Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun at the lake!

It's been the nicest weekend of the summer. Of course we went to the lake to enjoy all the fun things that we do there. Blogger is not getting along with me and I tried cutting and pasting to no avail so here are the pictures in no particular order.

This is me and Miss T heading out in the boat. I love Miss T's hair in braids and of course I have the windblown look with the hair standing on end! :o)

This is my sister Jill, doesn't she look like a younger version of me?

Here goes my niece Ashley and D on the tube!

Ashley had to sit on her knees the whole time! Mine would have just fallen off after two minutes.

My nephew and his wife out for a canoe ride.

Here is Funsize on the skis!

She got right up with ease.

Ashley diving off the dock!

Miss T running down the dock to dive off the end.


Ashley and my nephew Billy skiing double.

Ashley and T on the tube.

Ashley and D on the tube.

Miss T in the tube.

Funsize in the boat.

We had just a fabulous time at the lake. Besides all the hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the fixings my sister made dough boys for us in the afternoon! Yum! We scarfed those down in no time at all!! :o)
How blessed I feel to be able to get together with family and friends at the lake and have such a good time. Memories made for sure!


Bellamere Cottage said...

Whoa........doesn't that look like fun....surely more fun than I'm having today. I'm working outside IN THE HEAT...trying to get my door done....more later on that.

I realized you have a no-reply e-mail here's the scoop on the hearts. I actually do have three made up if you're interested just let me know and I'll send pix....


Chrissah said...

What a beautiful weekend at the lake! Looks like everyone had a great time. Wonderful memories...

hippo chick said...

Fun, fun, fun. What a great time you all must have had. I love all the pictures. And yes, I do like her hair in braids.

We all seem to be having a little summer now that August is here. It's really HOT here today. I spent a short time on my screen porch this A.M. and fell asleep reading the paper. When I woke up it was way too hot to stay out there. I hate it that I'm cooping myself up here in the AC, but it gives me an excuse to blog and stamp. I have lots of stamping and scrapping to catch up on.

Oh my, there I have gone and written a book in your comments. It must be something about that makes me just go on and on.

Hope your week is special.

~hippo hugs~

Needled Mom said...

That is definitely making memories! It looks like such fun was had by all. How warm is the water? Yes, your sister does look a lot like you. My sisters don't look anything like me.

It has been another chilly week here. I am actually thinking about putting the electric blanket back on the bed. E insists the windows be open and it is down in the low 50s each night. Baby, it's cold for us. I can't imagine what the winter will be like if it is anything like our summer.

I'm sorry that blogger is still giving you problems. Mine seemed to have resolved by themselves. I wonder what is going on with yours. It must be really frustrating.

Life remains quiet here and I am still loving it. I can't believe that the kids are heading back to school so soon. Where has the year gone? The holidays will be here soon.

Take care, my friend. Hugs!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I love all the pictures from the lake. What a fun time you all had. T is adorable in braids, and the tousled, wind blown look becomes you. Hehe. I don't water ski, but I love tubing. One time, we took a 5 mile tubing trip, and even had a cooler with snacks and drinks, and stopped off on a gravel bar for a picnic. It was such fun.

Well, gotta run. My son Greg is coming this morning for a couple of days. He had plans to cut some grass, but Mother Nature dumped a bunch of rain on us, last night, so things are pretty wet. We'll go shopping instead. I'm sure he'll be thrilled about that. Haha.

Have a wonderful day, Louise!


Renie xox

PEA said...

Looks like you were all having wayyyy too much fun without me!!!! You're right, no better place than at the lake when it's hot and sunny:-) We just had the hottest weekend of the year as well and it figures we were in Niagara Falls where it was even hotter! lol It was 102F with the humidex...I swear I sweated off quite a few pounds!! Good thing we had the outside pool at the motel, we made good use of it:-)

I so loved looking at all your pictures and it's great to see that even the young ones enjoy the water so much. My two older brothers used to water ski when we had our little cottage growing up but that's something I never attempted. Probably would have killed myself or seriously got injured! lol Never been tubing either....omigosh, I'm soooo deprived!!!

Hope you have a terrific week my friend. Love you. xoxoxoxo

Linds said...

Such fun! It looks as though you all had a stunning day on the water!
We are having such a beautiful summer here in the Alps, and the days are filled with as much outdoor stuff as possible. I am making the most of it all so I have a great deal of catching up to do. Sigh. I love to read all the exploits of my blogging friends, and we will be home next week so hopefully I will get back in the proper blogging mode then! Right now is family fun time!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Oh my gosh...that looks like soooooo much fun! We used to go to the lake lots more when the kids were little, thinking we should make a point of still going even though they are older cause it looks like alot of fun!

Dawn said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a painful time with posting pictures. I haven't had any such. I'm glad it's finally gotten hot for you.

I'm hoping to get out there to visit Kev at Teen Challenge outside Augusta in Winthrop. How far are you from there? I'm sure I've asked you that before.

palmtreefanatic said...

wonderful fun you all had! love the diving pic;)
nice weather!!!

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