Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Friday

It's raining cats and dogs here today. I don't know if it is from one of the hurricanes or not but it sure is coming down. Hubby, T and I just got back from taking Kipper, her pony, to the vets office for his yearly Cushings test. He has had Cushings for several years now and is on a medication for it and we have to have his blood levels checked each year. He whinnied for his stable mates most of the way down but was a good boy getting his blood drawn even though they had to do it twice as they didn't take enough the first time.

When I walked in they all greeted me with condolences on the loss of Buddy. They all loved him there, he was such a big ole teddy bear to work on and they knew he had been through a lot over the last couple of years. One of the gals handed me a card that they all had signed which was so nice and also an angel that one of them had made out of a piece of his mane. I was so touched! Have you ever seen this done before?

T went with us as she has had a couple of rough days. She was bitten by one of their neighbors dogs right above her eye. A quarter inch closer and he would've gotten the eye and it could have been very bad. She had five stitches and was very brave and didn't even cry while getting them. They are getting rid of the dog, this isn't the first time he has bitten someone. Why they would keep a dog that bites is beyond me! I hope this doesn't make her scared of dogs as she loves animals.

Mom and I went in for her pre op testing for her knee replacement. Dad met us there after his appointment. She goes in the 29th for the surgery, will be in the hospital three days and then in a rehab facility for two weeks. I told her I was going to say that she was in rehab for her alcohol consumption like the movie stars! Seeings as she doesn't drink at all kind of makes that a stretch! I know she will be like a new woman to get that arthritic knee replaced with a new one. Being in constant pain is very hard and she has had it for months and months.

I have been working each day on our Humane Society Paws On Parade fund raiser. Besides monetary contributions I have gotten things from different places like restaurants have given gift certificates for meals, a photographer is giving a free pet sitting appointment, a $ 100 gift card from Toys R Us for the child that raises the most money, that sort of thing. Most people have been so good and really supportive. The event is September 27th and I am so hoping for a nice sunny fall day and NO RAIN!

I'm having portraits done of all my horses next week. I wish I had done this before Buddy passed away but I didn't. Don't we all have things we wish we had done? So, the photographer is coming here to our place on Wednesday and to the stable on Tuesday as along with Lil' Bud and Funsize there are two of my friends that are going to have their horses done as well. They are starting to get their winter hair so they won't be slick and shiny but at least it will be done.
Tomorrow if it has stopped raining we are going pumpkin picking as we do every fall. The grand kids love it and I love the photo ops! This year some of their friends are going with us so it should be a great time.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :o)


Patti said...

What a kind and thoughtful getsture they did for you at the vet! The little angel made from the mane is so touching. What a lovely keepsake!

I love all your graphics you use! They are so cute. Where do you get them?

Donna said...

We've had two inches of rain in the past couple of days, and looks like more coming. They say it's the remnants of a hurricane (not Ike, that's what we're expecting tomorrow).

What a great idea, an angel made from Buddy's mane.

Needled Mom said...

Oh....I love the horse hair angel. What a nice gesture that was.

I can't believe how lucky that T was with that dog bite. Yes, why would anyone keep a dog that has already bitten someone? Unbelievable.

Keeping our fingers crossed for no rain for the parade.

Have a great weekend.

palmtreefanatic said...

Poor T that is just TERRIBLE!
love the horse hair!
Glad you liked the blueberry zucchini bread
next week I will be posting an easy pear cake recipe, I made it today and plan to eat it tomorrow!;)I am being nice taking it into work!

Have a great weekend!

CrackerJacks said...

O love the hair angel!! How awesome!

Also, I was also bittne by a dog just millimeters shy of my right eye. My was on the lower part though. I understood why he bit me, but I was only a kid. I LOVED animals and STILL DO. I think she will be just dandy. Hope she feels better soon.

Can;t wait to see the photos of the horses and well as the pumpkin patch. I love going to the patch and it's probably my favorite photo opp!

Happy Weekend!

The W.O.W. factor said...

That was so nice of the clinic! Wished I'd have thought of that years ago when I worked for a Vet.
Wow! That dog bite could have been horribly worse! Oh my Gosh!
Poor T ! Probably scared her to death! it would have me!
Our Son was just in your neck of the woods...had Lobster even! Said it was BEAUTIFUL there!
Hope you have a great weekend!

queenoftheclick said...

First, I just wanted to say that you have a nice life. I am a city girl that should have been born on a farm.

Sorry to hear about Buddy, but I loved hearing about the sweet ladies at the vets office.

I hope T feels better. She is just so cute.

I hope that you will share some of the portraits of your horses.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, the horsehair angel is adorable, and what a thoughtful, sweet gift!

How horrid about T being bitten by a dog. What a scary experience. Poor thing. She is just the cutest little girl. I love her smile. My daughter was bitten as well, when she was six years old, and in her case, it was right on her eye, but the tear duct was involved. Looked horrible when it happened, but her eye wasn't damaged, thank the Lord.

How nice that you will have a portrait made of the horses. I, too, hope you show pictures of it.

I always enjoy my visit to Home on the Range. Have a wonderful weekend!



Dawn said...

We had a nice, gentle soaking rain for almost 24 hours - it was wonderful. I heard this morning that Corpus Christie got NONE after all the preparation and fear.

