Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Talk

It's raining cats and dogs here today with more on tap for tomorrow. On tap. Did you catch that? Sometimes I crack myself up....ahem...anyway it's really wild here with the flood warnings up. I'm glad we live quite high on a hill as we are right beside the river and it does tend to flood the lowlands on occasion. The puddles in the roads are deep and water is streaming down them towards the drain offs. If this were snow we would be under three feet by now!

I enjoyed all the comments on my hair receivers . Not many of you had ever heard of them before but a few had seen them on their grandmother's dresser. Most of you thought the tradition was gross and I must agree with you on that one. Here's a few more that I have in my sewing room. I don't think they have been dusted since 1963 by the looks!

I finally finished my Reindeer wall hanging. Don't you love Rudolf's red nose? I think the colors are so festive for the holidays.

I also got word that the princess wall hanging arrived for Izabel and Emily the two little cuties who love purple and pink. Check it out at
The Cracker Jacks, their blog. This Mom has done a FANTASTIC job creating this site to keep a journal about her two little girls including pictures, journaling and videos. How I wish this had been available when my son was a baby, we just had baby books to write things in and the older he got the less I wrote. Now with all of this technology you can have an absolutely beautiful way of chronicling their lives.

I have to show you this beautiful card that Needled Mom made for me for my birthday. It's incredible the detail that she put in this. To see how it is done she has an amazing tutorial on her site that walks you through each phase of the project. I keep meaning to ask her if she is Needled Mom because she was a nurse and gave a lot of shots or because she sews with needles all the time???????????

I had another wonderful surprise today from my Blogging Buddy Pea over at Pea's Corner. There was a box on my doorstep left by my mailman so I hurried in to open it and this is what I found inside!!!! This darling little bird, a trinket box which will look wonderful in my curio cabinet with my hair receivers and this picture frame that is unbelievable! I have a picture of Buddy and me that will be in there before the night is over. I hope you can see the details with the cowboy hat, rope and spurs! Thank you so much Miss Pea!! xoxox I love everything!

Sunday night was Parents Night at Awana and both Son and DIL work in the group so T invited me to come downstairs and be her guest. It's the next to last night of Awana with the closing program next week. There was pizza and punch for all and we enjoyed every bit of it!

Of course I had to sneak into Cubbies and see D too!! He has a rather short hair cut as he got bubble gum in his hair and Daddy had to get the clippers out.......

I was at my chiropractor's office today to get twisted like a pretzel and cracked. It's not as bad as it sounds, it really helps. He only has Chiropractor magazines in the waiting room, no People, Ladies Home Journal, Popular Mechanics or anything else entertaining but I do like the cartoons.

I hope you can see this one, I enlarged it as much as I could. The chiropractor is putting water out in front of his office in the wintertime to make ice so that people fall and need to come in for an adjustment. It's titled When Chiropractors Go Bad. My chiropractor is really nice and takes a lot of ribbing from me and my Dad as we go there regularly. Dad calls him his chirocracktor!

It's still raining, I'm wondering if I should start building an ark?


Dawn said...

So I never heard of chiropractor humor before - pretty good!

You guys are really getting the water poured on you this year in every variety.

The Christmas thingie is adorable!

Have a great rest of the week. Hope it dries up a bit.

Donna said...

Wouldn't it be "loverly" if you'd end up sending a wall hanging to someone in every state in the Union?

I'm SO proud of mine, and it isn't as though I bought it from some stranger in a flea market. Oh no, a caring person made it especially for ME.

I truly appreciate that aspect of it.

Susie said...

You are really getting the rain there. They are saying we are in the beginning of a drought. I don't know why after all the rain we had in Jan!
You have a huge collection of hair receivers! So neat to see..
Also enjoyed all your pictures and the cute jokes!!
What a lovely card from Needled Mom. Her tutorial was great!
Also such a thoughtful gift from the always Sweet Pea. You deserve both!!
love and ((hugs))

PEA said...

If you build an ark, just make sure the skunks have their own little room, ok? lol Oh dear, sounds like you're really getting poured on over there...they're forecasting rain/snow for here tomorrow. It's turned so cold and just the thought of it snowing again makes me want to scream!!!

Oh my goodness, look at all those hair receivers!! To think I'd never seen one before or even heard of them until you posted about them. They truly are gorgeous.

Your reindeer wall hanging is fabulous...love the colours and what beautiful work you do!!

I just love that fabric postcard Needled Mom sent you...I saw her tutorial earlier and she makes it look so easy but I know me, I would make a mess of it! lol

I'm so glad you received your parcel...I'm sorry I sent it too late for your birthday, though. I had bought the frame about 2 months ago because as soon as I'd seen it, I thought of you:-) I have a little bird just like the one I sent you so know that yours has a little sister here:-)As for the trinket box, I was hoping you'd like it!! You are more than welcome for everything:-)

Looks like you all had a fun time at the Parents Night at Awana...you're my kind of grandma, teaching your grandchild how to stick out her tongue!! lol Hmmm, maybe she was teaching you?? hehe

Loved the cartoons! Love ya! xoxox

Needled Mom said...

