Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Friday

There was frost on the pumpkin last night. It got down to about 27* and the ground is white this morning. My hanging plants on the front porch look okay, I guess the roof overhang protected them just enough. I accidentally left a big spider plant out but even that looks okay. I brought it in this morning though to warm it up a bit and now it will stay inside.

I closed the windows in the barn for the first night last night. Nick just doesn't get much of a coat so I always worry about him being cold. I guess it's the Thoroughbred half of him as the Welsh part should be giving him a nice winter coat but it just doesn't happen. He's the only one that I blanket in the winter, the rest get real heavy, thick coats of hair.

We are anxiously awaiting the pictures that were taken this week of the horses to be up on the photographers website so that we can order what we want. He's going to come back and get some of them running through the pasture. Just give T a lunge whip and they will run just fine!

Sure is quiet around here without T and D! We miss them! Son and DIL had a great time at the convention, lots of golf for Son and a day at the spa for DIL plus shopping. The ride in that small plane was fine except the potty was right there beside everyone and you just pulled a curtain around you.........needless to say no one 'went' until they got home........ahem........

We are headed out tomorrow to Massachusetts to visit Hubby's sister and family. We always enjoy going there and spending time with the triplets who BTW are getting drivers licenses now! Yikes! When did they get old enough for that?!

Anni over at
Hootin Anni's has asked for prayer for this family who was affected by Hurricane Ike. Pea posted this and as of her posting they still didn't know if they had a house left or not. Update: I just went over to check Anni's site and she says their house is still standing but has lots of damage including mold which has already started growing! Power won't be restored for about three weeks and water/sewer for two months. This family is very upbeat and has a place to live for now but still needs our prayers along with so many other folks that have lost so much due to this storm. Anni also has a Halloween craft posted today that is so cute! Go on over a take a looksy! :0)

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook has passed this lovely award on to all of her regular readers. Thank you Mary! Mary has a wonderful blog that I enjoy so much. Now I would like to pass it on to my readers as you all are an inspiration to me and bring joy to my life. As I have said before the outpouring of kindness and love sent my way when we lost Buddy was amazing!

Pea at Pea's Corner is passing this Best Friend Forever card on to her readers. Thank you Miss Pea! You truly have become one of my best friends! I would like to pass this one on too as I have made so many wonderful friends in Bloggsville!

If you want a REALLY good belly laugh go over to In The Midst Of This Season and read Toni's post on Lucille Ball Lives On. It is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time and if you are drinking soda at the time of reading, it will most likely come out your nose so be forewarned!! I am not kidding. Donna over at Just Me sent us over to this site and it is hilarious!

This is a shot of Lil' Bud's eye. I love horses eyes, they are so soulful. You can tell a lot about a horse if he/she has a kind eye. Funsize is going to be busy this weekend as she is staying here taking care of our horses plus taking care of all of the horses at the stable!

I guess it was a slow news day:

Man charged with pooper-scooper assault
By Kim Lincoln The Courier-Gazette Reporter

WARREN (Sep 15): A Warren man was taken to Knox County Jail on Sunday after he assaulted another man with a pooper-scooper, according to police.

Deputy Danielle Welch responded to an assault at -- Tolman Road in Warren on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Perry A. , 53, was arrested after he allegedly hit a man in the head with a small metal shovel used to scoop dog waste. He was having an argument with the other man, police said.
He was charged with aggravated assault, said Chief Deputy Ernie McIntosh of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.
The alleged victim was treated at the scene by Warren Rescue but refused transportation to a hospital, McIntosh said.

Welcome to my world! lol!

One last random item. I have grown gourds in my veggie garden this year. I have quite a few different shapes and sizes. What I want to know is do any of you know what to put on them after picking so that they won't rot? I have some spray polyurethane, does that work? Let me know if you know. Thanks!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Linds said...

You know, you live such a quiet life..... !!!I love your random posts. So much going on, and always so fascinating! Have a great weekend. I am off to visit the places you mention right now.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Frost already??!!

Love the pics from your pumpkin picking!

Dawn said...

Wow, it got cold fast! It hasn't gotten below 45 here, but that seems very nippy. This week it's been Indian Summer, and has been up to 80 and above for the last few days. I love autumn!

hippochick said...

