Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Midweek Musings

It's Wednesday already. I just can't make time slow down. I suppose if I was bored with nothing to do time would drag but I don't want to live that way. I like being busy although sometimes I get overbooked and have to say enough is enough and slow things down a bit.

Mom and I went out and did one of our favorite things today. Eat. We have a restaurant in the next town that has the B.E.S.T. lobster and crabmeat rolls. (I feel drool coming on, where's my bib) We call in the order and then go to a nice spot and watch the planes from the airport and the helicopters from the Guard Unit take off. Saw only one today but the food was sooooooo good we didn't care. (Jo-Lynne let's eat there again when you are in Maine this summer!!)

Jo-Lynne is my niece dcrmom who was in Florida last week at Dis*ney World on a Mom's Blogger Weekend. She was chosen along with some others to go and meet with Disney reps. Check it out at her site, Musings Of A Housewife and then click on her Reviewings button. (I don't know why Blogger won't let me link this so just go to my sidebar favorites and link on it there.) Dis*ney really put on a wonderful time for them and they saw the newest Dis*ney attraction that the media hasn't even seen yet!! Another great thing was that she got to meet some of the gals that she has been blogging with for some time. What fun to meet in person and at Dis*ney to boot! Congratulations Jo-Lynne!!

We are having some gorgeous weather. It was 77* when Dad and I went for our afternoon walk today! Just beautiful with a nice breeze. The sky was beautiful.

I tried to get a shot of our barn from the top of the hill where we walk. We are on the very back edge of our development. When you look out the front door you see houses and neighbors but when you go out back it's totally private with all our land behind the house and these houses that are in the picture. I feel we have the best of both worlds. I like having some neighbors but I also like the privacy, woods, pasture, carriage trails, snowmobile trails and all the woodsy creatures that come around every day.

Buddy and I went for a ride this morning and it was beautiful as well. Ann got called to grandmother duty, Funsize was working so I was on my own. After giving Buddy a good going over we went for a nice lazy ride. I was careful not to go on the Poopless Dirt Road this time.......ahem......

Justin came over to the fence to say hello. He's a good boy, I rode him last summer while Buddy was laid up. Two teenage gals own him but they are in sports and don't get out to ride him much.

We went down to the river as Buddy likes to get in there and play a bit. The current was strong and the water was high due to the heavy snow melt so we didn't go in very far. There were cormorants flying by and I tried to get some pictures, if you look and see the little black spot that's one of them. It's up to the right just almost to the top of the tree line. They are a big bird that hangs around the river.

I love it when a horses ears are right up and they are interested in what's going on around them. Not to the point that they are skittish, just alert.

This is looking up from the river. Those spots are horses and that's the indoor arena. I seem to be taking a lot of just 'spots' pictures today.

Nick is wondering why he didn't get to go! Nick needs a job. He is very well trained and was shown very successfully by a young lady in Massachusetts before we bought him but since he's been here he has mostly been on vacation and has gotten a bit UN-trained! When T is ready for him I will have to put him in training for a few months. Would like to find a young lady to use him this summer and show him but I'm VERY picky who I would let use him so the chances are slim that he will have a job this summer. I can hear him sighing with relief, he likes his life just the way it is just hanging out with Kipper and Skip who was over too far to get in this picture.

This is the busy secondary road that we have to ride on to get to the trails. Trucks like this zoom by us at 60 mph. Very scary sometimes. Most of them are good, they pull over to give us more room but sometimes they just go screaming by. Thankfully our horses are used to it and don't give it a thought but we do and try to get off the road as far as possible.

Someone sent me this picture today. This was taken in northern Maine this winter on the power line. Some one must use their snowmobile to put out the grain. Quite a sight but I'm glad I don't have that many to feed!

I like cartoons and found this one today and it still cracks me up even though it's old! I know, sometimes my sense of humor is a bit weird.......

This one made me laugh too. Poor woman!

Guess that's it for today. Hope you all are having beautiful weather like we finally are! I even have a few daffodils up! WooHoo!


Donna said...

Isn't it great to see green grass in our pictures?

smileymamaT said...

Hi! Great cartoons.
The pic of the deer really shocked me, look at all of them out at once in a line!... the snow up here at the top-o-Maine/Western NB was chest-high to the deer in late December, so you can imagine, they've been near starving for some time now.... I'm so glad the snow is finally half-melted, they can get to food easier.
Love the ears-up photo taken from up on the horse, don't see many of those. :)

Kris said...

Sounds like you have had a busy couple of days!
Loved the cartoons!
The picture of the deer is just awesome!

Pony Girl said...

Glad you got to get out on Buddy for a ride. Loved the deer pic, and I liked the Close to Home cartoon, too!!

Rising Rainbow said...

That would be quite a herd of deer to be feeding.

crackerjacksMO said...

The temp has been wonderful here too. Lots of sunshine and cool breezes. Storms rolled in today and now it's thunder, lightning, flooding, and gobs of rain!

I really like the dear pic. Who feeds them? Is it the state or something??

Busy is good, but sometimes not-busy is good too. This week, I've been WAY-TO-BUSY! hahahaha!

Callie said...

Lovely scenery. Oh my, all those deer! And hilarious cartoons!

Needled Mom said...

So glad that you have had such lovely temps this week. Bet it really feels good.

The pictures from your walk and ride certainly look like it both were relaxing and enjoyable. It must be wonderful to just ride, enjoy the scenery and have time to think. The "ears up" picture is great!

I'll have to check out the awesome trip to Dis*ney on dcrmom's blog. What a thrill it must have been for her.

Aren't you glad you do not have that many deer to feed? Oh my! Good thing someone was taking care of them with all the snow that was dumped on Maine this year.

Got any projects that you are working on these days?

Susie said...

Good morning!
I do hope blogger is in a better mood today. I couldn't comment yesterday. That picture of all those deer is amazing.
Glad you've been having such glorious weather and can get out and enjoy doing the things you love. We've had a bit of rain and cold, but today looks like it will be lovely.
Your cartoons were so cute!

Dawn said...

What beautiful pictures of your neck of the woods!

I'm finally getting around to the meme - mine isn't very "spiritual!"

PEA said...

I'm telling you, Blogger is out to get me! lol It ate my comment earlier so I thought I'd wait a bit longer before trying again...then my cable went down!!! Hmmm maybe they're in cahoots with each other. lol

Eating is one of me and my mom's favourite pastime as well! hehe Glad to hear that you and your mom had such a lovely time:-)

Oh wow, how wonderful that your niece was able to go to Disney for a blogger get together. I can well imagine the fun they had!!

We've been having such glorious weather as well but it seems by tomorrow all that will change and a cold front with rain/snow will move in for a few days. UGH!

I so enjoyed seeing all your pictures of your surroundings. Did you know if you type your address in Google Maps, you can actually see your street and your whole area? Found that out from another blogger the other day! Click on the satellite tab and voila, there's your house! lol

That must have been quite a sight to see all those deer in a line like that...glad someone was feeding them since food would be scarce with all that snow! Those two cartoons cracked me up! hehe

Take care and let's hope this comment doesn't get eaten up cuz I'm not typing it all over again. lol Actually I'll copy it just in case!!! xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

aaaahhh lovely photos! I just love all your photos! and your jokes are awesome!