Thursday, May 31, 2007

Answer to my meme

Well most of you nabbed the right answer. I never have taken a bus trip from here to California by myself although it sounds like fun! :o) The rest is all true.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been tagged by Barn Goddess

Barn Goddess over at Ramblingsfromthereservation has tagged me for a meme. The way this one works is that I am supposed to state 9 things about me that you wouldn't know and one of them is a lie, can you pick it out?? I'll give the answer in my next post.

This one is hard as I have already done my 100 things about me so I'll have to give this some thought.

1. I constantly leave telephones all over the house. Most of our phones are cordless so when I use them I walk to some other area of the house put them down and forget and leave them there much to the irritation of Husband who can't find a phone when he needs one.

2. I turned 20 in April and got married in May, Husband didn't turn 20 until August so his Mom had to sign for him to get married. I married a younger man! Gasp!

3. I am part Micmac Indian.

4. I once travelled by bus from Maine to California all by myself.

5. I once went para sailing in Bermuda and could see Ross Perot's house from 300 feet up in the sky.

6. My son weighed 10 1/2 pounds when he was born.

7. I live near Stephen King.

8. I lift weights to keep my bones healthy and to retain muscle tone.

9. I would rather ride my horses then just about anything else.

Which one is the lie?????

Now let's see, who can I about Myrna at Cherish the Word and Funsize at Holdyourhorsez!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Talk

I'm setting here thinking, hummmm, what am I going to write about today. Ever had that feeling when you get ready to post something? My day so far has been rather mundane, going to the chiropractor, JoAnn Fabric to pick up a companion fabric for an order for a horse tote bag, Pet Quarters for cat grain, Blue Seal Feed for horse grain, some vegetable seedling and two rose bushes, the grocery store and now I'm back home again. I got the groceries put away and I really should be down in my sewing room finishing the tote but thought I'd write something first.

The boys are all settled in back here at home. I enjoy them so much and love sitting on my back deck watching them grazing out in the pasture. They have much more room here then at the stable and made good use of it running, jumping, bucking and snorting the first day home. Nick our Thoroughbred/Welsh cross can out run Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb aka Skip and Kip by a country mile. He inherited the Thoroughbred legs and build and can run like a streak of lightening! It is beautiful to watch and never ceases to give me a thrill.

I set out about $200.00 worth of annuals yesterday in my front garden by the street, the garden in front of the house, the urns, and the whisky barrows out by the fence. I use a lot of Wave petunias and they just burst into color after a couple of weeks and last all summer and fall. I also got some cleome which are fairly tall with a feathery blossom of pink, purple or white and are very showy. I should take some pictures now and then do the 'after' shots when they are all in bloom.

I love purple and yellow mixed together. These will all fill out and be gorgeous in a few weeks with some Miracle Grow added!

These are double buttercups and I love them! Wish they bloomed all summer but it is just for a few weeks in May and early June.

This is one of our flowering crab trees. It is just loaded with blooms this year!

How do you like my old cast iron kettle? I found it in an old house and couldn't throw it out! I like things here and there in my garden just to give it a little more interest.

Well I guess that's it for today. I hope you all are enjoying nice weather like we are here in Maine. It is lovely, warm but not hot with a nice breeze. Makes me want to hang something on the clothesline.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bringing the little boys home!

Today was the day to bring the ponies home from the stable where they have been for the winter and while we were in Florida. Due to city regulations we can only have them at home during the summer and fall months. Even though we have 400 acres we are on the edge of a development and are under the city rules. We had to get a permit from City Hall to be allowed to have our horses here with us. When you look out our front window you see development, when you look our the back it's all pasture and woods with total privacy. I guess we have the best of both worlds as I do like having some neighbors but I also like being able to go out in my backyard in the morning in my pj's to feed the birds without an audience.

Any who, I digress, back to the homecoming story. We have a two horse trailer so went up and got the first two. They are my two naughty little boys. Husband loaded Kipper, put the tail guard across and before he could get around to hook the trailer tie onto him the little goober backed right out UNDER the tail guard! Now this is a new trailer as I traded in my large one last fall for this smaller one and had no idea he could fit under the tail guard. Well we put him back on with me whispering in his ear that he'd better stay put and then loaded Skipper in the other side. No problem. Thankfully.

Next Husband went back up to get Nick our large pony. I stayed at the house to keep an eye on the two little boys but there really was no need as they were busy munching down the nice green grass and very happy where they were.
I called T. and she came over as she has been anxiously awaiting their return. She came loaded down with goodies for them.

Nick worked up a bit of a sweat on the way home, not that it was that hot but he just was having a little separation anxiety being away from his two buddies.

We hooked onto the tractor and pulled the trailer around back for the inevitable job of cleaning out the trailer. Now if you have a constipated horse just put him on a trailer and it will immediately clear up! Just ask any one who hauls horses. Not that this information is high on your priority list...