I am so sorry about the nasty dog bite. Our little Feisty is scared spitless of dogs, any size. My SIL's standard poodle bounded out the door of their house and scared Feisty terribly yesterday - she wasn't in danger, but that doesn't make it any better. My BIL refused to put the dog in the basement, as is usually done the minute the girls show up. I was not happy - she was shaking for quite awhile, but finally settled down. It may be irrational, but it is real.

Have a great week-end.

Patti said...

Thanks for the info on the graphics! I'll have to check it out! They are so so cute!!

I hope your having a good weekend. Ike is visiting us!!

bj said...

Buying pumpkins is a fun thing but when ya got some of the little ones with you, it turns into a magnificent outing with memories attached!!
I, too, love your graphics...
hugs, bj

Susie said...

I love the little angel made from
Buddy's mane. I know how much that must have meant to you and that you'll treasure it always.
Poor little T! She's such a brave one with those stitches. How blessed that it was no closer to the eye. I've said a prayer for her quick healing. How scary for all of you..
We're having gorgeous fall weather back at home. I wanted to visit a bit before I did a post about our trip.
love you,

zzop357 said...

I do believe I would have been tempted to beat the dog and the neighbor. Sorry I can't stand a biting dog.The neighbor knew the dog should have a muzzle on it. IF it was possible for the dog to get out. In Arkansas we are responsible for our pets. If they bite,we pay for any Dr bill or damage they do. If a dog bite they go into lock-up or you provide proof of shot records. Then you may have to get rid of your dog. We have bans on some dogs in town. Pit-bulls can't be outside in a fenced yard without their owners. Its the law. Some towns have banned them completely.
I love the little angel. I know you will never forget.But it is nice to have something you can hold in your hand and your heart.
I have a new blog up, I know you wanted to know ;). Thanks for the visit, and come back soon. :)
God bless, Donna

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Buddy. I know what he meant to you and your family.

Callie said...

Poor kid! Hope she feels better soon. That's lovely what was done with his mane. When my little filly died unexpectadly, I cut a piece off and braided it with a ribbon, glued it to a frame of a picture I had of her.

Sarah said...

You always have interesting things going on!

We haven't had so much rain as winds!

Hope this week is a great one!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I haven't gotten around to reading many blogs lately and my heart just sunk when I read that buddy had passed on! I am soooo sorry for your loss but what great memories you have of him!

Train Wreck said...

You are a BUSY lady!! I love the Mane Angel! What a great idea. I agree about the dog. Keep it put up so that never happens or get rid of it. Good luck with the fund raiser, we have a local HS that has an auction to raise money every year. LOL on Betty Ford! That's something I would tell people!! I hope your mom recovers quickly and the pain subsides!
Also If you have a photo of Buddy the artist should be able to add him, unless you are just getting a photograph "portrait"

PEA said...

Oh just smack me for being so late in visiting you! lol I can't believe you posted this on Friday and I'm just now getting around to reading it. Sigh. I've been spending wayyyy too much time in the kitchen...I've just now finished making a double batch of zucchini cookies and two chocolate zucchini loaves, as well as picking and cutting up all the veggies for a stew for dinner.

Oh my, how beautiful that angel wonderful that it's made with a piece of Buddy's mane! I would have started bawling right there and then. I'm such a sentimental old thing! lol

Poor T, that cut above her eye looks painful:-( She's very lucky indeed that the dog didn't bite her any lower. You hear so many horror stories of children getting their face bitten by dogs.

The very best of luck to your mom on getting her knee replacement surgery. I had to laugh at how you're teasing her about being in rehab for a drinking's just like Ross and my hardly ever drinks and he's forever teasing her that she drinks all the vodka. lol My friend June is going for her knee replacement in December. She's been in so much pain for the past couple of years and can barely walk anymore.

Take care of YOU!! Love you!! xoxoxox

Nancy said...

Oh, my! Poor little T! She was lucky that the bite didn't affect her eye! That was too close for comfort!!! Poor little gal! Hope it heals well. What kind of dog was it, anyhow?

The angel made from Buddy's mane is just so thoughtful a gift! You will always have a piece of him with you!

Pucking pumpkins sounds like a fun adventure!!! Waiting to see pics of that!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Nancy said...

What a busy place you have. I am so glad T's eye did not get hurt and I pray she'll have no scar from the bite.

It was good to visit again. Sorry it's been so long.

kdwhorses said...

Poor T~glad she is okay and it isn't worse. That would be one dog that would be gone or let me say dead. To say it has happened before and they still have it. My goodness!

LOVE the mane angel, what a great thing! I would frame it by a picture of him. We have a great local artist that painted a picture of our old horse Pesky. He is 26 years old this year, I had it done a couple of years ago for hubby. She painted it on old boards and I gave her 2 of his old horseshoes to use a hangers and a piece of his mane for the bottom. She also put fake horse hair and a concho by her name. I wanted to have his, so it would be extra special. Let me just say hubby loved it and was brought to tears. She did a awesome job!

hippochick said...

I've been away again. So what's new? Because of that, I'm way behind. How awful for T that she was bitten. I agree with your sentiments about people who keep biting dogs. I LOVED my boy, but had bitten anyone, he would have gone.

She is a brave girl.

What a good idea to have the horses portraits done. I know what you mean about our regrets. I guess, we just have to let them go and forge ahead.

Also, what a wonderful card from your vets office. The angel is a wondereful idea. How precious for you to have that memento.

A really great post.

~hippo hugs~