Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buddy's Vet Report

I have reason to celebrate tonight! Funsize and I took Buddy in for his check up today and he got a glowing report! Our vet said it "couldn't have been any better" To say this was a catch your breath type moment is an understatement! We all had smiles as wide as Texas!

We went in and our vet pulled his shoes, you know the backwards ones, and set him up for x-rays. Buddy is a super patient and stands right there and lets them do the x-rays without budging a bit. Good boy!!

Our vet has a new computer system that hooks right into the x-ray and here is Buddy's foot. This system is amazing. You can see things that you would never pick up on a regular film right down to the tiniest line. Dr. S. who BTW wouldn't let me take his picture face on, I think he is really kinda shy, was so excited about this new technology that will be a huge help for diagnostic purposes. They sent me a copy of the x-rays via e-mail. I know you were all holding your breath waiting to see them! lol!

Notice the right foot has more rotation in the coffin bone then the left but amazingly he still has plenty of sole so he can go without shoes for the winter. The left foot had the big notch cut out and that is the black spot right on the front.
I owe a ton of gratitude to my vet who went beyond the call of duty this past year with Buddy. He has a big heart and cares not only about his patients but the owners as well. It was a year ago this week that we were struggling with the decision what to do with Buddy as he was so sick with strangles and then to have him founder in May was just horrific but Dr. S hung in there with us and here we are today looking pretty darned good! :o) As I have said in previous posts I appreciate so much all of my blogging friends who have been so kind through out all of this with your thoughtful comments and encouragement!!

Funsize was just loving on Buddy and I got this shot. She was only 10 when we got him and now she will be 25 in a couple of weeks so they have sort of grown up together. :o)

These are some pictures taken about 15 years ago in a show that Funsize and Buddy participated in. They walked away with all blue ribbons that day! :o)

Guess I should get going on my day. Back to the gym this morning and then a customer is coming to buy a tote for her daughter for Christmas. T is coming after school today so we will get into some mischief you can be sure, maybe make some cookies. I have some more Christmas decorating to do. Will do a post on all of it when it is done. Also have housework to do, I am still on a quest to get all of the closets cleaned out and dispose of everything we don't use or want any more. I found this graphic that kind of sums it all up!
So anywho, I have played here on the computer long enough but I wanted to get Buddy's report out to you all. Thanks again for caring!!!!!


Judy said...

Great news about Buddy! Have fun with T. I'm afraid my cookie making days need to come to an end; I wind up eating too many of them!!!

Donna said...

Absolutely unbelievable! Hey, "people doctors" are funny about having their pictures taken, too. I think they're afraid I'm taking the pictures to use in case I take them to court! I once took pictures of stitches being taken in my leg, and posted them on my AOL journal.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Yeah....great news for buddy!

I think technology is amazing, loved looking at the xrays but I am kinda weird that away!

PS....your graphics are LOOKING GOOD!

KC said...

That is the best news.. I'm so happy to hear the news about Buddy.
I need to stop cooking cookies. I had about 20 dozen cookies in my house last friday night and we are down to about 3 dozen now.. I know I have ate more then my share also..

palmtreefanatic said...

Thanks for sharing Buddys report! That is such good news!
I need to make more cookies, maybe tomorrow! all them cookies I made and they are about gone! they go way to fast!;)

Joan said...

I am so very happy to read that Buddy is doing so well. And I am amazed at the new technology available to ALL medical professionals...vets included! It's hard to imagine what medicine will be like even 5 years from now.

Susie said...

What wonderful news about Buddy! That must be a great early Christmas gift for you!!
Enjoy your time with T. We had D here this am. He's got a terrible ear infection and had to miss school, poor guy.

BarnGoddess said...

wow-I am thrilled for you! Buddy is such a good boy :)

I LOVE the photos of Buddy, the vet ones and of he and funsize bringing home the blues.

amazing the technology they have these days. Buddy's hoof looks good from what I can tell. I bet hes glad to have those shoes off.

Since Ive started that new 'barefoot' system on Scooter, I think he is happy never to see shoes again.

Have a great time with T!

PEA said...

Doing the happy dance...woohoo, what great news about Buddy!! All that wonderful TLC you and the vet gave him did the trick:-) Isn't it amazing how modern technology is advancing..that's quite the xrays the vet can now take!! Looking forward to hearing what kind of trouble...I mean and T got into! hehe Love ya! xoxox

Rising Rainbow said...

That is great news about Buddy. I know you have been really worried about how this all would come out.

I don't know what it is about vets and pictures. Mine is the same way. He, also has one of those new digital x-ray machines. They are really amazing. The best part is you know right away. I love it.

I love the show pics. It's amazing how fast they grow and how fast life moves along.

I've been trying to get motivated to bake cookes for a week. I'm not getting very far.