Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night Ramblings

It sure is quiet around the 'ole farm tonight. T and D went home with Mimi and Bampie, their other grandparents, for the weekend. I packed up their little suitcases with all their 'stuff' and had them ready. It was sad seeing them there on the kitchen table. Mimi picked them up at school so I didn't get to see them off but that was probably for the best as I would have been sniffling I'm sure. I guess you can tell I'm missing them. Son and DIL will be home this weekend and Mimi and Bampie will take T and D to the airport to meet the plane.

Mimi and Bampie live on a small quiet lake and it is a beautiful spot with everything a youngster could want. Bampie pulls them behind the boat on the knee board and has several different tube things to ride on. Of course there is still some ice in the lake so they won't be doing that this time around. T is getting quite adept at knee boarding and cousin K can even do spins on it! What fun! Wish I was still agile enough to do that kind of thing but I do well to stay on my horse so guess I won't try it! :o)

I was recently awarded this beautiful award by my dear friend Needled Mom. I guess I have mentioned before that we met by chance at a convention that our husbands attend every year. Not that I believe things happen 'by chance' mind you. Out of a group of probably 75 wives we were sitting at the same table at breakfast one morning while the hubs were in a class and someone asked us all what we like to do. She and I both piped up and said quilting and immediately made a connection and friendship that has gone on for the past 4 or 5 years and will continue as long as we are both around.

Now I am from the backwoods of Maine and she is from outside of Los Angeles, couldn't be much further away but we have so many common interests and enjoy each others company so much! Some day I want to take a trip to California and I want her to come to Maine and spend some time on the lake at our cottage and hopefully it will happen. If you want to see some of her beautiful flowers stop by her latest post.

Anyhow this award is from her and I thank you NM so much!!

Now these are the rules for this award which I find hard because all of my blogging friends truly make me smile and make my days more beautiful so I hate just giving three but know that you all are deserving even though I can only pick three this time.

So... I pass this award onto Pea at Pea's Corner who has become a dear friend and cohort, Susie at Susies Space who I feel like I have known forever and some day will sit down with and chat up a storm and Barn Goddess at Ramblings From the Reservation who tickles my funny bone with the antics on the 'ole Res with her beautiful family and of course Freddie and Scooter!

Now you guys have the hard task of just picking three!! :O(

1. Give to 3 BEAUTIFUL Bloggettes.
2. Smile because you are making their day BEAUTIFUL.
3. On the day that you send out your 3 Awards commit one (or more) random acts of BEAUTY.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, sent me this picture when we were in the midst of all of our snow........I did take the liberty to add a bit to the picture so as to keep my G rating! It is titled Snorkeling In Maine! I figured if you all didn't drop me because of the Red Neck Tank Top you could handle this!

BTW, speaking of the Red Neck Tank Top I have been getting orders left and right for them!!! I think I have found my new niche!! (Not really but it made a good story......) heehee!

Dad and I have been walking twice every day since he got home from Florida. Today was beautiful out and we shed our jackets before halfway home. We are walking on the streets now until all the snow is gone in the woods, then we will walk the carriage trails. It's prettier in the woods plus Noodles likes to go with us and I don't want him in the street.

Hubby has had good news on his knee. It doesn't look like he will have to have a knee replacement right now. They are trying another procedure which includes big needles (YUCK)! He seems to be doing better, is off the crutches and cane, and hopeful that this will work.


Suzy said...

What great pictures of the kids...they're so lucky to have 2 sets of wonderful grandparents that love them so much.You all are forming such great memories!
Needled mom and I have been visiting each other for sometime now! She has a great blog!
Have a good weekend,

crackerjacksMO said...

glad you had a good time with the kids but now it should be nice and quiet for a bit. congrats on your award. it is nice to stop by and hear about what's going on. i find your blog serene and comforting.

Callie said...

EeeeGads! Orders for those things?!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your award!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I love the pictures.. Have a great weekend!

Alice Grace said...

