Friday, September 5, 2008

Many Thanks!

First and foremost I want to thank you all for the amazing outpouring of love and concern that you have shown us over the loss of Buddy. It has touched my heart to the core. The kind words have helped us to begin to heal. I am trying to get around to each one of you to say a personal thank you but it is taking me a long time to get this accomplished so please forgive me if I don't succeed right away. The tears still flow freely and my keyboard is asking for a personal flotation device! Each day is better then the day before thankfully. I hope this picture does not offend anyone but I wanted to share it with you. Our yard man asked if he could make a marker for the grave and we said of course. He made this cross which is a comfort to me as it has been throughout my life as a christian woman. Again thank you all, once again Bloggityville has stepped up to the plate and made a difference in someones life! xoxo

It was exciting around here the first day of school for T and D. I jumped in the Rhino and drove over through the woods to see all the neighborhood kids dressed in their new school clothes. Crisp white sneakers, shiny scrubbed faces, pretty outfits, the boys hair actually combed and the girls with cute pig tails. Everyone had the obligatory backpack which is what all the kids use now. D starts Kindergarten this year and T goes into first grade.

Of course we had to get pics of them on the front steps as always. Don't you all have pictures of the first day of school with your kids on the front steps?

All the neighborhood buddies.

Getting on the bus.

We went over that night to see how their first day had gone and they both said they loved it so that was a good start to the school year!

Yesterday we went 4-wheeling. It was overcast when we left but burned off to a lovely sunny day. I hadn't been anywhere all week so decided I needed to get off the farm for a few hours. Here is T and D waiting while we get loaded up.

It was beautiful on the trails with sparkling streams.

Cousin K and T hanging out.

Hubby and Son.

Miss T spied some blackberries ready for picking so we stopped and had a snack. We were on the lookout for bear as they like to feast on the berries too.

There is more to this story but I will save it for another time. To give you a little hint, it involves 'natural living people' be continued.............


Linds said...

Blackberries should always be eaten off the vines, don't you think?? I am looking forward to the rest of the story!
It is wonderful that the little ones enjoyed their first day at school. Such excitement! Long may it last!
Buddy's resting place there at his home is absolutely perfect. He was a big part of your family, my friend.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Train Wreck said...

Oh your little kiddos are so cute. They seem so excited to be on their way to school!! Let's hope they always feel that way!
Yummmm blackberries! I love to eat them off the vine!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Such cute little kiddos!

China Pattern said...

I am sorry that I have been so busy this week that I haven't been around till now. I am belated in sending along my sincere condolences on Buddy's passing. That is painful indeed. What a touching tribute your yard man made for you. The cross reminds us that our most painful separations are temporary. It is the perfect thing for one of God's creations.

On a happier note, we do indeed have pictures of all of our kids when on the first day of school. Your little darlings are beautiful. I think it is a nice tradition to do the picture thing and it sends the message that school is important. The kids have backpacks now because they have such a heavy load to carry! I wish them a successful year in school.

Needled Mom said...

Natural living folks??? Now that IS a tease.

Buddy's resting place looks so peaceful. I know that you will be able to go and enjoy the memories as you visit.

The kids look so happy to be back in school. It just doesn't seem as though it is that time of the year yet. The holidays will be here before we know it.

Have a wonderful week. Hope you miss the floods from Hanna. xoxox

Alice Grace said...

Sorry I have been offline a few days and just found out about Buddy. I know it is so hard to lose him.
The children look great! Just so excited to get back with their friends at school I know.
Best wishes to you and yours.

hookedonstring said...

Sorry to hear about buddy. Beautiful resting place you have there. The kids are so cute.. on the bus with the wheels that go round and round. Those bus songs were always fun back in the day. Yummy blackberries. We used to pick them in a field when I was a little girl. Big as your big toe. Yummy too. Naturally now at the field there is now a church. *sigh*

PEA said...

Hello my dear friend:-)

I love that cross that your yard man made for Buddy's grave, what a wonderful gesture that was. I know how much you're missing him, he was part of your life for so many years...wish I was there to hold you in a comforting hug.

I so loved seeing the pictures of the kids on their first day of school....they look so darling, both of them:-) Glad to hear they enjoy school...Steve has had problems with his daughter for years and years, she hates school and it's a struggle to get her to go. She's 15 now, this has been going on since she was about 7!! I think all she needs is a good kick in the butt and a change of attitude! lol

You always have so much fun with your family...4 wheeling sounds like a lot of fun and I'm glad you went out to enjoy it!! Look at those blackberries, yummmm! I haven't had blackberries in years.

Take care of YOU and know that I love you! xoxoxox

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Buddy has a beautiful kind look to him. I think the marker is really nice and it is in a peaceful place. I lost My Babe when she was 40 years old - i had her for 32 years. It's hard to get past a loss like that. Best wishes.
Now, those pix of those adorable children on the first day of school - how sweet - love 'em!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lovely pictures of the family. Yum, could almost taste the blackberries. Buddy's place of rest looks so tranquil.

Callie said...

I think the grave marker is beautiful. Glad the littlins' had a good first day back to school! And Yum! blackberries!

CrackerJacks said...

Wow, it looks like everyone had a great first day of school and some nice time in the woods!

Your welcome for stopping by. Thank you for visiting my dentist post and giving me words of encouragement. I appreciate it.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Beautiful family.. I loved the photos.. Have a wonderful week.

Margaret Cloud said...

Once again sorry about your beloved Buddy, I like the photos of the kids, they are so precious and they like school which is good, more easy to get up and started when they like school.

Valerie said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hated to read that about Buddy. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Alice Grace said...

You have won an award! Go to my blog and pick it up!

KC said...

T & D looked so cute on there 1st day of school and the 4 wheeling looked like alot of fun also.. the trails are beautiful.

Pony Girl said...

I am glad you are feeling better....seeing the grave just teared me up....RIP Buddy!
The first day of school....memorable times! They look so happy.
I missed my blackberries two weeks ago...they spoiled before I got to do anything with them! I'm going to try again this weekend.
How'd you change up your blog template so nice???

kdwhorses said...

No problem at all, wish I was closer so I could have passed along a hug! Love the grave and marker, how nice of your yard man! And that says alot for your faith, you are a shinning light for God!

Love the blackberries, our season is already gone here, but have my share frozen! Off the vine is the best way to eat them!

Love the kiddos, what cool grandparents you all are!

palmtreefanatic said...

look at all those smiling faces! Theres nothing like the 1st day of school! They are sure growing up and look so darn cute!

Those black berries look amazing!

Needled Mom said...

LOVE the new look!

Susie said...

What cute first day of school pics! They are getting so big :)
Buddy's final resting place is perfect and I know you will appreciate a place to spend a quiet moment with him..
Thank you for your love and prayers for C and her family.
It's been a tough few days..(but I know you know about those!)
love you,

The W.O.W. factor said...

Yummy! to the blackberries! fresh off the vines, within the confines of a pie crust, or spread as jam on my toast...I'll take it anyway it comes!
The Kids are sooooo cute!!!!
....and a very nice tribute, to Buddy....

Nancy said...

I can't believe I am so far behind in reading blogs!!!

Oh, my, BUddy's grave is just beautiful!!! So nicely decorated and in such a beautiful spot, too! I know the pain you are still feeling and will for some time, too. He is no longer suffering....

Your grands are darling on their first day of school! Oh, how exciting that first day always is, huh? Yes, I have pics of mine on the front steps, too! Isn't that funny that we all seem to do the same thing? LOL

Those blackberries look sooooo good! I can remember Mama's blackberry pies!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))