Have you seen the darling "raining cats and dogs" fabric? Think you should start a project with that rather than the ark.

The reindeer quilt is darling. I know that the recipient will absolutely love hanging it for years to come.

Thanks for the scream. I'm glad that you enjoyed the card. If you attempt one I would love to see you post some photos. Yes, guess that I have been involved in needles in all walks of my life. Does that say anything about me??? Yikes!

Such lovely gifts from Pea. Isn't she a sweet gal? I so enjoy her blog.

Hope things dry up a bit for you. It has cooled off a little for us today which was a welcome relief.

We've had a few roller coaster days with my FIL. We are all on pins and needles here. You know how that is.

Sarah said...

You always have so much to see! Love the hair receivers. Gotta a good laugh on the Noah's ark though!

Have a great day. The CD set is on its way. I think I just made a rhyme!

Tonya said...

I started going to a chiro "again" while I was pregnant since my regular doctor would not do a block on me while I was pregnant. He worked wonders....I can't wait to go back now that I'm not pregnant so he can really work me over.

Our rain seems to keep waiting for the weekends and raining out our horse shows!!! ugh!! Lib has only gone to two and we've only been able to have four when we should have had already had 9 total.

You're such a fun grandmother....y'all look so cute!

Callie said...

I hear you on the rain busines. Our temps just dropped to the 20's last night . Burrr! Love the cards!

KC said...

I feel like a bad blogging buddy.. Somewhere along the line I missed that it was your birthday.. So
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday midlife mom
Happy birthday to you..
and many more!!!!!!!!!

you and T look so cute and D's hair looks great for spring and summer. what cuties..
I posted some pictures of the kids from there last night of Awana's in my weekend recap this week.. it was at the bottom of my long recap LOL..

KC said...

I feel like a bad blogging buddy.. Somewhere along the line I missed that it was your birthday.. So
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday midlife mom
Happy birthday to you..
and many more!!!!!!!!!

you and T look so cute and D's hair looks great for spring and summer. what cuties..
I posted some pictures of the kids from there last night of Awana's in my weekend recap this week.. it was at the bottom of my long recap LOL..

Nap Warden said...

We're getting rain as well. If you build an ark, swing by and pick me up;)

palmtreefanatic said...

I personally haven't ever gone to a chiropractor! Lucky me! My DH has in the past once or twice a week!

loved the cartoons! cute!

Christmas wall hanging is beautiful you are awesome!

Loved your gift! how perfect for you!!! It will look adorable I am sure with your pic in it!

That is alot of hair recievers, hoever did you manage to collect that many? Here I never even heard of them! hmmm

That postcard Needled mom sent you is so cute too!

I will be out of town for a couple days
have a nice weekend!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We got that much moisture last week....in snow. It is supposed to rain here again any time now.....we really could use a little break from the moisture.

Mississippi Songbird said...

My daughter just graduated from AWANA..lol
They got their certificate last week..
Hope you have a wonderful day. Today is National Day of Prayer..

Rising Rainbow said...

I feel like a bad blogging buddy too. I'm not sure if I missed your birthday or not. I'm trying to keep track of so much stuff my brain has turned to mush. So if I missed it, belated happy birthday. It I didn't miss it......happy birthday again!!

The wall hanging is very cute. Rudolph's little red nose is very cute!

I hope you don't need an ark. I'm pretty sure if you're getting all that rain, some one who really needs it must be missing out.

Sioux said...

The hair receivers are beautiful! What a collection. Love the photos of the kids, too, and the cartoons, especially the chicken one, are priceless!!

kdwhorses said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Loved the jokes! We have a great chiropractor here! Thank goodness!
Rain is supposed to start tomorrow and then chances off and on for the next week or so! Hopefully it will help the humidity!

Pony Girl said...

Hope you had a happy happy birthday! Loved the little western from, too cute!! Hopefully you'll get a rainbow and some sun soon!

Tammy said...

Loved those pictures of you and your little Sparkie! My girls were in Awana for two years, with my oldest being a Spark. Now they're in Missionettes at a different church- but Awana was such a great program for learning Scripture!

How sweet of Pea to send that package- the frame is wonderful!

Hope the flooding is kept at bay...um, bay- get it? Sorry, that just came out! LOL

Mike S said...

We live on a hill beside a river here as well. Very glad we're up here even if our river barely rose above flood stage. They sure got a mess up in 'the county' though!! Our daughter's in-laws live on the banks of the St John near Woodstock, N.B. and their house is about 75' from the water and only about 2' above the flood line.

Love the cartoons. Rudolph is great too. Showed the Mrs your collection, she was as impressed as I was.

Mary said...

I love the way you have your hair receivers displayed. They look lovely there and a little dust makes them look all the more original. LOL

It seems you all had a great time. I remember my daughter getting bubble gum in her hair and having to have it cut. Thank goodness it was near the ends of her hair or she would have been a girl with a brush cut.

The Noah's Ark graphic is so pretty. Thanks for sharing. We could have used that on Friday and Saturday. It poured for 2 days straight.

Take care and thanks again for your words of encouragement.