Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Just got home from eating way too much at our favorite restaurant. (Don't ask me what this graphic has to do with it but I liked it.) Funsize and I always have the baked stuff shrimp with the seafood stuffing and it is to die for. Today we even had the baked brie with grilled pears and raspberry sauce as an appetizer, another fav. We invited our pastor to go with us as his wife is out of town helping with a new grandchild, their first. Roger, our pastor, is getting ready to leave with three others from our church to go on a short term missions trip to Africa on Thursday so we gave them all a big send off this morning. It's only for 11 days but the days are jam packed so they will hopefully have a lot of information for us when they get home.

Friday was vet day at the barn. Everyone except Buddy got their strangles shot, well it's not a shot it's kind of blown up in their nose which they hate. Buddy can't have it due to his age and the fact that he had strangles so badly two winters ago the vet feels that his immune system is probably compromised and it would do him more harm then good. They also got their rabies, East/West virus and something else, I can't think what it is. Duh!

Everyone got a good report and acted like gentlemen except poor little Skippy (my rescue pony) and he was scared to death when Stu tried to put that thing up his nose. He was good for his shots but that hose thing up the nose he wasn't hearing! We finally got the job done by doing it really quickly when he wasn't thinking about it.

Nick was a tiny bit colicky that morning so couldn't have any of his shots so I will have to take him in next week or Stu will stop by if he is going by the farm. He gave him a shot of banemine to settle his stomach and he was fine that night and ate his grain and was drinking his water. So $435.00 later we were all done for shots for the year. Yikes! They have gone up just like everything else.

Our vet is so overworked as there aren't that many large animal vets in our area. He's got a new one coming in July so hopefully she will work out and give him some relief. He has another part time vet that works in the practise but it's only two days a week and some weekend call.

He was telling us that he got kicked a few weeks ago which isn't totally uncommon but this time it was right above his knee and was really wide and deep. He finished pulling the foal out and then went back to his office and cleaned the cut out and stitched himself up!!!! He said he could have gone to the ER and waited for 4 or 5 hours or do it himself so he chose the later. We asked him if he gave himself a shot of pain killer before he did the stitching and he didn't! OUCH!

Poor Kipper has to go on a diet AGAIN. He and I are going to be on SlimFast for the summer. lol! I think once he is home I will take him when Dad and I go on our walks each day. We have started using the carriage trails out back as the snow is all gone so I won't have to carry a po*oper scooper with me like I do in the neighborhood. I do have my po*op problems don't I?????

I collect hair receivers and have for about 20 years. I have about 250 but most of them are packed away in boxes as I don't have room for them. When I had my beauty salon years ago I had several huge wall units with shelves and sliding glass doors that I displayed them in but now I just keep out a few of my favorites.

For you young chickies that don't know what they are here is the short version. Years ago ladies always brushed their hair 100 strokes a night before they went to bed. They kept the hair that came out in their brush and put it in one of these containers. I know it sounds gross but this is what they did. When they got enough saved them made it into what they called 'rats' and they used them to make their hair very bouffant. You've all seen the hair dos of the 1800's that were sky high. Well not everyone had nice thick hair so this was sort of like a hair piece or a wiglet only they made it out of their own hair.

Now the more well to do the lady was the better hair receiver set she would have. They often came with a tray, trinket jar, hat pin holder or powder jar along with the hair receiver itself. I like the sets but they are harder to find intact.

They are made out of different things. I like the porcelain the best but I also have clear glass, silver, celluloid and even a couple wooden ones. I really should weed out the ones that I have packed away and sell them but my aunt that was the antique dealer and helped me with them has long passed away so I wouldn't know the correct value. The best ones I have are Royal Bayreuth, rose tapestry and I have some Limoges. I rarely buy any now for several reasons, one is that I just don't have room and the other is that you can't find them much any more also what used to go for $40-50 now could be several hundred.

The two best in my collection are the two on the left hand side and they are the rose tapestry. I bet some of you out there have your grandmother's sitting somewhere. I have my maternal grandmother's, it is cracked and glued but it was hers so it is special! So that is Hair Receivers 101. How many of you have ever heard of them?
I hope you all are having a good weekend. We're expecting a lot of rain Monday and Tuesday so the grass should really get growing. I love seeing things nice and green after such a long winter. I see from the weather channel that some of you are still getting snow and you have my sympathy especially during calving season.

PS If you look closely at the picture of the man riding the horse near the beginning of this post it looks like Patrick Dempsey. Really it does. Well maybe. He IS from Maine you know. It could be. :o)


palmtreefanatic said...

