Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remember The Song 'The Streak'?

It one of those gorgeous fallish days in Maine. The sun is shining, the air is brisk and the wind is blowing, making for a wonderful day to work outside. I have been doing just that, pulling up the summers annuals, cutting back the perennials that have gone by and edging the flower beds where the grass has been trying to creep in. Once Labor Day is over it's like someone flicks a switch from summer to fall. It's my favorite time of year even before the trees change color.

Went riding this morning with my friend Ann as we always do on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. I rode Funsize's horse Lil' Bud and Ann rode her old guy Bucky. Bucky is almost 30 years old, still going strong and looks wonderful. Other then a case of the heaves he is doing great. She gives him medicine before we ride and that helps his breathing.
Speaking of Funsize, she just got back a week ago from a glorious trip to Ireland! She and a gal pal went for a week and saw so many sights while there and had a fabulous time. She brought me some amazing Irish chocolates and a book mark from the Stud Farm that they visited. She loves to travel and I think her next stop will be NYC as she has never been there before.
Some of you have asked me about my new 'look'. My niece Jo-Lynne of Musings Of a Housewife has gone into the designing business and when I said I wanted something new she came up with this for me. I love it! It represents our life here on the hobby farm and also has our faithful Buddy there as a tribute to his life here with us. Thank you Jo-Lynne, it's perfect! Go on over to her sight and take a looksy at her design work or click on her DCRdesign button under my Credits. She's prompt and really tries to do just what you want. I've noticed that a lot of the people that I blog with have her designs and they all are super! :o)
Alice Grace over at Thoughts Of Home graciously gave me an award this week. Thank you so much, I am honored to receive it and will post it on my sidebar! Alice Grace has a wonderful blog and if you enjoy quilting as I do you should stop by and see all the quilts that she saw at a recent quilt show. They are spectacular and I would love to make every one of them!!!

I guess I should tell you the story about the natural people that we encountered on Saturday. If any of you are natural people I mean no disrespect......ahem....... We were coming home from our 4-wheeling expedition and needed some lunch so decided to stop at a campground that has a little diner. We weren't dressed for anything more formal then that with the dust in our hair, bugs on our teeth and blackberry juice on our faces.

My son, his FIL and D were in one truck and they were ahead of the rest of us in the second truck. He turned into the campground and there were big tarps across the driveway and a sign that said it was closed for the weekend. We turned around in the little parking lot but Son decided to go up the side driveway and do a loop rather then backing the big beaver tail trailer around.

We waited and saw his truck backing very quickly out of that driveway. He almost jackknifed the trailer backing that around and when he came up beside us all three of them had this funny look on their faces including D! There was a nud*ist weekend there that weekend and they had run right into the middle of them standing around, hands on their hips chatting with each other! Bleckkkkkkkk! Son yelled for D to close his eyes and D said NO WAY, I see butts! Oh my, a grandmothers nightmare! And to think show and tell was just one day away! Horrors!

We went to the next little restaurant and got out of the trucks and those three still looked like they were shell shocked. Of course the lunch conversation was hilarious, what are you going to do, you might as well laugh as cry. Come to find out they have two conventions there each summer, one in the spring (during black fly season, can you imagine?!) and one in the fall. I don't know where the people come from, they are not local, and I don't think it is publicised at all and has been going on for years! I've heard of nu*dist colonies but I sure didn't think we had them around these parts! GAG!

Anything else that I would have to say today would be anticlimactic so I guess I won't try to top that. I will post some more pictures that people have sent me over the last few months that I hope will make you smile.


Susie said...

That must have been quite the experience to encounter a nudist camp!
Years ago a campground where we camped rented Kayaks and we would all paddle up river. Little did we know there was a nudist beach. Trying to paddle and cover the kids eyes was indeed a challenge, but we laugh about it now!!
Your weather sounds just about perfect. I'll be glad for a hint of fall too!
love you,

KC said...

LOL LOL.. oh my..
and show and tell the next day LOL.
So kid how was your weekend?
D.. I got to see alot of butts. LOL LOL

Oh my goodness.

Jo-Lynne did a great job on your blog. It looks great.

Donna said...

Good grief! Reminds me of the time our family went into the French Quarter of New Orleans. I noticed my 12-year-old son gawking through a window, and realized there was a naked woman dancing on the bar inside!

Mikey said...

Oh I just laughed so hard!!! Oh my...

Musings of a Housewife said...

OMG! A n*dist colony!!?? GAH!!!!!!!! That is HI-larious. Seriously.

Needled Mom said...

Well.....that was an exciting trip. Need one say more than that?
I did love the "no way" comment.

Congratulations on the new award. I do enjoy Nancy Grace's blog. The quilts are gorgeous.

And your new look is perfect. She did an awesome job for you.

Have a great week. Hugs.

Linds said...

Reversing a trailer at speed must have been hilarious to watch! I might avoid the teachers for a little while!
I love the new look too, by the way. Jo-Lynne has got it absolutely right for you!

