Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

I have been tagged by my blogging buddy Susie over at Susie's Space for this meme.

Here are the rules:

1) Write your own six-word memoir about yourself.
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you'd like.
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible, so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
4) Tag five more blogs with links.
5) And don't forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

I have been thinking about this and came up with what I thought personified me the best way:

Christian, wife, mom, grammie, sister, daughter, friend. Now I know that's 7 but I couldn't leave any of those out as they all are important to me.

Now for a funkier version:

Laughs a lot over foolish things!

From reading my blog you all know my sense of humor can be a bit crazy. (note recent redneck tank top and snorkeling in Maine blog content) For me laughter is a way of life and I find humor in so many things. There are too many things to feel sad about so I grab the funny things and have a good belly laugh. (the laughs are getting bigger all the time.....ahem.......oh wait, we aren't talking waist size here are we?)

So let's see who can I tag on this one.......hummmmm.......How about:

Jen over at Copenhagen Kisses
Tammy at Family Doins'
Callie at Midwest Horse

Now it's time to head out to the airport to meet Son and DIL's plane. Must make sure my camera is ready as I can see some bloggy fodder in this occasion.

It was beautiful riding this (Saturday) morning. Funsize, Ann and I met at the stable and groomed the guys once more, trying to get all the old winter hair out as much as possible. Buddy is looking pretty good, I took the clippers to him again and buzzed off a lot of the old belly hair. We saddled up and headed out trying to stay as far off the road as possible as it's a very busy road with big trucks zipping by.
We went down a side dirt road and there is one person who lives there and he came out and said that we had left some horse poop on his road (which we don't do) and would we please not do that. I felt like telling him to get a life but that wouldn't have been very nice so we said we were sorry and turned around and went back to the busy road. We have lost almost all of our places off road to ride. People are building houses back on these dirt roads and putting no trespassing signs up. So we take our life in our hands and have to go on the road for the most part when we ride at the stable.

We have one very nice man that has a farm and enjoys us riding out back of his house on a dirt road. He always speaks to us and tells us to ride there anytime and don't worry about cleaning up any horse poop. He would rather we are safe then have to ride on a busy road. We appreciate his kindness and would clean up anything that need be even though he says not to bother. There are all kinds of people in this world and I and thankful for the kind and considerate ones.

I would like to thank all of you for the nice birthday greetings via e-mail, snail mail and bloggy mail. Several of you gave me nice shout outs for my birthday and sent people I had never met before over to say hi and that was fun meeting new folks! Funsize gave me a wonderful gift, the Willow Tree horse and owner called Quiet Strength. I had never seen that one before so it was even more of a nice surprise.

I am so blessed to have Funsize in my life. We have been close buddies since she was 10 years old and Hubby got Buddy for me for Christmas. We've always had that horse connection that all you horse people can relate to. We didn't tell her what we were going to see that day and drove to the farm where he was still with his former owners until I could get into the stable where I am now. In those days we didn't have our own barn.

The people that had owned Buddy told us we could come down on Christmas Day and see him and I thought that was very nice of them. We walked into the barn and there was Buddy and Funsize had the biggest eyes you've ever seen, she just couldn't believe that he was ours! Now she is an itty bitty little thing now and 15 years ago she was even smaller and we were commenting today on how big he is and how small she was and she was riding him. We didn't have Lil' Bud at that point.

We would load him up and take him to her lessons and they did just fine even though the instructor thought he was way too big for her. He was fit and only 12 or 13 years old at that time and would try to pull things on her but she was most always in charge. He never did anything bad, just was feeling good. Hence we have always called him our Gentle Giant.

It's hard seeing him age and have aches and pains that go along with the aging process. When we ride now we don't canter around the ring doing circles and figure eights. We pretty much just walk and trot as he stumbles quite a bit, has always been kind of a klutz, I don't know how they ever used him for cross country jumping and dressage but that's the life he led until he came to us and we turned him into a western pleasure horse.

Funsize has the horse gene right in her and although she wasn't around much when she was away at college I knew she would come back to it and she did. We sure have a great time whether it be riding or talking or eating or going to church or whatever. I'm just glad she is a big part of my life!


Susie said...

So glad you had such a great birthday!
Thanks for doing this meme and I love the two you chose :)
I don't think those kids were glad to see their Mom & Dad at all (wink wink)
Love that Willow Tree plaque. I have several and so does my daughter.
Hope you're out enjoying some beautiful sunshine. It's lovely here!
love you!

