Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early Random Friday

Okay, I know it's Thursday but I need to start my Random Friday post early as I have a busy few days coming up. We are counting down to our big fundraiser for the Humane Society which is going to be held on Saturday. Now we haven't had a lick of rain in two or three weeks but it's supposed to rain on Saturday........Sigh....... Guess I'd better find my big golf umbrella and some waterproof boots!

We are meeting today to put together the bags that we are giving out to all of the participants. Each business that sponsored us will have their brochure advertising their business put in there along with magnets, their PAWS t-shirt and other goodies. We have 300 to put together. Yoshi, the resident mascot cat will be there helping us. She always attends all of the board meetings going from person to person to be petted and loved. She is an honorary board member.

Jo-Lynne, my niece that did my new design has made a button to put on my blog sidebar and I would like to give it to all of my readers to put on their sidebar if you would like. I think it is adorable and it will remind you all to come visit me often! :o) If you are in the market for a new design hop on over to Jo-Lynne's site DCR Design and take a look at what she does. She really works hard at getting just the right design for her clients.

Have any of you made the Amish Friendship bread from the starter? My neighbor gave me a cup of starter and today is the day that I mix it all up and bake it off. Each day you have to mush the bag of starter and on day 5 you add a cup and a half of oil, milk and flour. Today is day 10 so I am anxious to see how it comes out. My neighbor says it is just absolutely delicious so I will let you know!

At this point you add all the rest of the ingredients and put it in two loaf pans. It is cooking and my kitchen smells heavenly! Update: It is just scrumptious!

The oldest horse at the stable who belongs to my friend Ellie foundered yesterday. He is a 33 year old Morgan and and can still do most of his dressage moves. We think he got into a wasps nest as he has trauma to his neck with lots of swelling which the vet thinks went to his feet. He hasn't had any rotation in his feet so that is very positive and we are hopeful that he will come out of this.

My blogging buddy Nancy at Nancy's Nonsense bought a pie plate a while back that I just loved. She offered to pick one up for me and mail it and I got it yesterday. It is so NICE! It is deep and has the fluted edges which I love, plus it is red! I just put together an apple pie in it for it's maiden voyage! Thank you Nancy!

Noodles loves it when the grand kids are here. Munchkin, notsomuch! I was getting things washed and packed up the day they were to go home and I think Noodles knew something was up. He climbed into their suitcase and stayed there all morning. I don't think their kitty would appreciate it if Noodles came home with them!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Remember my Mom in prayer on Monday as she goes in to have her knee replacement surgery! Thanks!

Update: Just got home from our PAWS meeting and our fundraiser has been postponed until October 11th due to the threat of heavy rain on Saturday. :o(


Pattie said...

I'm playing catch-up with my blog reading... I LOVE the fall decorations you’ve placed around your home! Did you make that beautiful Ohio Star runner, too? The punch bowl, the candles - everything is so pretty. I'm with you: I just love this time of year!

Those pictures of your cat in the suitcase are precious! My little Chihuahua used to do the same thing, when I was packing for a trip. They can sure sense when we're leaving, can’t they?

I'm sending lots of good wishes your way for a successful event this weekend - with NO rain! Let us know on Monday how it all went.

Be well and happy!

CrackerJacks said...

Such a sweet little couple of kitties! You have quite the weekend ahead of you. Be careful and don't over do it.

We will be thinking of you and hope the fundraiser goes well!

Needled Mom said...

Soooo glad they postponed the event with the forecast of heavy rain. That would have been a disaster in spite of the big umbrella.

I love the Amish Friendship bread. We had a quilter in our guild who would bring her "share" bags to each meeting. It created a private chuckle between Pattie and myself.

That suitcase lounger looks pretty darn comfortable. He fits in there perfectly too. You would have missed him as well.

Please keep us updated on Ellie's Morgan. I hope he gets better soon.

Love your pie dish. It is so hard to find nice deep ones and this one is pretty as well. Please send me a piece of that apple pie. I take it with vanilla ice cream please!

Have a relaxing weekend now that the event is cancelled. Hugs.

Dawn said...

Wouldn't you know? Rain always seems to know when it's a bad time to come! But I'm glad you were able to put it off a week.

The kitty in the suitcase is so cute. Our cats used to jump in the suitcase every time we brought them out. Really cute.

That is a beautiful pie plate - and a gorgeous pie! Apple is my favorite pie to make.

PEA said...

Oh sure...I'm already mixed up with my days this week and now you go make a Friday post on Thursday...aaarrrgggghhhh! hehe Don't ya know you're not supposed to confuse a blonde even more???? lol

Yoshi is just gorgeous! What a shame the fundraiser has been postponed but I guess it's for the best if it's going to rain. Watch the forecast change overnight. lol

Love the Home on the Range button and I will proudly put it on my sidebar:-)

I've never made the Amish Friendship bread from a starter myself but I remember my mom making it. My dad use to tease her that she had something growing at the back of the fridge. hehe

Oooooh I love that pie plate...I must see if I can find one too! See what you started??? lol It would match my kitchen perfectly:-)
By the way, I'll be right over for a slice of that apple pie...may as well put a slice of that Amish bread on my plate as well!!