Patrick Dempsy? hmmm I cannot get a close enough look, of course should you tell us all is IS him we will just have to believe you since he IS from Maine And all;)

I never even heard of a hair receiver! What kind of beautician am I??? That was very Fascinating! Thanks for sharing all that! I definitely learned something new today! They are all so beautiful! WOW!!!

Good thing you have a good vet! It must be hard to make appt with him so busy!

Sounds like a good hearty meal you had and sounds so good!

glad you are having a nice weekend, it is flying by!

Dawn said...

Your dinner out sounds wonderful. We took Mom out for her birthday (Thursday coming up) to our favorite Chinese place - my sis and her husband, my husband and me, and Mom and Dad. Good time.

NEVER heard of hair receivers. Good to learn something new.
Very interesting!

I'm glad your grass is finally showing. OUr flowers are going crazy.

Needled Mom said...

So glad to be educated today. I had never heard of hair receivers before. Guess that is because I went into nursing!!! Those are absolutely gorgeous and what a clever idea to do with all that hair. I tend to clean the bruch and pitch all the collected hair into the trash bin. Maybe I could work one of those fancy hairstyles atop my head. What do you think????

Glad the kids are all vaccinated. I can imagine that it will put your mind more at ease knowing that is behind you. The hose-y thing doesn't sound like any fun to me.

Can't wait to see the next post of the finished project - with eyes. You do such a nice job on them. What will you be doing for the summer months? You should join the Four Season's Quilt Swap.

Would you like to send some rain our way? I hear that there is a fire in Pasadena already. The hills have dried up so quickly with no rain. The temp set a record of 97* yesterday and is already at 96* today. Suppose to cool a bit over the next few days.

Have a great week.

Needled Mom said...

That's "clean the BRUSH" not "bruch." Guess I need spellcheck on my comment section too. hehe

Susie said...

What an interesting post! My Mom had rats, and I can even remember wearing hers a few times, but I don't remember the hair receivers.
Glad you had a nice lunch out. Sounds yummy!!
Your vet sounds like one tough guy to stitch himself up with no pain meds!
I do believe that does look a bit like Patrick in that picture :)
love you!

Anonymous said...

First time commenter...I just love hair receivers...a gazillon yrs ago, I purchased two from the same person (waaaaaaaaay back in the 1970s, but one doesn't have the lid.) That's a HUGE WOW for having 250...make that a double wow.

Thanks for such a nice blog.

Dee from Tennessee

crackerjacksMO said...

I have never heard of the hair thing-ama-jigs. Sound's kinda weird, but they are pretty and look to be nice collectors pieces. I always enjoy learning something new and you are full of wonderful stories!

Weather is cold here today but we should be back up into the 70's this coming week. I am excited for the green as well, but not the bugs!

Oh and BTW, forget to email you but I did get to the post office and mail you your envelope. Should be there Tues/Weds. Let me know when you get it okay? Thanks.

bj said...

I do believe you are COULD be P.D. I do believe that it is!! :)
I will have to say, as OLD as I am, I had NO idea what a hair reciever was...until now. Thank you much for the lesson...I do believe I've seen them before...just didn't know what the heck I was looking at. You do have a fabulous collection of them...just beautiful!

Nap Warden said...

OK, what's going on with you and Patrick Dempsey? Is there something I should know about?

I have never heard of the hair receiver...learn something new:)

MoziEsmé said...

Cool - I'm a young chickie! I like the sound of that!

Never heard of or seen hair receivers before. They look gorgeous, but sound awfully wierd!

Tracey said...

Hair receivers? Well, I learned something new today!!

KC said...

Your Lunch out today sounds like fun. Hope your Pastor has a wonderful trip and congrats to him and his wife on the new grandchild.
Glad the vet visit went well.
The hair receivers are cool, my grandma had a few set sitting out on her dresser when I was younger.. I don't know if she still keeps them out or not, I don't recall seeing them latly.. but this is the 1st time I ever heard what they were.. I just Thought they were some pretty something or other to decorate a dresser LOL..

Sharon said...

I must say that I have never heard of the hair receiver, but it was very interesting to read about.

Tammy said...

Wow...those are beautiful pieces but I had no idea they were hair keepers! Very strange, indeed...but they are so pretty!

Your poor pony...I don't blame him one bit for not wanting stuff shot up his nose! Even though it has to be done, I'd whinny like crazy too! LOL

How exciting about your pastor's missionary trip...looking forward to hearing about it after he returns!