Notice T. didn't want any part of this job but I did recruit Husband to get the power washer out and really get things clean.

My father always said that there were two ends to a horse and you have to take care of both of them. He was right! Anyway I'm glad at least three of my guys are home. The other two will stay at the stable for now as Funsize and I ride with friends up there and don't want to haul back and forth all of the time. Guess I'd better go feed supper, like I said there are two ends to take care of! :0)

Friday, May 25, 2007

My New Look!

YeeHaw! My new look is up and running! (thanks Susie!) I still have some tweaking to do when I figure out how to do it, I hate being so computer challenged! Everyone is going away this weekend due to the holiday so I guess it will have to wait till next week. I always depend on my young nieces to figure these things out for me, they have grown right up with it all so know all the ins and outs.

It's hot here today. We're finally getting some summer weather and it is more like August then May but I'm not complaining a bit. We whine and complain about the cold dreary weather so really shouldn't do the same when it is hot.

Went for a nice trail ride with my buddy Ann on Wednesday. It was beautiful with a nice breeze, just the kind of day you like to be outside with your horses.

I love this picture of our shadows on the dirt road.

This is one of the paths that we take by the river.

Can you believe I got this shot of a plane going over head? My horse was moving and I took it with one hand just hoping I would get a bit of it and it came out perfect! :0)

I gave a yell to Lil' Bud and Justin and they came running up the hill. Notice the Penobscot River in the background.

The other guys came running too to see what was going on. They are such a nice bunch of guys, every one of them is gentle and kind.

This is another shot of the Penobscot, it was calm this day so got a good reflection of the houses. We take the horses down there each time we ride and they love it. Sometimes we wear our shorts and take the saddles off and let them really get in and cool off.

Guess that's it for today. It's about 92* out now. I don't dare set out my plants though as the nights can still be really cold so will wait another week or so.

I hope you all have a nice holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Maine At It's Best

These pictures were taken by my sister's friend Lynn who lives down on the coast. I asked her if I could use them on my blog and she graciously gave me permission. I think they are WONDERFUL and wanted to share them with you all. This is the story that she wrote to me about the episode:

These pictures were taken on September 18, 2006 at the Pemaquid Lighthouse. We had gone down there to view the sunset. Unfortunately, there was no sunset!!! From the waterside I took one picture of the lighthouse reflected in a pool of water, walked back up to the high ground, around the backside of the lighthouse as my cousin let out a holler, "There's a moose!!!" Sure enough, on the other side of the fence, over by the restaurant, was a moose. He slowly made his way along the fence, past the picnic tables and around the fence into the lighthouse park area. By this time it was getting quite dark and very difficult to hold a camera and get a perfectly lighted photo without getting everything out of focus. He came across the lawn in front of us and made his way around the lighthouse to the waterside where he made a supper of rose hips. By that time it was getting too dark to try to take any more photos.

She and her husband run a lovely Bed and Breakfast and she has some absolutely gorgeous pictures on her web site so be sure to take the time and log on and take a look at:
Thanks Lynn!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Day With My Two Favorite Kiddos

Well I guess old age is creeping up on me. They say the mind is the first thing to go. Today was a prime example of that. DIL called me last week and asked me if I would keep D. while T. went for her Kindergarten screening and of course I said yes. That would be fun and D. and I would do some errands and then go to Play Place at Micky D's for awhile.

I hopped out of bed this morning, into the shower, breakfast eaten, all the time watching the clock to make sure I was there at the appointed time to pick up D. I drove up their street and could see their car backing out of the garage. Hummm.... was I late for my grandmotherly duty?

DIL saw me and waved and I sat there wondering what was up as I could see both kids in the car. She looked a bit confused so opened the window and I said is D. ready to go?? No............ that's tomorrow. DUH!

Anyway they had already seen me and wanted to come with me so I took them both and we headed for Play Place. It was almost vacant so they had fun with all the games and slides and I pulled up a chair and a Diet Coke and all was well.

When we got home they wanted to go down to the barn even though the horses aren't there yet. We decided to go for a ride in the Gator so we took off and had a nice but somewhat muddy ride. When we got back they decided they wanted to wash it so I got them some soapy water and they gave it a good going over.

Tonight is D's 4th birthday party. I sure don't know where the time has gone! When I look at the picture that I have on my site, and it is my favorite, it just boggles my mind that 4 years have gone by so quickly. I sure hope the next four don't go as fast but I suppose they will.

I have to make fruit dip and bring fruit tonight. This fruit dip is to die for so here is the recipe:

1 large container sour cream

1 small package vanilla INSTANT pudding

4 Tablespoons pineapple juice

Mix all together and refrigerate. I use more pineapple juice then the recipe calls for (probably twice as much at least) as I like a creamier consistency. This stuff is addictive! I use strawberries, bananas, apples, grapes or anything you like.

