Sunday, September 28, 2008

The hurricane is on it's way!

Every so often I get a forward that really makes me smile. My Dad sent me this one and I think you will get a smile out of it too.

A baby moose was in distress in a creek. A man got him out of the creek; tried to find the mother & send him on his way,
but eventually the moose stumbled back into the creek & was rescued again. The baby moose followed the man home.
The man has only a small cabin so he took the moose to another neighbor, who took these photos.
They took the moose the next day to a woman who looks after wild animals & she put it in a pen with a rescued fawn.

Don't you just love happy endings?! This little guy would surely have died out there alone and now he will grow up and be released back into the wild! :o)

We have been having rain, rain and more rain this weekend. I don't know how many inches so far but the ground is saturated and there are puddles everywhere. It's a good thing we postponed our Paws On Parade fundraiser until October 11th. Of course for me that day was already booked with three other functions. We were going to have the GMC's, God's Mature Children, our senior citizens group at our church down to our cottage for a cookout, a dinner to attend that evening and a function in the afternoon. Yikes! We will have the GMC's down another time and the other two things I will have to just play it by ear but I will be at our fundraiser!

Just got the weather report and they are telling us that a hurricane is on its way here to Maine. The coastal regions are going to get hit the worst and we are about 25-30 miles inland so maybe we will be spared the worst. We are going to take in all the porch cushions, make sure the barn windows are tight and put the cars in the garage in case any trees fall. I'll go out after church tonight and pick up some more bottled water to have on hand. We have a generator that will take care of the house and Mom and Dad's apartment so we should be all set.

We went to Ground Round after church this morning. The kids like it and it's a bit more low key then the Rudder. Have you ever had deep fried cheese cake? All my intentions of watching what I eat went out the window when they brought that out. Also the mini doughboys with chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and ice cream to dip them in.........sigh......there's always another day to diet I guess.........

In keeping it real here on the ole' hobby farm I have a question for you. Do you ever walk into your house and smell a stink? Now don't say that you haven't because I won't believe you. Anywho, I had been smelling something a bit suspect and couldn't figure out what it was. I thoroughly washed out the refrigerator, taking out anything that was outdated or had fuzzy mold on it. I won't believe you if you say you've never found something in the back of your refrigerator in Tupperware that had fuzzed out either. Well all was clean and fresh but I still could smell something in the kitchen. I started cleaning cupboards, sink, garbage disposal, you name it and STILL could smell something unsavory. This was getting on my nerves. Big time. Finally I thought I would clean out the cupboard under the sink so I took everything out and there in the back corner was this:

Any ideas what it might be? No it's not anything that comes out of a horse. It's a petrified potato! I keep a bin for my potatoes under the sink and evidently one got knocked out and fell behind everything and obviously had been 'ripening' for some time...........GAG! Now I don't claim to be Mar#tha Ste#wart with everything in it's place and a place for everything but I do try to keep a clean home. I was so glad when I finally found where the offensive odor was coming from! Like I said, just keeping it real, I've already lost all self respect on this blog from some of the things I have talked about (remember the spray on tan debacle or the one piece girdle thingy?) so what more is a petrified potato going to add to the mix? :o)

Please keep my Mom in prayer tomorrow as she goes in for her surgery. Her name is Ginny.


Linds said...

I really hope you are all ok and that the hurricane leaves you alone. Of course I will pray for your Mum, my friend, and her swift recovery.
About rogue potatoes. Me too. I know JUST what you mean about that smell you cannot identify - I found one in the back of my cupboard too last month, and at first I thought it was some expired rodent before I realised exactly what it was. Poataoes , even petrified, are better than rodents of any description!

Mikey said...

OMG!!! That's so bizarre, I was thinking potato as I read your post!
I had the same thing happen, could NOT figure out where the stink was coming from, and it was a couple old potatoes in a bowl that I forgot about.
They stink to high heaven don't they???
Hold on for that hurricane, I wish you all the best! Make soup!

Susie said...

That baby moose is so cute! I love happy endings :)
I'm glad you are prepared with your generator in case of a power outage.
Keeping you in prayer (and of course your Mom as she has her surgery)
I've had many a potato story (onions are nearly as bad) Glad you found your icky smell.
Be safe!!!
Love you,

Patti said...

I will keep your mother in my prayers!

I know exactly what a rotten potatoe smells like and its is NASTY to say the least!! Its even grosser when you find maggots in them too!!

The pictures of the rescued moose are adorable!!
By the way, your niece is going to do a new blog design for me after I come back from vacation in a few weeks. I'm so excited. Ive see yours and Purple Diva's Diary that she has done and I think they are so cute!

Marcy said...

I will be praying for your mom. Also, for all of those in Maine that might be affected by the hurricane!

I can't believe that potato! That's too funny! Oh well, at least you have gotten all your cleaning done!

Renie Burghardt said...

The baby moose is the cutest, and I'm so glad it was rescued and will eventually be released back into the wild.

Send some of that rain our way. We are still in the 80s and very dry, and have forest fire watches around here. Very scaryQ

Yuck on the petrified potatoe! I'm glad you found it, and now you're done with your fall cleaning, too!

