Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Talk

It's very foggy today. I am hoping it will burn off before I have to go out to do errands and go to the church to do some fall decorating. I have been listening for the school bus so that I can wave to T and D when they go by but with all the trucks bringing gravel in here for our carriage roads out back I think I missed the bus. Guess we've all missed the bus in one way or another in our lives at one time or another haven't we?! Wait a minute, isn't that missed the boat rather then missed the bus? Sigh.....a mind is a terrible thing to lose......

We had a wonderful time this past weekend visiting Hubby's sister and family in Boston. Actually they live about a half hour outside of Boston in a beautiful rural community that has horse farms everywhere! We got to see some of my niece's riding lesson which I always LOVE TO WATCH! She is doing so well with her lessons and jumping things that I would never dare to!

Anyhow it is a lovely area where Hubby's sister and family live. It is steeped in history with Revolutionary battles being fought there. We ate dinner at an old inn where the food was delicious. They had things like Yankee pot roast, chicken pot pie and prime rib. I wanted to take some pictures but it just wasn't the kind of place where you could haul your camera out of your purse like I usually do and start snapping photos! lol! I think I would have gotten some looks.....

I have been getting my fall decorations out. I love fall, it's my favorite time of year and I love the decorations. I picked up a few new things while away this weekend and am so happy with them. One thing is this three candle arrangement for my dining room table. I think it goes well with my place mats.

Also have my hutch decorated although I might change things around a bit. You all know how that is. I'm not really happy the way it is right now.

I always enjoy decorating my fireplace in the living room for all the different seasons.
This is one of the wall hangings that I haven't finished yet so I'm using it for a table runner on my kitchen table. The punch bowl I picked up at Home Goods store in Massachusetts this weekend. I love it!

This is an old harvest table that I bought years ago and had refinished. It's in my foyer. I want to put some of my gourds on there once I get a finish on them.

That's about it so far on my decorating. Outside I have some mums on my front porch and once October is here I have lots of Halloween stuff to put out.

Just got home from my decorating at church and of course we had to go have pizza at our favorite pizza place. Funny how that always happens! :0)


China Pattern said...

Everyone is doing such lovely fall decorations. I don't even have time to redecorate my blog!! Your home and fall decorations are lovely. I know what you mean about watching the kids riding lessons. For me, it was soccer practice or games. I loved it. I haven't ridden horses since I was a kid. During a riding lesson, I remember the time the saddle cinch was not tight enough. Imagine me cantoring away and sliding slowly off to the side. LOL. Have I told this story before? Bus, Boat, or mind I've missed them all; especially after last week. Ha!

Patti said...

I loave all your fall decorations! I've been decorating some too. I really love your candles on the dining room table. I need to find something like that for mine!

Dawn said...

I have so few decorations, but love putting them out. Your house looks so lovely.

One of my favorite things is the Fisher Price Little People Thanksgiving set - the kids love playing with them.

Linda said...

You are making me want to try my hand at this decorating stuff! Me, who avoids things like that:)

PEA said...

Oh yes, I've missed the bus quite often...and the boat...what were we talking about?? hehe As you can see, I think I've lost my mind too! lol

Sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting your hubby's sister and family. Having horse ranches in the area would certainly have thrilled you! lol I know what you mean about not wanting to take pictures in some restaurants...I usually sit on my hands so that I'm not tempted to take out my camera! lol

Love, love, love your Autumn decorations!!! Like you, it's my favourite time of year and it's no wonder, look how gorgeous the colours are! Your white fireplace is absolutely beautiful and the Autumn decorations on it just add to it. I want to go live with you...really...I'll even learn to ride a horse!!! hehe Love you xoxoxox

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Your fall decor is wonderful. I haven't put a thing out except a pumpkin...and some hot pads. I have to get my self in gear. Love the punch bowl. Wonderful.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Your house is decorated so beautifully! There are alot of you out there that make me look like a slouch! thank you very much..**wink
Corns stalks and pumpkins..from the garden is the extent to which I go...
Pretty sad :(

Alice Grace said...