Well American Idol is on so I suppose I should pay more attention. I thought Blake would have gotten the boot last week but it was Melinda. I like Jordin, for a young lady only 17 years old she certainly has poise and a killer voice. I hope she wins.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunny Monday

There is a strange phenomenon in the sky today. The sun! Yippee! No rain predicted for a few days so the men are here spraying my lawns with some toxic waste that will kill the dandelions and probably everything else in it's path but unfortunately if I don't spray them the neighbors will egg my house. I'm even having some of my pasture done as the horses won't be here for awhile so it will have time to sink in and not affect them. They LOVE the grass on the lawns as it is really lush and green where the pasture grass doesn't get as lush. Going to have some pasture mix hydroseeding done in spots that needs to be perked up. I block off parts of my pasture so that they don't eat the whole thing down in the first week and then I rotate it so there's always some good grazing for them. Not that they need it, they all are too fat. :)

Went to the foot doctor this morning to see what he could do for me. With the bum knee I'm putting way too much extra work on the foot so have stirred things up a bit. Now, I really don't like it when doctors how old are you now??????? So here I am with a contraption on my foot to help support it so I guess there will be no cute strappy sandals in my near future! :(

Back again:

Just mowed for an hour or so on my big riding mower. It was so cold I had on THREE sweatshirts over my blouse! Yikes, the sun may be out but the wind is cold. It's only in the 40's in northern Maine today. Guess I won't be setting out any new plants this week.

As I said in my Friday post I didn't win the Organization Competition. sob...sob...I'm still crying. :( I really want Laura to have another one so that I will get another room done. There's nothing like a little competition to get one going on something that you have been putting off. I still haven't tackled the dreaded walk in closet......... I just know what a mess it's going to be when I take everything out of that closet and then have to go through everything and THEN put it back. I just don't have the energy, I'll use my bum knee for an excuse.

In a few days I'm going to be having a new look. We all need a makeover once in awhile and I have been using the generic look so REALLY needed to spruce things up a bit. Susie over at Bluebird Designs is working on my 'look' and from what I have seen so far it's pretty nice! Can't wait!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Recipe for popcorn snacks

Several mentioned the popcorn bars that I was going to make so here is the recipe:

They're called popcorn snacks

1/2 cup real butter

1-16oz bag mini marshmallows

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 t. real vanilla

1/2 t. salt

6 qts. white popcorn

1-16 oz. bag M&M's

1-16 oz. jar lightly salted peanuts

In a pan melt butter, oil and marshmallows on low heat

Stir in vanilla and salt

In BIG bowl combine popcorn, M&M's and peanuts

Pour mixture over it and mix

Press in two 9X13 pans

Cool and cut

Will be a bit sticky but is yummy. Make sure you use the biggest pan you have as that's a lot of popcorn and you need to be able to stir all of the mixture into it. I tried doing half first and then the other half and that doesn't work as well. I have a big turkey roaster that I used the next time and that worked well.

Makes a lot so is good for pot luck suppers.

Soggy Friday.

We have been having a lot of rain here on the East coast since we got home from vacation. I guess while we were gone it was in the mid 80's and sunny. Oh well, it was that temp where we were too so I'm not complaining. Everything is getting so nice and green and the fire danger is going down daily. I feel bad for Georgia and other places that need the rain so badly with all the fires going on right now.

Have had a nice busy day so far and it will continue to be that way so am sneaking in a few minutes to get a post going. Left for the pool about 8 this morning for my therapeutic swim for my knee and then an hour swim with my granddaughter's Preschool. I tore something in my knee while carrying a 50 lb. bag of grain into the barn under the bar instead of moving the bar and going in upright I tried to go under it and zappo there goes the knee. I may have to have surgery on it but I am trying to see if my chiropractor can do something with it first as I don't want to be on crutches all summer.(this is why I had to go on a scooter while on vacation)

Anywho- it was fun swimming with the kids and watching their class and seeing how much they have progressed over the winter months. We have a wonderful facility here where the pool is walk in so it makes it nice for the little ones that like to play where it's shallow and the bigger kids can go out deeper. There are a couple of water slides, one small one for the little ones and a bigger one for the older kids. My grandkids wanted me to come down it one day and not being one to duck a good challenge I walked up the steps to the top and got in that thing. I came down like a bullet and skipped right over the top of the water like a skimming rock (boulder) and almost hit the other side! That was enough of that let me tell you!