I'm Mikey said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad you had a good one! Glad you're getting to ride, bummer it has to be on the main road. I can't believe someone won't let you ride down the road because your horse poops on it. Wow.

LN- Nickers and Ink said...

What a great blog! I love the cheery daisy background.

Your seven words could apply to me too, and I like the Scripture in your sidebar.

Glad to find another Christian and horsey blogger.

The Mane Point - on blogspot

Alice Grace said...

I found myself smiling all thru this post. I can't believe that guy did not want a little free fertilize on his road! LOL. I had a horse once named Candy. I loved her so I know a little of your feelings for yours. Thanks for coming by my blog, and yes, you are correct! My house has not been the same since I started learning to quilt, but it is a happy time, I am having a ball!

Donna said...

A sense of humor gets us through so much! I love yours.

Mary said...

I do hope you had a wonderful birthday. I enjoyed your photos and that dog looks like he could mean business.

A little horse poop isn't going to hurt anything. People take all the joy out of fun things. Please be careful riding on a busy road. The drivers are crazy and probably know nothing of horses.

Happy Birthday, my friend. Please drop over when you get the chance. I always enjoy visiting with you.

Blessings for a great week.

Rising Rainbow said...

I had one of those incidents where someone complained about horse poo on the road. It hadn't been our horses but this guy had a gun. It was a scary experience and we never rode in that area again. Wierd how city folk moving to the country don't get what country life is about.

BarnGoddess said...

Im glad you had a wonderful b-day!

My b-day is Saturday....39, I wish it was 29!

omg, I cannot get over the jerk about the horse manure, what an ass. People out here in OKLA think nothing of manure piles laying everywhere, its a way of life. I do believe that jerk would be ran out of the state for complaining about something so trivial. I wish you had a beautiful, safe place to ride. Riding on a busy road is never safe, even on a dead broke horse.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like T and D were thrilled to have mom and dad home. I know the parents were just as glad to be home. Did they enjoy their convention?

I'm so glad that you and Funsize have such a good time together. She sounds like a delightful gal.

Thw Willow Tree Quiet Strength is beautiful What a thoughtful gift.

Sorry that you guys are relegated to the busy roads. Who could get upset with a little horse poop on a dirt road???? Give me a break.

Rachel said...

Too bad you have so few places to ride. All the land is getting snapped up and they keep building houses. Geesh. Hoorah for the nice man who lets you ride on his land.

You are lucky to be able to ride though. I'd LOVE to have a horse! I spent my childhood riding!! There's nothing better!!!

Rachel said...
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dcrmom said...

Loving those reunion pix! :-)

Tammy said...

Did I miss your birthday? A very, very happy belated birthday to you!!!
So glad that it was a nice day for you!
Love all the airport pictures!
And thanks for the tag...I'll try to do this very soon! :)

Callie said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I think every road should have horse poo in it!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I can't believe the guy yelled at you for leaving horse poop on the are right, he needs to get a life!

palmtreefanatic said...

How sweet!
Glad you had a nice birthday!
Thanks for the tag, I have to think on this one!

PEA said...

Ummmm...I've had a birthday gift for you for a while now and it's still sitting here...sigh! I promise to get it all packaged up and mailed out tomorrow...I'm so sorry I didn't send it in time for your birthday. Oh well, it will just mean that your birthday is lasting that much longer! lol

Loved your two meme you, I prefer to find laughter in life and not worry about the little things. I think that's why you and I get along so well, we seem to have the same quirky sense of humour! lol

Awwww look how happy those kids were to see their mom and dad again!! I always bring my camera with me everywhere I go...just in case I can get something for blogging fodder too! hehe

Oh wow, I love that Willow Tree horse & owner figure that you got from Funsize...I'd never seen that one either. It's perfect for you!! Loved hearing of the connection you and Funsize have! Wonderful!!

I've just come in from raking both the front and back I've got blisters on my hands...OUCH! lol Even hurts to type but that will teach me from not wearing gloves! lol Love ya!! xoxox

Nap Warden said...

Hey...Happy Birthday!

Kris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had a great day! Some people-like horse poop is a bad thing! Do they not think dogs, cats, etc. poop on the road?? I do believe people all over continue to show there ignorance!