Frost!!! I can't believe it! Jim said he had a little frost on the windshield of his car this morning. YUCK! I am just not ready for this yet.

I really enjoyed this post! Lots of fun stuff.

~hippo hugs~

Marcy said...

It really does seem like you just got warm weather up there! I was just complaining to one of my coworkers this morning that I wasn't ready for cold weather yet and I was upset that our indoor/outdoor thermometer read 59* this morning and that is below 60 and that is officially cold!!! I am afraid we are skipping from summer to winter quite quickly this year and I am just not prepared!

I don't know how to treat gourds, but I have always wondered how people kept them from rotting, so please post about it when you do find out!

Have a great weekend!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh how lucky! I've been waiting for Ol' Man Jack Frost! He's just a doorstep away! Been 33-37 degrees each nite for the past 15 nites! I want my garden 'killed' so I don't have to feel guilty about not plucking anymore!

Donna said...

Good grief! Already below freezing there?

I guess I'll stay in Missouri.

Sure would love to see New England in the fall just once, though.

I love reading your blog and knowing I have something you made hanging on the wall above my couch. Just thought I'd share that.

Needled Mom said...

I'm sure that you are missing the kids. It always seems so quiet once they leave.

I can't believe how cold you folks have gotten already. It just doesn't seem like it should be that way yet. It makes for a very long winter. Guess the colors will be in full force soon.

We have always let our gourds dry out on the plant but suppose that you cannot wait that long with the colder weather. I shine mine up with the waxed shoe polish. They have neutral and also colors and it gives the gourds a really nice look.

Have a nice trip and enjoy the visit. Just avoid those new drivers. I cannot imagine three at a time. YIKES! Have a wonderful weekend.

Tammy said...

Love the picture of your family on hubby's side...and driver's licenses...I just kind of joked about that being next on the horizon for my six yr old. But all joking aside, it really isn't all that far away the way time is going!

You're right...horses eyes are so soulful and Lil Bud sure has a pretty one!

Have a great weekend!

Renie Burghardt said...

Tweny seven degrees already? Chilly willy! We don't get that chilly until early November. I still have lots of tomatoes in my garden and the fall lettuce I planted is growing nicely.

Thank you for passing on the nice award and post card.

Nice picture of your husband's sister and family. Enjoy your visit, and the shopping. lol.

I always enjoy my visit here. Have a great weekend.

Renie xox

Patti said...

I love reading your blog! You have such great pictures too!

KC said...

sounds like it is getting chilly in your parts. We have some really odd warm weather still for Ohio but I"m not complaing it was in the 80's again today.
Hey.. I tried those apple dumplings you posted the recipe for a bit back and they were soooooooo yummy.. the family loved them.
Have a wonderful trip.

Susie said...

Wow! Three teen drivers? Our N will be 16 soon (he's old enough for a permit right now, but let's not go there LOL!)
Hope you are having a delightful getaway. The weather here has been nearly perfect, warm days and cooler (not cold like you) nights. I love this time of year!
Just think, tomorrow is the first day of fall!
love you,

grammy said...

Grammy says Hi. Had fun reading your blog and visiting some you highlighted. The Denny's adventure was funny. I just wrote a few days ago about how much my four year old Granddaughter loves horses. She would love to visit I am sure. The dog bite pic scares me because my grands always want to pet other peoples dogs. yikes.

China Pattern said...

As always, I am playing catch-up again. We were without power last week after the storm in Ohio. Our pumpkins were great last year but they took a nose dive this year due to some pumpkin eating beatle that we didn't catch in time. Ah, the adventures of gardening. Our Ohio tomatoes are marvelous, as always. I would worry about our barn being warm enough, too. It was cool enough in the summer for the lambs but I don't know about how it would do in the winter. (Lambs were sold at the fair.) We have only been down to the 40's recently (with no heat in the house!) but we aren't close to a frost yet. Since you are farther north, you will see the changes sooner. I just hope we get the storm debris cleaned up in time to rake the leaves! LOL.

Callie said...

I think the polyurethane will work. A decent coat or two. LOL! Assault vis pooper scooper!