Came home and picked up Snowbird 1 and Snowbird 2 and we went to Pat's Pizza, our favorite pizza shop, and had lunch. I was going to be good and bring home half of mine for later but of course ate the whole thing as it tasted so good. Saw some friends there so got a chance to gab for a few minutes with them. I love small town living, you know so many people and run into friends and neighbors when you go out to the mall or to eat. Our town has about 8000 people in it but there is a much bigger town across the river with lots of shopping and restaurants so I feel we have the best of both.

This afternoon I have to make some squares for my nieces graduation party tomorrow. She graduated from University of Maine with a teaching degree so now is looking for a position. I have another niece that is graduating from high school in a few weeks so will be having another party for her.

Groomed all five of my 'boys' yesterday afternoon. They had been rolling in the mud so really looked awful. I wish I had taken a before and after shot as it was quite a make over. One good thing about the mud is that when it dries and you brush them it helps pull out all the old winter hair. Went to a new tack shop in town and picked up some Show Sheen and Thrush Buster as I think my old appy has a little thrush in his back feet. As it's been so wet here it doesn't surprise me but he was the only one with it so that was good. Funsize and I will go trail riding tomorrow if it stops raining otherwise we will just do some stuff in the indoor arena.

Well......BOOHOO........snuf snuf..... I didn't win anything in the Organization Makeover competition. Hey I don't care, I am so happy with my new super organized sewing room that I feel like a winner. :) The gal that did win did an amazing job with her scrap booking room, just amazing! If you want to see, hop over to Laura's and take a look. It was great fun and I hope Laura hosts another competition some time soon so I will get another room done.

I took some video of Munchkin and Noodles playing in one of my plants that I wanted to post but I'm not sure it will download. I tried e-mailing it to my sister and it said it was too something or other, can't remember the word. Anyway I will try on this post so let me know if you could get it. (Well I just tried it and it wouldn't let me again so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was awfully cute!)

Guess I'd better get going on making those bars for tomorrow. They are made with popcorn, melted mini marshmallows, butter, M&M's, and salted peanuts and then you press it into a 15X10 pan. A bit sticky to eat but sooooooo good!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Vacation Fun

More vacation pics.

One night while in Florida Son and DIL went out for a date night and we kept the grands. When it was bedtime we decided to put them in the pull out sofa in our room until their parents got back. T is awful to sleep with, believe me I know as she has spent the night here and slept with me. When we put them to bed they both were in the right position but she always ends up with her feet in your face or knees in your back. Luckily D isn't a light sleeper and it didn't bother him at all.
They have Fear Factor at Universal and Son decided he would try out for it. Unfortunately there is a weight limit and he was a mere two pounds over so couldn't participate. They asked DIL if she would like to try out and she was very hesitant at first but then decided she would give it a shot. She was well under the weight limit so went out back for the instructions on what she would be doing and had to wear a special outfit with a built in safety cable (thankfully). When the show started we were in the front row cheering her on as she was the only woman competing with four men!

Next thing we knew they came out on platforms 40 feet in the air! Yes. Did I mention 40 feet in the air???!!! They had curved bars to hang on to and the last one hanging by it was the winner. Next thing we knew they pulled the platforms out from under the five contestants! Hey, this is the mother of my grandchildren hanging 40 feet in the air and I really want to keep her!!!! Her hands were sweating as she was nervous (did I mention 40 feet in the air?) and she started slipping off the bar and the next thing we knew she was swinging by the cable in mid air!

Gulp....Well they let her down carefully and she got a big applause for having the courage to try. I know this picture is rather blurry but it was so high up I couldn't get a good focus but it gives you an idea of how it was. Did I mention 40 feet in the air?

Not being one to turn down a chance to go into a good tourist trap we wandered over to one after having breakfast at IHOP one morning. It was GREAT, had the pj's that I like in all the different Disney characters. Of course I had to get them in Mickey, Tinkerbell and the donkey from one of the Pooh books. (second childhood syndrome)

T and D are big Sponge Bob fans so had to try on some hats. No we didn't buy them...

Husband got new cowboy boots at Shepler's and D decided to try them on. A bit big. heehee! ( I should have cropped out the messy room.)
I still have a few more vacation pictures that I want to share with you but I'll save them for another time. The week went way too quickly but when I think back to all of the fun memories we made while there it seems like we did a whole lot in a short time. We'll be going back again in October with a bigger crowd which we love but it was fun to have our kids and grandkids all to ourselves for this trip. T and D love to come in early in the morning to wake me up and I pretend to be asleep and they giggle and laugh jumping on the bed. Grampie is already up having his coffee and newspaper but I kind of hang to the bed when on vacation. I see my grandkids growing up so fast and it makes me sad in a way as I love this age when they are so innocent and don't know of the worries of the world. My granddaughter starts school in the fall and I think of all of the influences that she will be subjected to and it scares me. I guess God is telling me to be even more in prayer for her and her brother. I think that's the best thing a grandmother can do.