Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Thoughts

I must be getting spring fever. This graphic is making me crave roasting marshmallows out in the fire pit like we do in the summertime. I don't like them like a burnt offering, just browned all the way around nicely and warm inside. Of course D likes to burn them to a crisp and then have one of us eat them as he won't. It's all the fun of cooking them for him! :0)

Oh how I love the convenience of ordering things online. Even under-grundies, like my nephews call them. Now you all know about my Span*x debacle, we won't even go there again, once was quite enough, thankyouverymuch! That item will go back to the store next time Hubby has to go to Portland. Can't you see the poor guy walking into Chico's, the estrogen-less store in the Mall with this item in a little bag? Everyone in there is having a hot flash! Really! I feel so at home there, it must be why I like to shop there so much.

Speaking of Hubby. He hasn't had a very good weekend. He got out of bed Saturday morning and his knee had pain shoot through it like a needle jabbed into it. He had to go to the ER to see what was going on and the bottom line is that he will be needing a knee replacement some time soon. It's just worn out. He came home on crutches with several prescriptions and has been housebound all weekend. This ought to be interesting.............

Funsize and I went to the barn on Saturday and really gave all the guys a good going over. All but Nick, who had to have a blanket on all winter, is shedding like mad and looks horrible. I guess that's one reason I had to post those last summer pictures as I just needed to see what they really look like without all that winter hair!

Funzise rode Lil' Bud in the inside arena while I did some clipping and Buddy followed them around like a puppy. It was rainy and cold so they couldn't go outside but Buddy gets swollen ankles so needs to move around a bit each morning to get the edema down. I think he turned 28 this spring so he has a lot of the old age things going on. The oldest horse that is up there is a 33 year old Morgan gelding and he is still going strong. His owner still rides him a couple times a week bareback in the arena for 15 or 20 minutes each time.

I almost hate to post this picture but I want you to know just how serious the snow has been here this winter. This is in northern Maine where one of my nieces lives right on the Canadian border and these deer are trying to move around to get something to eat. Our deer population has taken a huge hit this winter to the point where there won't be as many hunting licenses given out next fall. I am so glad I was able to keep my 10-12 fat and happy with their grain each night. They still come here and will until the buds start coming out on the trees and the grass starts to grow. We're getting a bit of grass on the south side of the house that they can nibble on.

We are going to have our grandchildren this week as Son and DIL are going to a convention where it's nice and warm! We are looking forward to it and have some special things planned. It's not school vacation so we won't be able to stay up late watching movies and eating popcorn and they are going to Mimi and Bampy's for the weekend but maybe by then we will be ready for a rest! lol! They keep us hopping but we love it.

Have you seen the movie Enchanted? It's the Disney flick with Patrick Dempsey in it, WHO BTW COMES FROM MAINE, I may have told you that before.....drool..........ahem.......I digress...... It is an adorable movie and the kids love it. T has the Giselle gown that we jumped through hoops for at Christmas time along with SIL and dcrmom who tried to find it for me. I finally found one on EBay in a size 12 but then found an 8 in the Dis*ney Store after they assured me they wouldn't be getting any more but I've hashed this over already so why am I doing it again? So anywho if your kids or grandkids haven't seen this one it's a real pleasure to watch. BTW did I tell you that Patrick Dempsey comes from Maine?????

I have my St. Nick wall hanging about 95% finished. Just a couple of things that I want to redo, like take 5 buttons off and place them a bit differently. OCD much? A couple people asked me if it was for sale and yes it is at $50.00 plus shipping. Oh, I need to put Santa's blush on too but don't do that till it's ready to go. Santa has to have rosy red cheeks you know!

I finished the tractor wall hanging ordered by my blogging buddy Donna and sent it off to Missouri last week. Her Hubby Cliff is a real tractor buff so she wanted one with tractors and a barn on it. It arrived intact thankfully and they are happy with it which always makes me feel real good! I am so honored that it is going to be put in their new home which should arrive soon.

The next one I am doing is like the one I posted last week of the snowmen pulling a sled, trees, cottage etc.... I FINALLY found the book with the pattern in it. Does anyone else out there in Bloggsville hunt for things regularly? It seems like I am always hunting for at least two things all of the time. Now I am hunting for my regular horse clippers as I had to use my body clippers to trim around their legs yesterday and it's not easy with those big honking clippers!

A big congratulations to Tonya over at There is a Season on the birth of her new baby girl last week!!! She is a beauty with dark hair like her Mom! If you get a chance hop on over and take a peek and congratulate this lovely family!!!!


crackerjacksMO said...

The deer picture is just too cool! I really need to visit Maine in the Winter so that I can see that much snow for real!

I haven't heard from you since your last post. Just reminding you I am still here.

Susie said...