Love this post! By the way, Happy Birthday tomorrow! (Guess how I found out! hehe)

Suzy said...

Yes,I just found out too!! didn't say a word about it...Happy birthday, and many more! Suzy

Rising Rainbow said...

Between the kids actitivies and the lake and the snorkling in Maine, I'm beginning to wonder about you. I suppose I should have wondered long ago, but you now us horse folks........we're a bit slow. lol

Congrats on the award!!

Susie said...

I understand about quiet houses after the grands go home. We had both boys all day today and it seems very quiet here now. I have a suspicion on who sent you that picture. Could I be right??
So glad to hear your husband's knee is getting better. Those needles sound awful though!
Thank you so much for the award. If you come to CA to see Needled Mom, you're only half a state away. I'd love to see Maine sometime, so who knows?? It could happen!!
love and ((hugs))

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Louise
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!xoxo

Your birthday snuck up on me, just looked at my notebook this morning and realized it was your birthday!!! Have a card for you on my blog:-) I sure wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!!

Awwww I can just imagine how much your missing having your grandkids around. They are so adorable and I love those pictures of them...amazing what young children can do now, even knee boarding and tubing!! I'd probably fall off the first second! lol

Congratulations on the beautiful award and thank you so much for passing it along to me. I got quite teary eyed when I saw are so special to me and my one big wish is that someday we will meet in person!!

I just about spit out my coffee when I saw that picture of "snorkeling in Maine"...omigosh, too funny! hehe We both had enough snow this past winter to do that, though, that's the not so funny part! lol

Good for you and your dad walking every day...what a wonderful and healthy way to spend time together:-) It's in times like these that I miss my own dad. Also great news about your hubby not needing knee surgery...prayers that he continues to do well!

Have a wonderful birthday my friend!!! Love you! xoxoxo

Rachel said...

Pea sent me over to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! I love horses and I love quilting, so I'll be back!!! :)

Betty said...

I heard today is your birthday, and I just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday. Pea put the bug in my ear.

Linds said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you ahve a wonderful day!

smilnsigh said...

PEA sent me over, with Happy Birthday Wishes for you, on Saturday.


Mississippi Songbird said...

I heard it's your birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!
Bunches of hugs!!!

Granny said...

What good news about your hubby. I hope he continues to improve.

A very Happy Birthday to you. You don't know me but I'm RocRebelGranny who shares the day with you. Isn't Pea sweet to remember?

Needled Mom said...

Just got back from the kids and had to pop over to wish you a big happy birthday on the actual day.

I, too, cherish our dear friendship. I think I look forward to the convention more for our quick visits than even the delicious stone crabs. That is saying a lot!!!!

I'll bet that you enjoy the walk with your dad as much as he does. Of course the fact that you are both getting exercise is only a bonus to the wonderful visits that you two must share. Are they adjusting to the Maine temperatures again?

Glad that you had such a good time with the kids. I know how much they enjoy both sets of grandparents so it is nice that you are close enough to share visits.

The guest room is waiting for you! And I can hardly wait to visit Maine. I'm sure DH would like to visit with snow but think I will think of a summer vacation. :) You know me.

Birthday hugs.

peppylady said...

Happy Birthday.

palmtreefanatic said...

love the pics! That dog is is so darn cute!


Yeah I still love the red neck tank, I may have to steel it for a wordless wednesday;) I told my DH I would have to make him one since I think he is a little redneck;)

Love the pics of the grands, looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Congrats on the award, you do deserve it! You are WONDERFUL!
Have a superb rest of the weekend! said...

I am over here from Pea's to say Have a Happy Birthday!! Blessings Grams

BarnGoddess said...

awwww MM THANK YOU!!!

you know, I cannot leave your blog without a smile :)

you are undoubtedly one of the nicest people I have met thru blogging-thats the honest truth.

Thank you!

I also enjoy seeing your photos from your beautiful state, lovely equines, and of course, your awesome family.

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday! Is your birthday on April 18? That's the same as mine!