Stay safe, and Ginny will be in my prayers.



Pattie said...

I was thinking of you tonight as we listened to the national news, and the reports of the hurricane headed your way. Please post when you can and let us know if everything is ok, will you?

The same with your Mom. Let her know we're all praying for her.

The photos of the baby moose are just adorable! They surely warmed my heart - thanks for sharing them.

As for the potato... I thought it was a frog of some kind! LOL! A stinky potato, eh? Naaaw - I NEVER have anything like that in my kitchen!! ;-)

Needled Mom said...

You have been on my mind with the news of the hurricane headed right to Bangor. I pary that it will do nothing more than give you a little rain. It is a good thing that they had cancelled the Paws event.

Potatoes on the smelly side are horrible. There are few things worse.

You and your mom will be in my prayers. I will be checking back to see how surgery went. I know it is no easy recovery and I pray that all will go well for her.

Take care and stay safe. Hugs.

Dawn said...

That picture is hilarious! I have had that happen to me, because that's where I keep my potatoes, too. But I've never seen one that shape! Thanks for keeping it real!

As for the rain - I hope it's just rain that hits you. Sounds awful! I'm so glad they had the foresight to cancel the fund raiser, but sorry you have to rearrange next week-end.

Well, the good news is that everything in your kitchen is not spotlessly clean!

The W.O.W. factor said...

I got this email awhile is soooo precious!
(have had the same potato incident, gross I agree, but not as bad as a dead mouse in a wall..yuk! just have to 'ride' those nasties out!
Be careful and stay safe! Hope you don't get too much trouble from that hurricane!

hippochick said...

My first comment was going to be about your mom and her surgery. I will be praying for her. Praying also for all of you guys during the hurricane.

The potato was just too funny!! I have had that experience many times, I'm sorry to say.

~hippo hugs~

hippochick said...

P.S. Loved the baby moose.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Praying for your mom. Looking forward to seeing Jon this weekend!

Tammy said...

First of all, hoping all goes well with your mom's surgery!
That story of the baby moose with the pictures was just so sweet...thank you for sharing that!

And I completely laughed out loud about the petrified potato!!! :D That is one nasty thing!
But just to let you know, I think I have a couple fuzzy things this very moment in the back of the fridge that I need to get to! ;)

Stay safe dear friend!

Donna said...

Nothing smells much worse than a rotten tater!

Could you please email some of that rain to Missouri? We're a bit short.

KC said...

UGH.. rotten potatos are the worst.. Glad you found it..
How did your mom's surgery go today? I pray all went well and I'll keep her recoverey in prayer. Keep us posted

PEA said...

Awwww what a wonderful story about the baby moose...darling pictures as well!

I was happy when you mentioned in your comment to me that the hurricane has now turned away from you! Bad enough you got so much rain. It hasn't rained here in a couple of weeks but we're supposed to get some tomorrow. This morning we had such a heavy frost, everything was white and by Thursday they're saying chances of snow...excuse me???? Ugh!

Nope, never had Deep Fried Cheese Cake...sounds delish though! Isn't that always the case, start a diet and come across food like that! lol Who the heck can resist???

Ah yes, the old petrified potato trick! lol I swear there is nothing more foul than a rotten potato. That's why when we dig up the potatoes, we wash and dry them before examining each one, making sure none are starting to rot, otherwise we'd have a big smelly mess in our cold cellar! lol

My prayers are with your mom, hopefully the surgery went well. Love you my friend. xoxoxo

Callie said...

LOL, I was going to guess a potato! I think I've had a few of those myself! Aawww! I love the baby moose story! How sweet!

Nancy said...

Love the baby moose but thought the potato was a toad, you know the warty kind. What a fun blog! Thanks.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awwww....I love the moose story!

Dawn said...

Did you miss the storm??

palmtreefanatic said...

I pray your moms surgery went well!

We always seem to get your leftover weather! I dont want the hurricane though:0!
We been having some rain, not as much as you though!
I hope everything is ok fine there now!

I HATE rotten potatoes! it is the weiredest stinkiest smell!;)

palmtreefanatic said...

oh yeah! Thanks for sharing the baby moose story, that is so wonderful!!!

Nancy said...

That dear little moose....what a wonderful happy ending!!! Looks like he made himself right at home in their kitchen! How cute! And that little fawn looking up at him is just priceless!!!

Well, I hate to disillusion you, but I have never had anything stinking in my kitchen. Honest! My son had rotten potatoes in his pantry one time...he said it gagged him! He saw a liquid coming out from under the pantry door!!! Yuck!!! I have heard they stink like nothing else! Glad you found it!!! Gives me the chills to just think of it!

Guess I need to read up about the spray on tan yet! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Nancy said...

Some kind of error when I clicked on the spray on tan....webpage could not be found, it said. maybe an error when you typed in the http address. I'd like to read about that!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

CrackerJacks said...

Ah, how cute! I want one! Thanks for sharing!

Alice Grace said...

Love the moose, and the baby deer! At least you got everything cleaned out looking for the culprit potato!