Your graphics are just so doggone cute! Love them!
How fun that you get to have the grands for the whole week :)
So sorry to hear about your hubby's knee. Sounds really painful, poor guy! Now you're not going to make him take your Spandex back while he's on crutches are you???
Your St.Nick wall hanging turned out just adorable!!
Those deer look so cold. We've been sweltering here as it was in the 90's during the weekend. Should cool off a little today I think.
Have a great week :)
love you!

Needled Mom said...

Poor hubby! That is not a pleasant thing to have on the horizon. Let's hope that a little rest and the meds will hold him over for a bit. It would be nice to have it done in winter when there is not as much going on like the summer months. However, it is never a good time.

Wow....that snow is amazing. I feel for the deer population. It must have been a nasty time for all of them. Glad that yours survived.

It's too bad that you cannot find a useful purpose for all of the hair that the guys are shedding. Isn't there something that you can stuff??? How about a quilt lining???

You guys will have fun with the grands. I know that they are looking forward to it as much as you are. Rest up, my friend.

The quilts are beautiful. I love your applique. YES...I am always looking for something, or two or three or more or....

It's been a busy week here so I haven't had blogging time. I'll catch up soon. It was dental cleaning and shopping thrown in with the cleaning today.

Please toast a mallow for me -- not too burned.

Dawn said...

First, yes, I am always losing things.

Second, those poor deer!!

Third, have fun with the grands!

Fourth, Poor Hubby!

Fifth, Poor you because of Poor Hubby!

Lucky us - 75 today, 77 tomorrow.

Poor us - 48 on Wednesday. Yuck!

Donna said...

There are knee replacements in my future too; I can relate to your husband's pain.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Love the photos. Those poor deer. I bet they get so coldout there.. and We LOVED "Enchanted".I'm going to purchase the DVD.. I could watch it over and over again... Have a wonderful week.

palmtreefanatic said...

I love that deer pic! Thats amazing!

you will have so much fun with the Grands! Enjoy it as time will fly by!

Sorry to hear about your dear hubby! May God give YOU Grace to deal with him;)

Nap Warden said...

We just bought Enchanted yesterday. Everyone loved it! Such a cute movie. Patrick D. what a cutie...Is he from Maine?;)

Jen said...

char the mallow!! burn it good lol...

I have yet to see Enhanted but my daughter has been asking. I wanted to screen ahead but Ill take your word for it :0)

By the way...Is Patrick Dempsey from Maine??? lol

Blessings, Jen

Anonymous said...

You have a fabulous blog. I know the plight of the deer and lots of other wildlife is critical in the winter and in the summer the does have to find a place to give birth. Not an easy task in this world today.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

tonya said...

Thanks for the congratulations! We are all doing great over here on the baby front. But still reeling a LOT from the blow we took on Sunday with our pup and now our neighbor lost two of his dogs as well. It's been a rough week.

Took Baby Bird to the Dr yesterday for her one week check up and she is all back to her birth weight and doing great. I'll post some new pics today!

Have a great week -


Callie said...

The pic of the deer in the snow, that is just crazy!

Mary said...

Wow! You have lots of news. Love the wall hangings. You do such a great job with them. Mom also does these. She has a few hanging in her home.

Those deer are certainly up to their necks. I'm not surprised the deer population took such a big hit. Here we are over-populated and they are going to extend the hunting season next year.

Our grandsons are coming on Saturday to stay overnight. We will do something fun. I'm not sure what yet.

Love all of your graphics and certainly enjoyed my visit. I have your name in the hat for the Christian fiction book.

Blessings for a great week.

Alice Grace said...

Wow! The picture of the deer just amaze me! Sounds like you have a busy week going on. Hope your hubby gets better! How cold is it there now?

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm sorry to hear about the knee. That's not good.

The Santa hanging is pretty cute. I get what you mean about OCD and crafts, I was always a stickler for things being just right.

It sounds like the horses are doing well.

Susie said...

It's me again! I've tagged you for a meme if you want to play!

KC said...

WOW the deer pictures are really cool.
I took the kids to see enchanted at the theater when it was out.. Then for Easter Sweet Pea got the DVD in her easter basket.. They watched it again lastnight before bed. cute show..

BarnGoddess said...


I hope your hubs is doing better. my father had knee replacement years ago and he is so much better. He was shot in the Korean War. Hes needed one fora VERY long time.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How long do horses normally live!

I can't believe that picture of the that's alot of snow!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

I love you blog...this is my first time here. I love second favorite state after Texas. I love horses...rode in rodeos as a kid and still miss my horses.

Tell your hubby I've known several with knee replacements...all good! I've had a total hip replacement...very good.

Anyway, it's good to get to know you. Will visit again!

bj said...

I just adore your is always so fun to spend time with you.
Poor little deer...I do hope they got thru that deep snow and found something to eat. Serious weather!
And, I know there's nothing more fun and close to the heart as having grandchildren beside you! This is why I was put on this earth!
hugs, bj