Awwww look at Noodles in that suitcase...too cute! My brother, who we stayed at last weekend, has a cat and one time she peed in my mom's open suitcase...NOT good! lol

Love you my friend. xoxoxoxo

Mary said...

I have made Amish friendship bread from starter and it is delicious. I saw today on the Internet how to start it. I may try some over the winter. I have lots of people to give it to.

I'm sorry about your Morgan and do hope that he is better. It's not pleasant when our animals are hurting.

The pie dish is lovely. I like those deep dishes with the fluted edges. I'm sure the pie that you made is absolutely scrumptious. You've made me hungry for apple pie.

Rain! Wouldn't you know. It's been beautiful here and I wanted to take Mom & Brandon away this weekend and now it's going to rain. *sigh* I know how you feel and hope the rain holds off for you.

Take care. I've enjoyed my visit with you, as always.


Patti said...

I am wanting a new blog design soon, so I will check out your neice's site.

I have made the amish bread and it really is delicious!!

Noodles is precious in the suitcase! Too cute!!

I hope your fundraiser goes well on Saturday!

Have a blessed weekend!

P.S. I'm gonna put your cute button on my blog!

Dawn said...

P.S. I am sure Kristen will invite you to join her reader's list. She appreciates all of her praying friends so much!

Nancy said...

Yoshi is a beautiful cat!!! Does she/he live at the shelter all the time??? And what is it with cats and suitcases or boxes? Mine love to do the same thing. Weird little creatures, aren't they? LOL Can't help but love 'em!!!

So glad you like the pie dish! It sure took me long enough to get it to you, though, didn't it? Sorry about that! Your pie looks beautiful!!! I love my dish!!! It is so much bigger than a regular one, and I love a deep dish....makes for bigger pieces, too! LOL

Your bread looks sooooo good, too!!! I used to keep sour dough starter going all the time. I need to start some again. Would you email me the recipe for the Friendship Bread? I have quite a few recipes that use the starter, and I know there are some that have different names but are the same recipe. So I may already have your recipe but under a different name. I love making all kinds of breads!

I will certainly remember your mom in my prayers. That is not an easy surgery. I had a friend who had a knee replacement. She said despite all the pain, she would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thank you for the "Home on the Range" button! I will happily place it on my sidebar!!!

Glad your fundraiser was postponed as you will have a better turnout on a dry day. It's to rain here, too, the next couple of days, off and on, so TV's coming from some new storm off the SC coast.

Have a great weekend!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That Amish bread is delicious...haven't made it in while tho!

KC said...

The Amish friendship bread is YUMMY... my grandma and my mom both did it.
Noodles is so cute all cuddled up in the suitcase.
Best of luck with the fundraiser.

Mississippi Songbird said...

The bread looks fantastic.. I'm drooling.. and that kitty is so adorable.. i love the one with him in the suitcase.. Priceless!
Have a great weekend!

kdwhorses said...

The bread is awesome! I have done it a couple of times! Experiment with adding different things in before baking!
THat pie looks delish, just needs to be warm with some cinnamon vanilla ice cream!
Good luck with the event on Saturday. We are having our Women's Ranch Rodeo on Sunday, so I've been busy finalizing that!
Noodles, what a cutie!

Alice Grace said...

I know you will love that Amish bread! mmm I can remember how good it was when I made it!
I will be displaying your logo on my blog, thanks! I pray for your Mom that her surgery will go well and she will recover soon.

Sarah said...

Amish bread is wonderful!

Here's my baggie of fermenting dough from a March blog post with the directions in the following post if anyone needs them!

Take care!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, too bad the fund-raiser was postponed, but I guess it's better that everyone stays dry.

Yoshi is a beautiful kitty.

Your bread looks so delicious. Is it a sour dough bread? That's the only kind of bread that I know of that needs a starter. And the apple pie in the beautiful fluted pie plate looks yummy.

All your baking is inspiring me to do some baking too, but not until it gets a little cooler. We are still in the mid-80s around here, and could use some of that rain coming your way.

I hope the Morgan will be okay. Poor horse. And the kitty in the suitcase is adorable!

Have a wonderful weekend. I'll be out on the river tomorrow, enjoying our summery weather.



palmtreefanatic said...

lol! love the cat sleeping in the suitcase! they will sleep anywhere eh?

I pray your moms knee surgery goes well and she recovers QUICK!!!

The pie looks so amazing!

Train Wreck said...

Oh I love that pie dish! Isn't Nancy the SWEETEST! I love her! and all her kitties! I love YOSHI she is gorgeous! Good luck with your big weekend. I hope the rain waits untill you are done! Your little logo is great! I wil have to add it to my to do list!!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the pic of the kitty in the suitcase. How cute. The pie and bread look great.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

i love your graphics and, how come your cooking looks so good?

Susie said...

I love the pictures of your Kitty in the suitcase. I have one of Vincent that I posted some time back. They know suitcase means bye bye!!
I'm worried about you after reading that their is now a hurricane watch for Maine as I write this on Sat.
Please let us know you are OK.
You're in my prayers.
love you,