get a handful of grain and a big flake hay for supper, I'm not depriving him!)

We had just a lovely weekend. The weather was warm, not humid but sunny with puffy clouds. Sunday we went to the early service and then headed to the coast with the grand kids, FIL, SIL and nephews. I never tire of the drive down to our favorite restaurant and beach and have been going down there since I started boarding school in 1965. Actually it was before that as my two older sisters went to boarding school before me so we made the trek quite often.

Grampy helping D with his lobster. Miss T opted for a more traditional child's meal, grilled cheese and fries.

It's going to be hot and humid today so I guess I'd better get out and do the bushhogging that I want to get done. Doesn't that just sound like a blast??!! :o)


palmtreefanatic said...

you had a lovely weekend is right!
wow! love the horse photo! so nicely kept! Beautiful place you have there! always fun with the Grands!!!!!

I cannot imagine my kiddos ever eating Lobster! I think they would look at me like am i serious or what? lol!!! That's great they can like the finer foods now;)

hot summer day there too eh? I will enjoy it here as long as it will last!;)))
happy monday!

Needled Mom said...

Wow....100 pounds already??? Why can't the human species loose it so quickly? LOL

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. That lobster looks soooo good. Good for D eating it. T is more typical of my grands.

I haven't tried Blogger this past week. I just remember the last fiasco with trying to get the pictures where they belong. It was so frustrating. It's not like I have all day to do a blog. Duh!

Things here have been blissfully NORMAL this week and I have loved it. Our local "beast" got a goat last night. Surely wish they could catch that thing.

Enjoy your week, my friend. Football season starts soon and you know what that means....Super Bowl is quickly approaching. xox

Alice Grace said...

What beautiful horses! and lovely grandchildren! I know you enjoy them so much! The lobster looks yummy!

hippo chick said...

First of all, blogger hates me. I have had trouble with pictures for a couple of months - it takes me forever to post them.

Secondly, your flowers in the previous post are gorgeous.

The pictures of your boys are great. I just love sharing this summer with you.

~hippo hugs~

Renie Burghardt said...

Ooh, love the pictures! The horses look beautiful, and the coastal shot with the seagull is lovely as well.

Your grands are adorable, and you are lucky to be able to spend so much time with them.

I haven't put up a new post in some time, so not sure how blogger will act when I do. But I have been out and about enjoying summer as well. I post more on Facebook these days than on blogger. Takes much less time, and it's nice to keep in touch with friends there.

Got to run and get caught up around here, since I have been gallivanting so much, lately, and neglecting things.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Renie xox

Paula said...

I love the pictures. The Coast looks fantastic. I've only been to Corpus Christi. I have a hard time with my pictures. They are in HTML format so I can't ever see them. I'm not sure what I have set up wrong.


PEA said...

Touch wood but I haven't been having any problems with loading pictures on must know it's YOU using the computer! LOL I just usually right click on the pictures, cut and then paste where I want them on my blog once they've been uploaded on my post. Have you tried that??

Thank you so much for advertising my giveaway and NO it will not give you an extra chance for winning it! hehe Won't we be surprised if I end up choosing your name!! LOL

Congrats on being given that award:-) That lamp always cracks me up and I still love watching "A Christmas Story" even though I've seen it a dozen times over!

Your horses are so beautiful and wow, Little Bud has done well losing 100 lbs already! If only it would be that easy for us humans to lose that much!!! We've been having the Animal Planet channel for free on tv this past month and I've been watching quite a few of the shows, one of my favourites being about the ASPCA. It breaks my heart to see how cruelly people can treat animals and I always cheer on the ASPCA when they come take the animals away from them and bring them back to health before adopting them to good homes:-) Anyway all that to say that I think of you every time the story is on an abused horse...hurt, underweight, etc...I think of your horses and how healthy and loved they are and wish they would send all these poor horses to you to take care of! lol

Sounds like a fun day on the coast with the kids, loved seeing the pictures:-) We're finally getting summer temperatures and the air conditioner has been put to use! Better late than never!!

Lots of love to you xoxoxox

PEA said...

LOL Just as I sent you my comment, I received a notice that you had just commented on my blog! Great minds think alike!!! hehe

Andrea said...

I was having issues with blogger and internet explorer, so I switched to firefox and I like it a lot better!! I just copy and paste the pictures where I want them. It's soooo much easier!!

I wish I had a fat horse to put on a diet. I feel like all I do is feed and feed mine and they never get Fat. they aren't skinny but they aren't fat either. I like mine a bit chunky!! LOL

Train Wreck said...

Howdy! I actually had a few minutes free... so I am catching up with all my miss you so much friends!! Miss you! ((hugs))

Dawn said...

I would love to check out that restaurant with you sometime!

I do my pictures by cutting and pasting where I want them. I don't know any other way! Fill me in!

Carol said...

Great blog, great photos, very expressive.

Anonymous said...

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