Oh, you have inspired me! I must get started getting my fall items out! I love everything you did! What a great trip you had to Boston and visiting with your relatives. Thanks for all the pictures, you have got me in the mood to decorate!

Tammy said...

Your fall decor is so beautiful!
I had meant to decorate this past weekend but ended up cleaning out all my cupboards instead! But decorating is much more fun, so hopefully soon!
Glad you had a great visit in Boston...except for NYC and a quick stop in NJ, I've never really been to any of the New England states but would love to get there some day- especially in fall!

hippochick said...

Hey, do you want to come down to NY and decorate my house? Everything looks so very beautiful. You have a lovely home.

Oh yes, bus, boat - once you miss one, you've missed them all! LOL

~hippo hugs~

Nancy said...

Love your decorations!!! Your fireplace looks just so beautiful!!! And I love that Halloween wall hanging/table runner!!! Cats are my bag, as you know. Your home looks so lovely all decorated! I mlove Fall colors and wish I could decorate, but with so many cats, there wouldn't be much left after the first half hour. LOL

Your dining room centerpiece, I just love!!! It goes so well with your placemats! Love your new
Fall punchbowl, too! You are just too decorative!!! I used to do that when I was married, but now with the cats, I can't even put up a Christmas tree.

Yes, guess we're all entitled after age 50 to miss the bus, boat or whatever! LOL

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'll be back later to catch up some more! My son took his cats home Sunday night, so, hopefully, things will get back to normal here whenever I get caught up again.

Hope the pie dish arrives safely!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Renie Burghardt said...

Love your Tuesday talk. You always have so much fun to share. Visiting, shopping, eating yummy stuff in nice restaurants. Things that make life a little more interesting!

I haven't done too much Fall decorating. Do have my fall wreath up on the front door, a big pumpkin and a few mums, and a couple of Harvest dolls my DIL gave me a few years ago, sitting on my sofa.

Your decorations look awesome, and all the pictures are beautiful! Oh, I do wish I had the courage to ride again, but since I fell and broke my hip in 2005, I am so cautious, as I don't want that to happen again. Falling off a horse at my age would not be a good thing!

I enjoyed visiting with you. Have a great week!



palmtreefanatic said...

WOW!!! What gorgeous Fall decor!
I find myself really decorating for christmas as i only put out about 2 items otherwise!
I love how nice everything looks! What a beautiful home!

CrackerJacks said...

Beautiful! I love the Fall and you have done a great job in showing it off! My kids would totally destroy anything in reach, but maybe I should try it again this year!

My favorite is the fireplace, beautiful! Oh and I like how you have the hutch. It's very pretty!

Susie said...

Your fall decor is lovely. I didn't get to mine yet and here it is mid week!
Your home just looks so warm and inviting.
I agree with you about the camera is certain restaurants. I think there's a point when we need to draw the line!
love you,

Jen said...

I love the fall decorations. They look awesome. It has been so warm here I hadn't even thought of putting out fall decorations. I can't wait that is my favorite time of year also.

Nancy said...

Love the pics, horse, child, and hutch. Your decorations are gorgeous. Enjoy the fall weather.

Needled Mom said...

Your place looks so nice. You really do make me want to get my things out and start decorating. There just hasn't been the time yet. Sigh! Your quilts are beautiful.

Glad that you had such a nice visit. I'll bet you really enjoyed watching the jumping. It is always so impressive to see the animals tackle jumps with such grace.

We've been busy here clearing out E's dad's house as escrow closes next Wednesday. Life never slows down here.

em's scrapbag said...

What fabulous fall decorations. Your home could be on HGTV you decorate so well.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi "Mom"!
Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! It's so nice to meet you. Your fall decor is beautiful!!
Hugs, Sherry

Linds said...

Your Fall decorations are so beautiful! I haven't even started getting mine out yet - if I can remember where I stashed them last year! I am a little behind on reading, so am playing catch up. I hope your rain stays away, even though the rundraiser has been postponed.
Have a good weekend!