Linds said...

Your meal sounds delicious! My favourites too, so we will remember that if I ever make it to your neck of the woods! I have to investigate your horses, don't I....
I loved hearing about your collection too. It is beautiful!

Callie said...

I've always given the Strangles vac up their nose, but a couple of years ago, the vet we can shoot it back in their mouth and they have a better chance to absorb it as up the nose usually causes them to sneeze it out at you. Anytime I have to give strangles, I put a mask with a shield that I bring home from work as I've known people who have had it sneezed back in their face and have gotten a case of strep throat.

Donna said...

I have a hair receiver that belonged to my grandmother. It is made from ivory and is yellowed with age. It is so thin and delicate - I have no idea how they created it. I believe there are a couple of ivory handled manicure pieces also. It's been years since I looked at it.

Mike S said...

Hiya from the Pine Tree State. Wandered over from Donna's blog & like yours a lot. My aunt had those things when I was young, but I never knew what they were. Very interesting. Drop by my place sometime. I'll be back, nice blog!:):)

Mary said...

You dinner out with your pastor sounds like a good time. I'm glad you took some time to enjoy yourself.

I love hair receivers. Grandma did have a Limoges one. It was very similar to the pink one that is in the center of the last photo. I treasured hers, but am not sure who got it when she died. I would have loved to have it.

Take care. I'm glad you enjoyed my safari photos. I do hope you get back to Animal Kingdom soon. With the price of gas, I doubt we will be going again, but we have some great memories.


PEA said...

What were you doing strangling your horses???? Ooooh a strangle shot! hehe Glad to hear that they all had a good vet you say, it sure is expensive to make sure they stay healthy!! The vet stitched himself up with no painkillers? Ewwwwwww just the thought of it makes me want to pass out! lol

Your lunch out sounds like it was so delicious. The appetizer sounds like something I would love as well. Glad that your pastor was able to join you...the very best of luck with him with his mission to Africa!!

Well, I've now learned something receivers...I've never heard of them or the story behind them...or "rats"!! How very interesting and it now explains how they could get their hair up so high...I always thought they just had long hair! lol You have such a gorgeous collection...have you looked them up on ebay to see what the going prices are for them? You can usually get an idea from that.

It was sunny but cold today here...the forecast is COLD for the rest of the week, staying in the 40's. They're even saying chances of snow tomorrow...UGH! Oh well, at least when I have my power surges, it's more bearable with this cooler temp! lol

HA! If that had been Patrick Dempsey on that horse, you would have had him out of that saddle so fast! hehe He sure is a looker, yummmm! I know, I'm just a dirty old lady:-) Take care my friend and have a great week! Love you! xoxoxox

Suzy said...

I can't believe that I've been doing hair this long and never heard of those! You're collection is sooo beautiful,what lovely pieces!I'm sure I've seen them before in antique shops and thought they were little vases or dishes.

Pony Girl said...

The education of Pony Girl continues! I did not know what a hair receiver was. (That does kind of surprise me. I'm kind of into hair.) Modern day version: hair extensions (you just use someone else's hair! :) You have a very nice collection. My family and I love antiques, I could spend forever in an antique store. About rivals a tack shop! lol! ;)

Callie said...

And BTW, a very pretty collection of hair receivers. I've seen those before, but did not know what they were for.

BarnGoddess said...

MM-I am so glad you explained about the hair thingys. I am sort of shocked-ew. I shed something awful. I have very thick hair but I shed horribly, especially this time of the year. I vacuum nearly every day and I could easily make a wig with my hair! scary....glad I have a lot of it.

poor Kipper. I need to be on slimfast too.

Kris said...

Great post! Glad everything went will with the vet!
I never knew what those where for! Very informative! Thanks for sharing, they are just beautiful!!

Mike S said...

Your being a fellow Mainer (or is it Maniac) is first thing I noticed about you. Originally from waaaay downeast & now residing after retirement over here in Jay. Rainin' here as well. Drop a line sometime, my mail's on my blog profile:)

Tonya said...

That is so neat on the hair receivers. I have never heard of that. I love going to flea markets and antique stores, now I will know if I ever see one.

Glad all your horses are taken care of, it's about time for that here...ugh!

take care, have a great day!

Marcy said...

I have never heard of a hair receiver! I can't believe that! It does sound kind of gross!

Mikey said...

Fascinating! I never knew about hair receivers, but hey, I'll be on the lookout now. That's pretty neat.
I learn something new every day :)