Tammy said...

Oh, too funny!
I found out that my great uncle actually owned a nudist camp back in the early 60's...since he was a real pillar of the community, he had all the relatives talked into visiting it! LOL

How fun to visit Ireland! I envy Funsize!
And New York...I just posted on that a moment ago, in memory of this day...

Anonymous said...

We still have over a month before we will get signs of fall here in oour valley. But we can go to the Cascades to breathe the crisp air and look at the change in the foliage.

Patti said...

LOL LOL that is too funny!!

I love your new blog design!!

The pictures are so cute!!

Have a great day!! said...


In Washington state (where my husband was stationed a little over a year ago... before we moved to Ft. Benning, GA), there were quite a few spots where nudists were not only welcomed but invited. Unlike the beaches of Europe, these nudist beaches were decorated with the most unattractive people I have ever encountered. (An not just because they were naked) I was amazed.

Our pastor once said that it was probably just fine for those nudists because they weren't inspiring anyone to think lustful thoughts. I have to agree!

Love your blog!


kdwhorses said...

Oh my!! What a thing to wonder up on! I've never heard of any around here!

Love the pics! Too cute!

Glad you liked the recipe, they are delish and super easy!!

CrackerJacks said...

What a sight to see! I would have been a little shell shocked too!

Love the new design on your blog and the photos are just too cute!

Have a good week!

Callie said...

LMAO! On the nudists! OMG! How hilarious is that! LOLOLOL I remember the song! There used to be a a nudist colony not far from where I grew up and still not far from here. It was appropriately named "Runnin' Bear" OR bare. I remember driving past it many times. Of course you couldn't see in. A long driveway and gated! Oh that just cracks me up! Ha! cracks!

hippochick said...

All I can say about the nudist encounter is "Oh My!!"

I love your new look as well as the fun pictures you posted.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

~hippo hugs~

Marcy said...

Oh my...I can't believe that! You always seem to have the darndest things happen to you! D's reaction is HILARIOUS!

I LOVE your new blog design!

PEA said...

I've been parked here on your blog for over an hour! lol Just as I was loading your blog, June called me to go out for coffee and I've just now gotten back...forgot I still had your blog opened. No wonder I'm always behind with visiting, I keep getting all these interruptions! lol

Irish chocolates???? Ahem...where's mine?????? Aren't you supposed to SHARE with your friends???? hehe I'm so glad Funsize had a great time in Ireland, that's a place I would love to go to one day!!

I just love your new look, your niece did a super job with it! It's perfect for you:-)

Congratulations on the well deserved award my friend. I LOVE YOUR BLOG too!!!!

ROFL...omigosh, I wish I could have seen their faces when they turned into that nudist camp! Not far from where Steve lives, there's a nudist camp and Steve is forever teasing me that he'll bring me there...NO WAY! lol I'm so shy and self wouldn't know what to do with my hands and know where to look! hehe

All the animal pictures are so darling. Love you my friend. xoxo

Dawn said...

We are having fall as well - I just love it!!

Great pictures - and what a great story about the "naturalists!" Too funny.

Lovely new look, too!

Dawn said...

PS - I went to look at the quilts - lovely! I am on the last Jennifer Chiaverini book - sad to say - I don't quilt, never will, don't know the "quiltese" language, but I do love looking at them!

Train Wreck said...

You found the hidden tribe of many moons!! ah ha ha ha! THat is so funny! Poor kids! What a shock! Awesome weather! I would love to come for a visit around the time the leaves are changing!!

Mary said...

Oh my! What an encounter. I can't imagine having that happen.

When I was a child there was a man who lived down the road that my uncles were always playing tricks on. They got him a membership in a nudist colony. He was furious and told them he was going to beat the tar out of them. He brought that up for many years each time he saw them.

I can't imagine running into something like that with the boys in the car. I'm sure you were mortified, yet later it was probably hilarious.


Alice Grace said...

Here I was calmly reading your blog today, seeing what you were up to, when suddenly I ran across the paragraph about the nudist convention. I laughed until the tears were rolling down my cheeks! How funny! and what a way you have with words!
Love your new look, and you know I always enjoy visiting here.

The W.O.W. factor said...

How funny! When you least expect it it's even funnier! I've never encountered such a place...think I'd rather not :)

Renie Burghardt said...

The new design looks beautiful.

The encounter with the naturalists was hilarious! Hahaha. Sounds like they appreciate the beautiful surroundings in Maine. He He. Who can blame them.

Love the cute little animal pictures. Sorry I'm late visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!


Nancy said...

Loved the animal pics!

Oh, gosh...a nudist convention!!! I have never seen anything like that myself! Bet the kids told a good story at Show and Tell!

We are still waiting for cool days here. Still in the 80s and humid, so the AC is still running 24/7. To cool down in the 70s, and I'm waiting for those days!

Sounds like fun riding like that with your friend. You live in such a beautiful area, too!

(((((( HUGS ))))))